Would Ponce de Leon be proud?

I’m sure you remember from your history books who Ponce de Leon was. He was the explorer famously linked to searching (supposedly in vain) for the fountain of youth. As far as I know, he never found it. If I am wrong, PLEASE let me know ASAP.

I vowed to age gracefully. I’ve never been a fan of plastic surgery. I can swear that I can spot it from a mile away. However…

Do the jewelry and makeup help?

As some of you may know, I am definitely aging. The “gracefully” part isn’t exactly working out the way I planned. The skin is sagging a bit. The fine lines are not so fine. Age spots or sun spots, I’m not really sure. They are spots that were never there before.

I have a confession to make. I had a procedure done recently on my face. It’s NOT plastic surgery but it was done at a medical spa. They asked me to come in and try their services and this daughter of Ponce de Leon could not say no. I’ll be writing about it in a few weeks along with before and after pictures but I promise it’s not Botox (although they did offer it to me).

Then there is the aging body. Remember the song “You Can Call Me Al” by Paul Simon? I think it was a modest hit back in the 80s or 90s. If you’re in my age range, I’m sure you know the song. The line that stuck with me for years now resonates with me:

“Why am I soft in the middle, the rest of my life is so hard…”

I have a good life but I don’t feel like I’ve earned the softness of my middle. And I’m trying to make it go away.

And finally, dun dun DUN

I had a a friendly little annual exam with my doctor. Yes, THAT doctor. The visit was pretty routine except my doctor mentioned the M word in response to my questions about night sweats. I’m 40 years old. I am not ready for that. I mean, how do I fight that?

Years ago, women (my mother included) took hormone replacement therapy. That’s just what women did. Now we know that taking medicine derived from horse’s urine might not be the best thing for us. Now we have options like natural hormone replacement therapy. Is it better? Different? Are we fighting what our body should be doing anyway?

Good questions. Have you discovered the fountain of youth and can I buy some?

Disclosure: This post was sponsored post by BodyLogicMD, specializing in physicians trained in integrated care for those with hormone imbalance, including natural hormone replacement therapy, nutrition, and fitness. The content above is entirely my own.

  • Frivolous Mom

    I’m 42….The *M* word is not allowed in this house right now.  Although, after the week I have had I think that I should just start using that as an excuse to act cranky/crazy/whathaveyou.  lol