A Week in My Life: I’ll Take Tuesday for $500, Alex

What is the second day of the work week?


Sorry. Just a little Jeopardy fun there. Turns out there aren’t really any famous songs about Tuesday. Or quotes. Or interesting trivia. It’s just a day. But at least I did a few more things on Tuesday than Monday. So Tuesday is definitely more flattering. I think.

Here’s how the day panned out (in pictures, of course).

Grainy, early morning start. I had a lot of middle of the night interruptions and was not happy about getting up. Especially since our bed had an intruder. Hard to see but Evan is squished in there.

Once I woke from my alarm, my cat Josie felt it was necessary to come rightupinmyface and demand lots of petting. Luckily, I’ve learned to do that with my eyes closed.

I’m busy getting ready in my bathroom while Evan plays with his “magic bus from Harry Pottery” that he got from the LEGO KidsFest.

Preschool drop-off on a rainy day. I always stay for a few minutes peeking in to see if he’s singing in circle time. I love seeing him at school.

Off to my “office” again but today I decided to shoot the madness that comes post-storytime. I do everything in my power  to keeping from saying SHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.

Although I normally don’t listen to music while I’m working, I needed to drown out the sounds of storytime. Most of my music is on my home computer but I had Mat Kearney and love his new CD. And then I tweeted about it (see below).

Preschool pick-up! It’s one of my favorite times of the day. Evan usually flashes me a smile and a wave. He was so proud to show me the “donuts” he made in school today. I love it when he’s proud.

Driving to run a few errands and look what I spotted! Fall is in the air even if the weather isn’t totally cooperating. We still have warm days. I’m used to keep the A/C running until November but I want to wear my sweaters!

One of my favorite places to take Evan after Preschool is the newest Whole Foods in town. It’s beautiful and I swear every time we go, it feels like we’re visiting some kids learning center. He loves the food bar and even shopping there!

We picked out our respective lunches. He opted for the egg salad/mac & cheese/fruit plate. I went for the veggie quesadilla and some quinoa. Regardless, we can never eat for less than $16 there.

We sat and ate and Evan told me he loved the chicken. I didn’t tell him it’s not really chicken. It’s tofu. Either way, he’s not old enough to be grossed out by it yet.

On to the shopping. Isn’t this just picture perfect? Doesn’t it make you want to buy every single apple? We did buy our pumpkins there (3 for $10) and a mum. Whether or not the weather completely agrees, it IS fall.

We made it home for some video games and snack time and as it gets close to dinner, we turn on the TV. Tonight’s selection? He-Man, compliments of Netflix. No matter what kids show my son picks, my husband always seems to sit and get totally engrossed in it (exception: The Backyardigans had us both covering our ears).

I assume my position on the couch with my laptop and Emma assumes her position buried in pillows and blankets, always close to me.

Still need to work on transplanting the mum but setting our pumpkins on the front porch just made me feel like fall is here. I’m booting summer to the curb, flowers and all.

I went outside to take one last look at our For Sale sign. Our listing expired at midnight. Six months on the market. Lots of showings. No offers. It is literally making me out of my mind to have our house for sale and living in limbo. We still need to sell but we haven’t figured out our next move yet. I think I’ll take a little bit of a breather so I can get my sanity back.

I came inside to do a little more work and OMG, Mat Kearney TWEETED with me!!! Yes, I go ga-ga over celebrities so this totally made my day.

More TV vegging from Evan. He’s one of the only kids I know that would prefer TV and video games than just playing. Yes, I know. I need to do a better job with him. But aren’t those jeans so cute?

Right after I made some dinner, I remembered that I hadn’t voted. Even though we plan to move, I care about the next mayor of Raleigh and the school board. Thank God I’m not dealing with the public schools yet but I feel for the parents that are. It’s a mess.

I always make sure I get a sticker even though the only people to see it were my husband and my son. Shortly after this, I made my husband go and vote too. I think my ballot was #638 in my district. The sad thing is that my community alone had over 600 houses. I can’t even guess what fraction of registered voters actually showed up to vote.

