Stream of Consciousness Sunday: The Worst Time for a Party

I wrote this post on Saturday night. If you read on, you’ll understand the frame of mind I’m in. In a matter of a few hours on Friday, I went from feeling hopeless and depressed about the non-sale of our house to having 3 showings scheduled for this week. From depressed to panicked. With a party thrown in for good measure.


You know when the worst time for a party is? I guess there are actually a lot of correct answers to that. Right after a hurricane hits. Just before your dogs decides to go diarrhea everywhere. Or when your child has decided to become a horrible monster.

For me, the worst time is just after a showing on my house and right before another showing of the house.

I hosted an Ovaltine party at my house. It was really just a backyard BBQ but one for which we were woefully unprepared. It turns out our cooler and other party-type items have been packed away in our POD (put into storage). I’m sure our thinking at the time was, “Are you kidding me? There’s no way we’d be having a party while our house is on the market.”

I’m sure we also thought this process would last less than 8 weeks.

So I spent all day Friday making the house spotless when I had actually planned for that day to be my party prep, party planning, party baking day. It’s okay because I had to do party-cleaning too. I just ended up being more thorough than I had planned.

Saturday morning came with a frantic run to the grocery store and an on-the-go meno planning session. I came home and did all the prep work and surprisingly pulled it off. (You be the judge. I’m posting photos on Wednesday).

Everyone came and the kids ran around until their faces turned red. The parents all talked and ate and drank a bit. Finally, everyone left. And instead of doing a quick clean-up and relaxing and heading to bed, leaving the mess for the morning, my tired self had to clean up every last bit of havoc that had been wreaked.


As I’m writing this (late Saturday night), I’m hoping I have a few ounces of energy in the morning to vacuum, make beds, and get out of the house by 10am. Think I can do it?


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  • TheReadQueen

    Sounds exhausting!

  • Good Girl Gone Green

    Parties are fun! But I guess when you have a hose to show the next day I would be stressed too. Let us know if you were able to pull it off and be out of the house by 10am!

  • TheReadQueen

    I entered my link a second time…the first one is broken. Sorry about any confusion or redundancy!

  • leighpowell68

    Good luck with those showings.  They are a pain.  Bad timing, but glad it all worked out.

    I’m in the mood to write so I may link up today…

  • Hines-Sight Blog

    Good luck!  House showings are such a pain….

  • Diva (in Demand)

    Good luck with the showings.  I know how it feels to have to put things together when all your stuff is packed up in a POD. LOL

  • Jana Anthoine

    YIKES! I hope one of the showings yields an offer for you!

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  • Hines-Sight Blog

    Had time to link up today.  It was fun.

  • Walmartgourmet

    Good luck on your house sale.  Now, stop having parties til it’s done!  😉

  • Phases of Me

    Oh my! Sounds like you had your hands full! Hope the showing goes well for you! I can totally understand why you did your post on Saturday night!

  • Julie

    I would completely agree… that sounds crazy. I hope that the showing today yields interest and that you can take care of everything soon!

  • Julie Jordan Scott

    I trust you got out on time and are now… grateful the crisis time has passed. Ya know. SOC Sunday caused a great breakthrough for me that was waiting, waiting, waiting to happen. I am so grateful to you that if I lived closer, I would come help you clean house!! LOL!

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  • mommyhoodnextright

    I’m sure you will arise to the occasion and get things done! You’ll be totally exhausted afterwards, but that’s not the point! The point is that you’ll get it done! Good for you for having a well-deserved party!

  • Anonymous

    Oh you will do it…cause you have to if you want to make a good impression. I can’t believe I was in your neck of the woods Saturday and didn’t crash your bbq! :)

  • JMarkAfghans

    Oh, dear heaven, what an incredible time. I bow to your ability to get through.

  • Amy Oversmith

    We had a blast at the party! But now I feel guilty for not helping tidy up. Thanks, and sorry. Hopefully the showing went well and you’ll get an offer this week.

  • Kristiinalong

    It’s funny that you wrote this…because as I had my days mixed up, I was wondering how you were going to pull off the party with the showings that you had posted about on Sunday.  But I hope that it all turned out great, and one of the showings will become your ticket to the moving train!  (we are currently watching Dinosaur Train as I type this:))

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