Just 5 things… Really Cool Toys

I tend to be ridiculously nostalgic. I think if I could buy a fully furnished exact replica of the house I grew up in, I would. There is just something about my childhood that gets me giddy every time I rediscover it.

I love to reminisce. I’ve been known to spend afternoons on YouTube watching some of my favorite 1970s commercials. I’ve poured over eBay just to catch a glimpse of some of the toys I had growing up. And being a kid at heart, I thought it might be fun to share some of the coolest toys ever. I’ll admit, most of these are from my childhood. Some of them I had. Some of them I still covet. But they are still cool.

1.    Sit n Spin

When I was a kid, I wanted this toy so badly. I’m not sure why I liked it so much because, today, anything that spins around makes me utterly nauseous. I’m sure you can remember, though, how much fun it used to be to spin around and make yourself dizzy. It’s a simple toy with a simple premise. And hours of entertainment.

2.    Whiz Wheel

Whoever invented this ride-on toy was an absolute genius. It’s a round plastic saucer with a seat in the middle, two giant wheels on each side and a small wheel in the rear. In reality, it mimics the movements of a wheelchair with the motion of the wheels. I’m sure there’s a physics lesson in there somewhere.  But for me, it was just plain cool fun.

3.    Romper Stompers
Again, this is a simple toy. Imagine two plastic sand buckets that you turn upside down and stand on. Now add a plastic strap so that you can pick up your feet while standing on the buckets. What’s so cool about it? It makes you tall. Something that is entertaining for kids. And at 5’3”, I wouldn’t mind giving them a try again too.

4.    Playmobil
Some of you know that I recently took my son to the toy store, Learning Express. They have more upscale and educational toys. Of course, you don’t take a 3 year old to a toy store to just browse. I knew before going in there that I was going to buy something. And I’m not ashamed to admit that I steered him towards Playmobil. I’ve always loved Playmobil and coveted my few friends that had them. Now, I just love the intricate detail and creative scenarios. Evan picked out a castle with two knights. I was hoping for the pirate ship but there’s always room to expand.

5.    Wii

Yeah, I’m taking you in a completely different direction here. I love physical play and imaginative play. But I also love video games. We had one of the first pong sets and then moved on the Atari. I remember spending afternoons at the arcade playing games like Pole Position, a super fun driving game. With Wii, we sit in front of our large TV with steering wheels in hand and race each other in Mario Kart. I limit my game playing but when I do play, it doesn’t get much more fun than Wii.

  • Mommy2brady

    Oh my gosh….remember how cool we thought the Atari was?? Hours of Space Invaders, Ms Pacman and I think we had some type of driving game as I remember getting the steering wheel and thinking it was the “far out man”.
    What about the Big Wheel, lite bright, cabbage patch doll (80's??), Stretch Armstrong, Rubik's Cube, the Pet Rock, Sea Monkey's….oh memories!!!
    Oh yeah – ANYTHING Charlie's Angels!!!

  • http://mommythisandthat.com Melisa

    You know the first thing I thought when I realized I was having a boy? That I could get him cool Legos and Playmobils that I never had a chance to have! Then I was sad that I didn't have a girl because I have always wanted a dollhouse and never received one of those.

    SitnSpin…wanted one of those and a Big Wheel…never got them. I did get a Mr. Mouth, Lite Brite and the Snoopy Sno-Cone machine!

    Also…love the Wii…think Mario Kart may be the next game on our list. Right now we are getting burnt out on Wii Resort.

  • http://twitter.com/DiannaKennedy Dianna Kennedy

    Oh, girl — we HAVE a sit and spin for the Kennedy Kaboodle — hours of fun, especially since my crew like to STAND on the thing as they spin.

    Oh, and the Wii? My daughter loves to box — seriously — I'm a little scared that she enjoys the 'beat em up game”

  • Kat @ TodaysCliche.com

    ROMPER STOMPER – ALL TIME FAV!! I want them… and I want them now!!

  • http://www.adventuroo.com Adventuroo

    Oh the Sit n Spin was da bomb! I always wanted Sea Monkeys when I was little but once I got older, I realized how boring the were. Ha!

    We love our Wii too– wish we played it more though. Wii Sports Resort is our latest fave!

  • jmiller2

    OMG! I wanted a Whiz Wheel so bad when I was little! Wow these toys take me back (well, except for the Wii–lol)!

  • http://mamasviewfinder.blogspot.com MamasVewfinder

    We have a Sit and Spin and Romper Stompers (and of course the Wii)! I got the Romper Stompers for the kids 2 years ago. They LOVE them. I would love to find a Skip-it for my girls too.

  • FadraN

    I was totally a video game junkie way back when. I guess because the games were kind of boring and you didn't have to play them for long. And then the handheld games were just the coolest. And I LOVED the Light Bright. Sometimes the simplest things are the best. I remember every single thing you mentioned.

  • FadraN

    If you had a girl, she just might have hated dollhouses. I hope I can get my son into Playmobil. So far, Legos haven't taken hold. Mr Mouth…I'm wracking my brain. Was that the Play-Dog head where you made teeth out of Play-Doh? Like a dentist? P.S. the whole family LOVES Mario Kart, including me.

  • FadraN

    I think I still secretly want the sit n spin. The problem is that as I have gotten older, spinning around makes me totally nauseous. Maybe my son would like it. Yeah, that's it.

  • FadraN

    Playskool makes them now! I'm going to find some and send you the link. I loved them! And I never met anyone that remembered them :)

  • FadraN

    I really thought Sea Monkeys looked just like they did in the comic book ads. I think I was actually an adult when I found out they're just brine shrimp :( We definitely need more Wii games. I keep hearing about Sports Resort…

  • FadraN

    You know about the Whiz Wheel? My was orange with black and silver wheels. I rode that thing until I far exceeded the weight limit. If they made an adult size, I would so buy it.

  • FadraN

    Wow – I wish I knew about the Romper Stompers! I thought they were long gone. I found out Playskool makes them and with my son being 3, I foresee some in the very near future…

  • Anonymous

    LOVE that castle. I wonder if they still make it. I don’t think they do the armless/legless people anymore. Ahhh, the memories. The knight with his black horse. The huntsman. The pink dragon with the hooked tail. The moat and draw bridge. The trapdoor to the dungeon. And of course, the hidden staircase. Yes, that was a VERY COOL toy.

  • Dana

    Say what? No Fisher-Price Castle?

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