When Real Moms and Dads Drink Wine

This is my third wine-related post. I’m  hoping that by now you have inferred that I like wine. A lot.

So thank goodness I was endowed with a third shipment of wine from the California Wine Club. Maybe I haven’t done a great job at explaining who they are and why I’m working with them.

I’ve joined wine clubs before and ended up quitting after the initial, bargain basement shipment. The first shipment is a great deal and that’s how they hook you. Then they want to send you half cases at over $200 a pop. I mean, I love wine but until this blog goes all Dooce-like, I’m going to curtail my wine spending.

When I first talked with Jon Boring, the Director of Social Media at the California Wine Club, I liked that he was all about making wine very approachable. It’s all about what you like, not how much you spend. I liked that his family-owned company was in the business of discovering and promoting small California wineries. And I liked that he was giving me a complimentary three month membership to the club.

I did a tasting with my husband for the first shipment I sampled. We had fun with it. I showed off my knowledge of wine and what happens when I go out to eat and for my anniversary and drink wine and then come home and drink more wine and shoot a video.

Then I decided that it might be more fun to expose non-wine drinkers (and one wine snob) to a few new bottles of wine. We sampled, we sipped, we talked, we laughed. It was a fun evening polishing off two bottles of wine and chatting about it. And yes, there is video evidence of it.

For this third shipment, I really thought about how I might review it. And I realized, we don’t normally do a “tasting” of our wines. We open the bottles and enjoy. So here’s exactly what we did with that third shipment.

We had night similar to many other nights. I can assure you we did NOT finish those bottles. We had a glass or two of wine, ate a few too many crackers, and actually had an adult conversation without interruption. And we got to sample a few new wines. It was kind of a nice surprise to sit down to on a Saturday night.

So now you know what kind of wine drinker I am and why I like California Wine Club. I’d like to offer you a pretty good deal to try it out for yourself.

Sing up for a membership, use the promo code allthingsfadra, and get 50% off your first shipment with NO OBLIGATION TO CONTINUE. That’s a pretty sweet, no-risk kind of deal. And here’s another thought. Holidays coming up? Send it as a gift too.

Tell me you think. What kind of wines do you drink? What are your biggest wine fears? Do you hate my videos? If so, have a glass of wine and then watch it again. :)

  • http://profiles.google.com/melissasgardner Melissa Gardner

    I love your videos!
    I love wine too. I don’t know a thing about wine, I just pick things that I think I will like. And honestly? A lot of times? I’ll pick a bottle just because I like the label. Lame right? But I enjoy pinot noir, cabernet and sauvignon blanc. 

    • Anonymous

      So not lame. That’s what marketing is all about! That’s why they make pretty labels. I’m totally guilty of that too. But I’ve found that the pretty labels don’t always have the best wine.

  • http://lostandforgotten.wordpress.com/ Marta

    Is 11 am on a work day too early to have a glance of wine. You’ve made me very envious!

    • Anonymous

      I would say, unfortunately, yes. Unless you work from home like me (and even then it’s still questionable).

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=695062518 Tamar Arslanian

    i love wine too. can’t wait to watch your video and take advantage of the wine discount! I will share with my fan base. cat people seem to love wine. must have something to do with our desire to stay-in and hang with our cats! 

    • Anonymous

      Totally homebody here. And it’s funny you mentioned cats. My cat Josie was around for the video and kept crowing so loud. I was wondering if she wanted a taste. In the end, she didn’t make the final cut :)

  • DDMartin

    Very much enjoyed your blog and video.  I am a mother, wife and wine LOVER!  Thanks to The Boring Wine Guy for pointing me this direction.  :)  

    • Anonymous

      I guess he’s not so boring after all 😉

      Glad you stopped by! Wine seems to be a recurring theme here!

  • Anonymous

    Here at Casa DiPaola we make wine. It’s a family tradition that came over from Sicily in the 60’s with my father-in-law. It’s not a business, just a hobby. One thing we’ve learned though is that wine is a joy (and not like a buzz of joy). It’s about taking time, being there and enjoying. Some of the best wine is inexpensive AND Californian baby! Can’t wait to sign up and add some more labels to our dossier <— sounds sooty huh?

    • Anonymous

      I’m totally jealous but at the same time, I don’t think I’d have a clue about making waine. I mean, I KNOW how it’s done. Lord knows I’ve toured a million wineries but it was mostly for the free tasting at the end 😉

  • http://cookieschronicles.blogspot.com Cookie’s Mom

    No, I LOVE your videos. Well… I’ve just seen this one, but I have faith that future videos will be just as pithy. You two are super cute! I’d drink wine with you any day. For me, wine drinking is a social event. When guests come over for dinner they typically bring us a new wine to try, and we do the same when we go visiting (which does not happen all that often these days – tiny person to get to bed and all). I like to try different wines and pair them with different foods to bring out their complex qualities. We have a small collection of wines (hubby belongs to a local wine club). Once I started a wine log to keep track of the wines I tried and enjoyed. It’s pretty dusty.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and following. I’m now following you back.

    • http://cookieschronicles.blogspot.com Cookie’s Mom

      Sorry. Small error in my comment. Actually you followed me on Twitter (and I’m now following you back there), not my blog… but perhaps I’m just psychic and writing of things to come. Time will tell.