Stream of Consciousness Sunday: The sky is falling

This post was so much more pleasant that I thought it would be. I had in my mind what I was probably going to write about but whether or not I have a topic, I just let me thoughts flow. I had planned to write about freak accidents and how strange things can work out if you’re simply in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Instead, you get a little bit of news and little bit of nostalgia (maybe) and a little bit of panic all rolled into one. I can’t wait to read your bits and pieces even though I’m still trying to catch up from last Sunday. (I do read them all!)


This is totally off the top of my head so I’m sure I have some of the details wrong. But I think it was back in the 1970s when there was a big ol’ satellite named Skylab that decided it was time to leave the Earth’s orbit and fall right back to us. I just remember hearing about Skylab falling. That’s all I really remember.

I’ll go back and google it, of course, because now I have to know but I’m kind of curious about these satellites that just fall out of orbit. I mean, how does that happen? I kind of thought that once you stuck something in orbit, it stayed there. And if I don’t feel lik googling, I know my husband can just tell me.

It all came up at dinner tonight because I was talking about a headline I happened to glance last night. Another satellite is falling. They are even predicting the day. September 23rd, I think. Again, I don’t understand the technology that allows them to know when it will drop out of the sky yet won’t allow them to keep it in orbit or send it on its way to the nether regions of the universe.

What was kind of alarming is that they don’t know where it’s going to fall. That might not be that big of a deal because most thigns simply burn up as they pass through our atmosphere. This satellite will do the same except they predict some pretty large chunks will still make it all the way down to Earth.

SO where are these big chunks going to hit? They don’t know but say that since the Earth is 75% covered in water, it’s pretty likely that it will hit the ocean. If it doesn’t hit the ocean, it’s pretty likely it won’t hit anything. Or anyone. The stat they gave is a 1:3200 chance that a person will get hit by this debris. Those aren’t as astronimical as I’d like. So if you don’t hear from me on the 23rd, please come round and make sure I don’t have a space chunk in my house.


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  • LaShawn Wiltz

    LOL, I heard this story last week and kept thinking, What doe they mean they don’t know WHERE it’s going to fall? So it could just fall on my house randomly while I’m asleep? SMH.

  • Rose’s Daughter

    Ok, last post didn’t post,  but I heard this story last week and kept thinking what do they mean they don’t know where it’s going to fall?????SMH.  So I could wake up and find it in my back yard??? Or on top of my house?? LOL

    • Anonymous

      EXACTLY. Chances are pretty good it will fall in the ocean. I NEED BETTER THAN PRETTY GOOD!

  • Crystal @ Phases Of Me

    Hmm, I must have missed that one somewhere!  I have to admit, that’s kinda scary!  I think I better get that target off my back quick!

  • kita

    I have not heard this story at first I thought you were talking about The Terminator sounds like the name they gave the people in that movie. I know one thing if it lands on my house they better give me another house of my choice for free. I am thinking a nice 5 bedroom on a basement……

    • Anonymous

      That’s SKYNET!! Close but a little different than Skylab :)

  • Julie Jordan Scott

    I remember when Skylab fell.

    I bet it will be different this time. I predict either complete apathy or total hysteria.

    Perhaps Satellite hysteria, Satellite webcams, Satellite reporters from CNN floating around in boats across the oceans “in search of… satellite debris!” (Shaking my head)….We still have a few days until the 23rd. May the hysteria… (or total apathy) begin…..

    • Anonymous

      Oh, you’re right! I’m sure CNN is already working on their little graphic for “Satellite Watch 2011″

  • Cherylane

    It is a little weird to imagine something falling from space while scientists who know when it’s coming scratch their heads going, “I dunno, do you know?” Okay, maybe that’s not exactly what they will be doing … Still, weird that we can know so much but not know one detail like that.

    • Anonymous

      I’d like to imagine that it’s a bunch of numbskulls standing around wondering what to do. I’m pretty sure that no matter what happens, Bruce Willis will save the day.

  • Sharon Brown

    Found your blog today through Her Thirties and I love this idea! It’s a great creative exercise to get outside the box. I think I might have to try this…

    • Anonymous

      Oh you should! It’s a nice way to start off the week and get your juices flowing. And I love getting to know some of the same people every Sunday!

  • Sharon Brown

    Found your blog today through Her Thirties and I love this idea! It’s a great creative exercise to get outside the box. I think I might have to try this…

  • Allison Rushby

    Ugh, I am not good with this stuff.  Not good at all.  Can’t do disaster movies and even had problems reading an astronomy book with my son recently.  Asteroids, comets… gah!  I feel for the dinosaurs, I really do.

    • Anonymous

      I wouldn’t worry too much. If the movies are correct, the Earth will always be saved just seconds from total annihilation. By Bruce Willis.

  • MommyLisa

    Huh, I had not heard that another satellite is falling.  When they can predict but where they cannot??  Weird. 

    • Anonymous

      I think Obama is behind it 


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