My year in 25 pictures or less

You might have noticed a theme this week. I’m all about lists. Because that’s what everyone seems to do when the year is coming to an end.

I actually like lists. They’re fun to do and easy to read. However, this list was a little bit of work and not too much for you to read. I compiled my favorite photos from the past year.

Why are they my favorites? They make me laugh. They tell a story. They are beautiful.

1. Ringing in the new year than with a pacifier (or two) and a glass of champagne. Or sparkling grape juice.

2. This is how I feel after playing in the snow.

3. My brother and son share the same birthday. But not the same sensibility when it comes to touching fire.

4. Ah, the magic of Disney. And the wonder and confusion of big Goofy and baby Goofy.

5. Speaking of magic, isn’t this magical?

6. Little lost boy, sad that he found no Easter eggs.

7. Natural, beautiful colors and light.

8. Evan, of many faces, and his Granddad

9. Evan and Daddy in a setting that looks right out of a screensaver.

10. Me making faces at the camera after Evan dumped my cup of tea all over my white pants.

11. Mother’s Day outing to the chapel where we got married. Evan looks like a total hooligan here.

12. On the same day, my husband took this shot that I think is timeless.

13. The most classic kid face I know.

14. Sitting on a bridge over the Hudson River on a sunny day when Evan confiscated my sunglasses.

15. First time visiting cousins and learning the joy of a swingset in your own backyard.

16. Boy in a baseball cap. Precious.

17. Just a couple of kids taking the convertible for a spin in the backyard.

18. Mom: serious. Evan: not so serious.

19. An angel on Earth.

20. Turtles eat cactus. Did you know?

21. Amy at Type-A Mom Conference. She thought it was funny to pose with seven tasting glasses instead of four. She thought right.

22. A monarch butterfly and an iPhone and somehow I captured this beautiful shot.

23. It’s not Thanksgiving until a cat climbs out of the dishwasher. In this case, it’s my sister’s cat, Charlie. He’s nuts.

24. The first snowfall of the season. It looks like a snowglobe come to life.

25. “Mommy, how did our Christmas tree get so big?” Perspective, son.

Thanks for indulging me and far too many pictures of my son. But he is, after all, my favorite subject and probably will be for many years to come.

  • MommyB Knows Best

    Great pics, what a little cutie, love the pics with mom. I don’t know how I’d even start to pick 25 pics though, but you did a great job!

    • Anonymous

      Thank you! I had a huge folder of those that didn’t make the cut. It wasn’t easy!

  • Ella

    Looks like you had a great year!

    And I really can’t say I blame you for posting so many pictures of your son. He is adorable. :]

    • Anonymous

      Isn’t he though? Yes, it was a great year. But then we don’t really take pictures of the bad stuff, do we? 😉

  • Gena

    What beautiful pictures to look back on and reflect on! I may have to pick 25 pics to try this!

    • Anonymous

      It’s a fun little retrospective especially seeing my 2 year old boy look WAAAAY too old for his pacifier last January. Mom had a hard time giving it up.

  • Melisa

    These are all such awesome shots. And really, when you have such a handsome child, how can he not be your fave subject?

    • Anonymous

      Where did his genetics come from? If I had blond hair, blue eyes, and luscious red lips like his, life might have been a little different for me.

  • Dianna Kennedy

    We really are going to have to work on the arranged marriage, you know. He’s completely as beautiful as his momma :)

    • Anonymous

      We would have GORGEOUS grandchildren, wouldn’t we?

  • Anonymous

    GREAT! GREAT! Pictures!! The one of your son looking over the fence is just precious.

    • Anonymous

      Thanks, Vera! I’m so glad I have my DSLR. I love playing around with shots using my favorite subject!

  • Anonymous

    GREAT! GREAT! Pictures!! The one of your son looking over the fence is just precious.

  • Rachel- Mommy Needs a Vacation

    Wonderful pictures!! Evan is just way too cute for words!

    • Anonymous

      That’s why I used pictures for this post 😉

  • Maricris

    You are so photogenic Fadra! So glad that our paths crossed this year. Here’s to a more fruitful year for 2011! Cheers! – Maricris

    • Anonymous

      And many more paths to cross!!

  • From Tracie

    They are all great…but #24? That is amazing!

    • Anonymous

      Magical, isn’t it?

  • Tonya

    Fabulous pictures.

    • Anonymous

      Especially that damn cat.

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  • Dauneobrien

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE every last one of these. xoxoxo

    • Anonymous

      It gives me warm fuzzies inside to see all the wonderful highlights.

  • Motherhoodandme

    Loved seeing them smile and ride around your backyard. Plus, that picture of Amy looks like she is a communion or something. So holy looking! HA!

    • Anonymous

      Ahhh. It was a fun year. The one and only time they rode that car that collects dust in the garage!

  • Alexandria Campbell

    Evan is such a cutie! We took our son to Disney this year to and the most magical part about it was watching him be so mesmerized by the whole thing.

  • Stacey @ Tree, Root, and Twig

    These are all so awesome! Inspires me to take more daily photographs this year. :)