Hello, wine drinkers. This review is for you.

I suspect that there is a large faction of wine drinkers out there in the blogosphere or Twitterverse. I’m guessing. But my guess is based on the rather large number of you who celebrate making it through another day as a mom/dad/worker bee with a glass of wine. At least that’s what you say on Twitter.


Hello, Friday!

And then there are those of you that hop on Twitter every Friday with a hashtag of #wineparty (thanks to @blogdangerously).

So let’s all just admit that we love having a glass or two of wine in the evenings. Some of you probably drink fancy pants wines while other are content to sip on the sweetest wines you can find. Me? I’m partially to a nicely chilled, oaky Chardonnay from South America.

How do I know that? Am I a wine expert? Actually, no. I once took a little quiz in the back of a magazine that helped me figure out that’s what I like to drink. So I tried some South American Chardonnays, and lo and behold, I do like them.

But I like a lot of other stuff too. And I figured that out from trying other wines. And I can’t think of a better way to do that than through a wine club.

If you’re like me, you wander through the wine store staring at the labels. You might pick up a bottle because it’s noted as a “staff favorite.” Or maybe it has a high point value on some wine scale that you really know nothing about. So it must be good. Or let’s just be honest. It has a really pretty label.

Then I had this opportunity to work with The California Wine Club. I decided to take the guesswork out of wine selection and let someone else pick it for me. They offered me one of their wine shipments consisting of a bottle of red and a bottle of wine. This shipment in particular came from the Robledo Family Winery.


Nicely packaged, ready for drinking.

Our shipment included a 2005 “Los Braceros” Sonoma Valley Red Blend and a 2007 “The Seven Brothers” Lake County Sauvignon Blanc.


It's what's inside that counts.

Like a good reviewer, I took a few pictures of what I received so that you would get what a wine club is all about. And then, I set the bottle of red in the sunroom and put the bottle of white in the fridge. And we stared at those bottles for well over a week because we wanted to make sure you really got what we were going through for the sake of a good review.

Can you see how much fun it can be sampling new wines? And if you are afraid of a “crapshoot” with your wine selections, try The California Wine Club for a month. You don’t need to join or take on any obligations. Just give it a try.

The California Wine Club is offering a really fantastic deal for my dear readers. If you are interested in trying out a onetime shipment for only $13.00 with no obligation to stay, just head on over to their website and use the promo code momblog-11. Oh, and one more thing. Do you fancy yourself a red or white only drinker? You can also choose to receive red only or white only if you want.

Whether or not you decide to try The California Wine Club, I’d love your thoughts on wine. Are you intimidated by choosing wines? Afraid to try new wines? Only like sweet wines? Strictly a beer drinker? Let me know!

  • http://twitter.com/snarkymomma Tiffany

    ooOooh. Why yes, Mr. Delivery Man, I’ll stop pretending I’m not home and will open the door to sign for that package of alcohol.

    (And I don’t like sweet wines…since ya asked.)

    • Anonymous

      Oh good. Between you and me (and the thousands of people reading my blog), I think sweet wines are yucky. But once upon a time, they were my first choice. I evolved.

  • http://twitter.com/carrieloves carrie koehmstedt

    cute video! love the dry comedy (my favorite!) i ordered up my 2 bottles :)

    • Anonymous

      Dry comedy? What are you talking about? That was totally the real me, the whole time 😉

      I think you’ll like it!

  • http://twitter.com/TomRedwine Tom Redwine

    I’d disagree on smell, since that does inform & influence the palette. I’ve found that smell is also important in coffee beans, ‘specially if it smells like dirt. I don’t know why, but it works for me.

    • Anonymous

      We actually had a WHOLE section on smelling the wine. We have an “aroma wheel” that actually helps you figure out how to describe what you’re tasting. But alas, we had to cut that whole section out because if your wine smells moldy, you probably don’t want to drink it. But I’m sure you’d figure that out after the first sip!

  • http://www.mommywords.com Brittany at Mommy Words

    Wine lover here and what I like might just surprise you. I adore a very big Pinot or Zinfandel on a cold winters night. And with chocolate. Or steak. I like them spicy and “berry” full of flavor. I usually like it when the wine store person says it carries a “hint” of tobacco too.

    But come the summer in North Carolina I like my wines cold and light and sweet. I am not a Chardonnay girl although there are a few I will drink. I can’t do the oaky buttery thing. I love a crisp and cold (yes I like my white whines colder than they are supposed to be) Viognier or Riesling or Gewurztraminer. I don’t kike the ones that are too sweet but I love the light floral aromas and they are so easy to drink. Also, great with spicier foods like Thai. Some are even light enough to pair with a summer salad and all are excellent with fruit.