Back home again for some more time with my laptop. I didn’t get to eat before I voted so I’m sitting and eating the same dinner I made for Evan: grilled cheese and tomato soup (comfort food!).

Normally, we sit and eat dinner together. But tonight was what we call a do-your-own-thing kind of night. Sean decided to continue eating some of the pork tacos I made on Saturday but he’s putting his own twist on it. Probably made it better.

With donuts on the brain, we start talking about how they’re made. I go to my usual educational source: YouTube. I found a video of how donuts are made and we were all mesmerized. We next went to a video on how bagels are made. Apparently, the old school style is BOILED!

As it nears midnight, I transfer all my Tuesday photos to my laptop and I spend some time unwinding by playing Solitaire on the iPad. I usually play video games until my eyeballs cannot stay open. It was shortly after this photo.

Next up? My Wednesday. I don’t have anything planned. Let’s see if I can make it interesting.

  • http://www.classicmommy.com Autumn

    I love how you have safari, chrome, AND firefox open on your computer :)

    • Anonymous

      I seriously use them all, mainly because I keep my cookies separate. Chrome for my allthingsfadra work (Chrome is my fave), Safari for Social Dislect work, and FF for personal stuff. I like to multi-task!

  • http://twitter.com/dutchbeingme Julie

    This is so fun. Love seeing a little bit more into your life. :)

    • Anonymous

      Is it all you thought it would be and more? :)

  • http://babywithatwist.wordpress.com KH99

    It looks like it was a good day!  I’m jealous of the tree you saw.  I haven’t seen any near my house that looks as Fall-ish.  I love Whole Foods but I can’t ever seem to pay less than $10 for a salad from the salad bar!

    • Anonymous

      The trees caught me quite off guard. I looked up and was surrounded by red. The top of our October Glory Maple is starting to turn red. I can’t wait. I live fall color! And yes, Whole Foods can be expensive but I love it!

  • http://www.wrestlingwithretirement.com Eva Gallant

    Thanks for visiting my blog.  Your Evan is adorable, and I love the photo of you and Sean and Evan!

    • Anonymous

      Thank you. I think my guys are pretty cute. And I love the family picture too!

  • Anonymous

    Man, is so wish I had a Whole Foods. But I don’t have the lunch budget to eat there all the time! When I go to the San Diefo Zoo, we stop by the Hillcrest one and get lunch for the park.
    Your day seems a heck of a lot like mine, including the afternoon TV watching. I’m sure He-Man will make it into circulation soon.

    • Anonymous

      The closest Whole Foods used to be about 25 minutes away (which is far in Raleigh terms) but I hardly ever went there. This one is so nice and new and only about 10 minutes from my house. I am spoiled! You’re right about the rotation. He-Man is one of many!

  • http://twitter.com/_ScooterMarie Jocelyn

    I loved the Fall pics. I just got a mum and pumpkin for our front porch this weekend too. Is it bad that I never transplant my mums? I always just leave them in the cheapie pots on the porch steps. :)

    • Anonymous

      The ONLY reason I plan to transplant it is my house is for sale and I have a nice planter on the porch that has a summer plant that needs to go. Otherwise, I’m fine with the short-lived mum!

  • http://twitter.com/mommaneedsbeer Kelli MW

    I hear ya on the TV. Sometimes, ya gotta pick your battles. As long as they aren’t parked in front of it 24/7… we’re good. 

    • Anonymous

      Well, it’s definitely not 24/7. Maybe more like 2/5 or something. He’s aware that it can “rot his brain” so he is also good with self-policing.

  • http://kallaydoscope.com/ Kallay

    We love Jeopardy! We watch every night. (If you do, too, can you believe the dude this week who’s almost up to $200,000!? Crazy!) 

