If I could waste a day

I know the reality of that statement. The reality is that I could waste a day. In fact, I sure that I have wasted a day before. Or three. Or fifty-seven. I think any time spent watching Lifetime movies is a bit of a waste. But sometimes it’s just fun.

I’ve known for quite some time that I’m a bit of a lazy person. I’d rather sit on the couch and play some video games than get up and take a walk. I’d rather go through the drive-thru of a fast food restaurant that prepare a delicious salad. And I’d rather not watch TV if I have to get up to find the remote control.

Ahhh. A supreme day of laziness. (P.S. This is an old photo. I haven't been lazy since 2006.)

Now you may have a picture in your head that I laze about and lounge all day long. I don’t. Just because I’ve revealed to you some of my personal preferences doesn’t mean I actually act on them. I push myself to get going and get things done. I try to be somewhat active (still haven’t gotten into the whole exercising thing). But many things suck me in a little at a time and before I know it, I feel guilty that I haven’t done something more productive with my time.

So while lots of people out there are creating their bucket lists (which, don’t get me wrong, is a great idea), I’m telling you some of the things I would do if I had not a care in the world and could simply waste my day.

I would find a big comfortable float for the swimming pool and lay in it all day. I wouldn’t swim or play or anything. I would lay there in the sun with my feet draped into the cool water and drift in and out of slumber in the warm summer sun.

I would find the last 4 weeks of all the trash rags out there and pour over every single page and compare notes from The Enquirer, Us Weekly, People, and The Star to find out what really happened in the shallow, self-indulgent world of the young Hollywood set and the old washed up actors.

I would have a full body massage followed by another full body massage. Because you just can’t massage my muscles enough.

I would crank the AC until it was so cold in my house I couldn’t bear it and then crawl under a huge pile of blankets and snuggle in for a long afternoon nap.

I would sit with my iPhone and/or iPad and play repeated games of Bejeweled, Word with Friends, Scramble, Doodle Jump, Sheep Launcher, Solitaire, Video Poker, Word Warp, and Flood It until my eyeballs just about popped out of my head.

I would spend time play Mario Kart on the Wii all by myself. After several hours, I could reveal that I unlocked every character, car, and race and found all of the secrets to be found.

I would search and google every darn thing that popped into my head and let one link lead to another and another and another until I felt I had reached the end of the internet.

I would bring a book to the beach and sit quietly with my feet in the sand as I read it cover to cover while listening to nothing but the sound of seagulls and rolling waves.

I would lay in bed and snuggle with my family (pets included) all day long.

So that’s not so bad, is it? You don’t think less of me, do you? It’s not like I actually do any of these things (for a full day anyway). I will tell you that even though I absolutely hate to be sick with a stomach virus,that is the only time that I truly indulge my inner laziness. I read magazines, I play games, I lay in bed, I snuggle with my pets.

And yes, I even watch Lifetime movies.

  • http://www.ShawnaAtteberry.com shawna.atteberry

    Hi Fadra. I'm part of the SITS Girls Challenge too, and I posted right under you on the elevator pitches. I thought both of your pitches were well done and to the point of what both your blogs were about. I checked in on the other blog too, and I have to say that I'm with you on the waxing: I do have my eyebrows done, but nothing else. Shaving is just fine by me.

  • FadraN

    Shawna – thanks so much for stopping by! I truly appreciate it. I love the feedback on the pitches and the waxing 😉

  • http://www.bestoffates.com Megan (Best of Fates)

    While I should comment on ways to waste a day, I'm instead distracted thinking about Macs. Because I think I'm gonna buy one – my first – next week, and I'm freaking out. Is it really a good decision?

    Hold me.

    Also, I'm already failing at 31DBBB, NEED to do my elevator pitch tonight!

  • Coma Girl

    Ahhh, Lifetime movies. I haven't watched one of those in years! Those were the lazy- single-me Sundays after a Saturday night out with friends. Ahh memories.

    I absolutely don't think any less of you. And now I want to waste a day. And an iPad!

  • http://twitter.com/Mktg_Mama Erin Lane

    I just love you! Other than the video game and computer games, I am TOTALLY with you. I wish I could embrace my inner lazyness.

  • http://mommythisandthat.com Melisa

    Love, love, LOVE that you are a gamer. I so am as well. And well…I admit that I am lazy too. I think we may be kindred spirits!

  • http://mommythisandthat.com Melisa

    You will be very happy with your Mac! I received a Macbook for Christmas and love it more every day. Now when I have to touch a PC…I am lost and wonder why the heck everything takes so long on the dern thing!

  • FadraN

    Buy a mac. Allow a learning curve. And once you get over your “I'm out of my comfort zone” you will never look back. I'm the same way as Melisa. Now when I touch a PC, I'm all “yuck, what am I supposed to do here?”

  • FadraN

    I could convert you. These aren't nerdy role-playing games. These are time waster games of mindless entertainment. Laziness is an art :)

  • FadraN

    Shhhh. Don't tell anyone but sometimes I catch my husband flipping past Lifetime movies and he hesitates ever so briefly.

  • FadraN

    I feel good when I'm productive but being lazy is so much more fun. I wish you could know the number of hours I waste on my stupid little games.