    Loved the video Fadra! And loved seeing Mr. Fadra!

    • Anonymous

      Here’s the million dollar question: have you tried any of the chocolate wines that are out? I’ve heard people rave about them but for me, it would simply bastardize the wine. Plus I’m not a huge fan of chocolate. You and my husband could nicely drink some reds together. And I’ll sit and have a super chilled glass of Viognier with you :)

  • http://www.grammarjunkie.com Glad Doggett

    I like a glass of wine in the evening, too. I usually prefer reds, but am not against white.

    I was very intimidated when I began trying different wines, then I found the podcast Wine for Normal People (I think it’s @Normalwine on twitter).

    They offer lots of good info and recommendations. After listening to a couple of the podcasts, I found the courage to try different grapes, regions, etc.

    I recommend it to anyone who likes wine, but is unsure (or intimidated) about the culture surrounding wine.

    I live in Georgia — I’m not sure we can get wine shipped via mail .. time to investigate.

    • Anonymous

      I’ve started following them now. I’m at least aware of different grapes and different regions. I read and learn. But then my mommy brain kicks in and I forget what I like :(

  • http://twitter.com/AndreaUpdyke Andrea(LilKidThings)

    I prefer red wine, but every now and again a nice white really hits the spot. OH! And Riesling! I tried it for the first time at Type-A last year and was so surprised that I loved it! At least the Biltmore label :-)

    • Anonymous

      Oh yes. I’ve learned that Riesling comes in many shapes and sizes. If it’s a dry Riesling, I’m all over it. If not? Too sweet!

  • Anonymous

    Just had my first glass of wine yesterday, a nice shiraz. I don’t discriminate…I’ll try just about any kind of wine. And beer? Yes, love that too but only beer that is light or pale. I’ve tried to like darker and try it when the Hubb’s does but can’t seem to get past the color and taste of a darker beer. Oh well!

    • Anonymous

      Beer, wine, mixed drinks. Everything is good to me (in moderation, of course). When I was younger, I was definitely more of a beer drinker. These days, I tend to be a Chardonnay snob :) And congrats on making it back to the world of wine drinkers!

  • Andie Multiplemama

    Can not wait to be back in the wine tasting game. Just four more months. I think I may not even wait til I’m out of the delivery room this time around!

    • Anonymous

      I think it’s okay to drink when you’re pregnant now. Ha! I had a sip at Thanksgiving when my baby was due in January and felt like everyone was staring at me!! Four months is not so bad. Maybe buy some now and get ready 😉

  • http://mommyslittlemonsterblake.blogspot.com/ Carri

    Wait… You’re not supposed to swig it?
    I’m not picky, but red gives me a headache. I stick to white.

    • Anonymous

      You can swig. Just not out of the carafe. I won’t tell.

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  • alisha

    and only a day later…bam! another vlog!!!

    reason #1 i took private wine lessons *aka had cara’s husband gagged & blindfolded til he gave in to helping me*:: so i could go to fancy places & not sound like an asshole.

    reason #2:: i just wanted to learn what I truly liked.

    i love that you make this point. it’s all about finding what you like, & you have to try some new things!

    now if only you could mail alcohol to alabama

    • Anonymous

      I never knew I liked Chardonnay until I had a bartender-friend pour me a bunch of different types. I never knew one type of wine could taste so different. It took some years of experimenting but now I know what I like!

  • http://twitter.com/mommyneedsvaca Rachel Voorhees

    I LOVED your video!!! So cute and you and your husband are adorable! Don’t like sweet wines…prefer red over white…but really love all wines! What can I say?!?!!

    • Anonymous

      Sweet wines are for youngsters that don’t know any better. When I see you (BlogHer??), you can have the reds and I’ll take the whites!

  • http://mommysnest.blogspot.com MommyLisa

    Well that is cool. I may have to try that out. 😉

  • http://www.thekenendyadventures.com Dianna Kennedy

    What the heck? I don’t read you for a few weeks, and LOOK what I missed! Mr Fadra! (I’m sure he loves that moniker)

    I love red wines for the most part, but like Riesling as well. My all time favorite wine — I’m too cheap to buy. I had a Cakebread Chardonnay and adored it. Too bad it’s out of my everyday price range.

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