    My cat does that, too. She pets me with her paw though. On my nose. Hard to sleep through that. I want a Whole Foods. And a paycheck to afford it! Haha! Yay, Fall! Boo, 90 degree heat. We had an Indian Summer, too. I always get my “I Voted” sticker, too. It’s *that* important. We call your do-your-own-thing night “Go Fetch” night. :) And here comes my food nerd: Have you ever eaten a traditionally made BOILED Bagel? I’m telling you… (insert yummy sounds here) 

    • Anonymous

      Wait, are we twins? Alas, I gave up Jeopardy once my son started to be more interactive. I actually gave up most adult TV. Why is that? Maybe it’s time to reclaim.

      The bagel thing… my husband keeps talking about boiling bagels. I had NO clue that’s how they are done. He wants to try making them at home. I told him he was crazy but now I totally want to try them.

      • http://kallaydoscope.com/ Kallay

        Yes! Reclaim your adult TV! (Or do like me and DVR everything until your DVR lets you know that it’s time to actually *watch* some TV.) 

        The asian Jeopardy guy lost to a girl last night. I was proud of her. 

  • http://www.checkmatesystem.com Mary Cavanaugh

    Your family is adorable!

    • Anonymous

      I think so too 😉

  • http://twitter.com/bkeepsushonest TheBKeepsUsHonest

    Fadra I totally love your house and would buy it if I were able. Maybe you’re just holding on to it until we can buy it from you, which may be awhile unless you accept rolled pennies.

    • Anonymous

      Let’s make a deal :)

  • http://writingrampant.blogspot.com Elisabeth Treble

    Fun day!  I can’t wait until husband and I have a kid.  Husband is a teacher himself, but I think it will be funny to watch him hovering around our kid when they first go to preschool! lol!

    • Anonymous

      I was never a baby person but once my son became a toddler and now a preschooler? It is so much fun. And the conversations we have… well, I just wish I could record everything. It’s amazing.

  • http://genieinablog.com. Leigh Ann

    Jeans on little kids are the best! And yay for fall leaves! We don’t get many fall leaves here in Austin, but I’ve been in Raleigh in November and it’s gorgeous. Great day! PS Part of me always wants to stay at preschool with my kiddos too. :)

    • Anonymous

      I guess I just love seeing him become a little person. Whether it’s the jeans (although he could care less what he wears) or watching him interact with other kids, it makes me want to watch his whole life.

      We’re just getting started with the color. I always take way too many pictures this time of year!

  • http://www.wendiaarons.com Wendi

    Now I’m exhausted.

    We’re putting our house on the market in the imminent future. I’m already stressed about it.

    • Anonymous

      I would love to tell you not to stress about it. But here’s what I can tell you: you need to stress about it. It sucks.

  • http://www.hinessightblog.com Hines-Sight Blog

    Great post.  My son would rather watch TV, too, but now that he is kindergarten..his TV watching has gone downhill except on weekends.

    Is that Whole Foods near Strickland and Six Forks or North Hills?  It looks nice. 

    • Anonymous

      That’s the Whole Foods at Six Forks and Strickland. It’s so nice. I’m there every week!

  • http://www.sayitrahshay.com Rachee

    Aw! Your family is gorgeous and I’m so jealous of your mat kearney back and forth! Not really but he is quite awesome.

    • Anonymous

      It’s silly little things that make my day. Last year, I even wrote a whole post about my social media brushes with celebrities. I guess Mat will make my list this year.

  • http://www.piecesofamom.com/ Pieces of a Mom

    I’m lol’ing at your “aren’t those jeans cute?” question!!! And the colors on that tree??? Gorgeous! I’m in New Jersey, and the trees are still green for the most part. I love the half-chewed apple on the counter too! These are “real” pics, and they are the best kind.

    • Anonymous

      I’m surprised NJ doesn’t have any color yet!

      I actually had to go back and look at the photo with the apple. You want real? That apple was still sitting there this morning and I had to tell my son to please go throw it away. And then he wondered why the table was sticky.

  • Anonymous

    The housing thing has to be so frustrating. Hope it sells soon. I love the tree shot and can’t wait for fall to hit full swing here. And, yes I DO want to buy all those apples, so pretty.