When Fashion Meets Grocery Shopping

I’m going to take a few lessons from Simon Cowell. I’m going to be completely, utterly honest and upfront. We’ll deal with the raw emotions later but I think sometimes it’s important to get things out in the open.

I’m here to talk about a bag. And by the time you finish reading, you’re going to want one too. I present you with Exhibit A:


Okay. Your interest is piqued. I’ve hooked you. When I said “bag,” did I mean handbag? As in really cute and stylish purse?

No I did not.

I meant “bag” as in reusable grocery bag. But to call it that just sounds so belittling. Almost demeaning. It’s so much more than that.

I’ve just shown you SnapSac.

So why exactly am I taking the time to write about a reusable grocery bag?


I checked out SnapSac thoroughly before I thought about whether or not it was a worthwhile product to bring to the blogging masses. Here’s what I loved:

It’s kinda cute. I mean, look at the colors and polka dots!

Fadra with SnapSac

It’s small or big or small again. And yes, it’s really easy to fold back up.

Fadra posing with SnapSac

It’s strong, sturdy, and can hold a lot of stuff.

Reusable bag

It helps reduce your carbon footprint (reusable bags and all allow you to say no to disposable plastic bags)

SnapSac at Costco

But what really got me? Celebrity sightings with the SnapSac. I’m always trying to keep up with the A-listers. Too bad the celebrities sighted were people I’d never heard of BUT STILL…


Now it’s your turn to look like a celebrity. I’m giving away one of these lovely SnapSacs and you know you want one.

Here’s what I need from you.

  • Take a look at my slideshow.
  • Note all the marvelous things I’m able to do with my bag.
  • Watch how easily (mostly) I folded it back up.

    And THEN…

    Leave me a comment telling me what unusual object I tried to place in the bag and tell me what YOU would most like to carry in YOUR bag.

    Then you’ll be entered to win a SnapSac of your very own. You might even make the A list. Make sure you enter by Tuesday, October 25th at 9pm ET and I’ll announce the winner the next day.


    If I’ve already convinced you and you’re in love, go buy some SnapSacs yourself. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised at their pricing and free shipping until January 10th.

    If you’re feeling particularly social, show them some love on Facebook and follow them on Twitter (@SnapSac).



    Congrats to the winner of SnapSac:

    Ajmcullen (who happens to be the mom of my son’s first “girlfriend”)! She was lucky commenter number 5!

    • http://www.hinessightblog.com Hines-Sight Blog

      That is a cute bag.  Of course, you are the only celebrity I know with one.

      Your poor dog.  Is he traumatized?  Enter me.  

      • Anonymous

        *She* is not traumatized. Trust me, she’s been put through a lot worse before she ever came to live with me!!

    • http://www.hugskissesandsnot.wordpress.com Stephanie

      Your dog! ha! is it a bag for groceries, a pet carrier…you choose.

      I love me reusable bags.  I love going to Target with them.  It makes me feel a little superior to everybody else who is using the evil plastic bag (I kid-of course)

      • Anonymous

        AGH! You are so much better than me. I own about 100 reusable bags and they all remain in a cabinet at home because I forget them every. single. time. I swear, this one will make a difference and I shall no longer use the evil plastic bag.

    • http://twitter.com/rdublife rick wion

      Do they make one in camouflage for dudes?

      • Anonymous

        What – dudes can’t use polka dots? They show a nice, fashionable gentleman on their website with the lunch tote so I think these bags are (mostly) unisex.

    • http://www.misstejota.com miss tejota

      First, on the first viewing, I missed you putting the cutest dog ever in your bag because you chose one of my favorite songs to dance (not with grace) to. So I was dancing in my chair not paying attention. However, thank goodness for replay so I was able to see and find the correct answer. 

      Second, I’m a city girl I carry a bag everywhere. So if I was graced with one I would put groceries, gym clothes (if I ever decide to go back to the gym), spare pair of shoes, and if I could my feline. So basically everything and the kitchen sink.

      Third, great contest. Had no clue you were giving away one. I just wanted your opinion on the SnapSac that I heard about. Surprise, surprise – a giveaway.

      • Anonymous

        If you don’t win, I still order you to go and get some. These are perfect for city living. And as far as the song goes? It was first alphabetically in my iTunes and so it automatically came on when I went looking for tunes and I thought it fit!

        • http://www.misstejota.com miss tejota

          The song fit perfectly. 

          I’m SO going to buy some of these bags. I didn’t realize how cheap they were, this makes me so happy. I heard about them in passing and figured they were expensive.

    • http://www.mommabethyname.com Stephanie

      The dog! And my daughter would fit quite nicely in there. Plus, all 3 don’t fit in a double stroller. That bag is CUTE! I want one!

      • Anonymous

        It’s a totally cute bag and one that I might actually remember to bring to the store. But I swear, no dogs were harmed in the making of that video.

    • Ajmccullen

      Poor Emma.  I think we could put Olivia in there, at least she could stick her head out of the top. :) 

      • Anonymous

        I would carry Olivia around in that bag anytime :)

    • Shannon

      Your cute doggie did not look happy to go into the bag. The bag is darling! I would take it to Sam’s Club and put fruit, carrots, lettuce and sugar free French Vanilla Davinci syrup for my coffee……yum

      • Anonymous

        No, I have to admit that my dog was not too thrilled with the bag idea. I promise it was short-lived. But YES! Warehouse clubs are perfect for these bags!

    • http://unintentionallybrilliant.blogspot.com Roxanne Piskel

      I love my reusable bags.

      Too bad I am notorious for forgetting them at home.

      So, how did your dog enjoy that bag? (I was expecting you to put your child in there – the bag looks huge!)

      • Anonymous

        The bag is actually way bigger than I thought. I thought my dog would be sticking her cute head out and instead she sank to the bottom of the bag. The bag holds 30 pounds. My son would exceed the maximum weight limit :)

    • Sadie

      Good to know that a small dog will fit in this bag. 
      I would use this for library book of all shapes and sizes.

      • Anonymous

        LIBRARY! Awesome idea. And yes, you could probably fit several small dogs in there.

    • Fluteitup

      OMG the poor puppy!  I need one to carry around all my flutey things!  I have a lot of flutey things

    • http://twitter.com/MyPixieBlog My Pixie Blog

      Your cute little puppy! Love this video and that bag is totally adorable :) I love using recyclable bags and rarely leave home without one.

    • Kristiina

      Okay…not sure that was meant to transport Emma…but she was cute doing it (as were you).  And if I had it with me at the store today it would hold baby wipes and the makings for oreo spiders for the preschool party next week!

    • http://kallaydoscope.com/ Kallay

      My husband heard the song in the background and yelled “Hey! You better turn that up! That’s my jam!” Haha! You crack me up. And your dog is hilarious, too! I could almost hear her inner monologue. “Lady, I’m not groceries! Stop pretending I’m groceries!” 

      This would be a great farmer’s market bag. It would fit in the stroller and there’s tons of room! 

    • Louanne Ojeda

      A Puppy!!!!
      That is a totally GENIUS idea. I usually fold up a reusable bag and carry it around in my purse and use it while shopping. I’d love to use it on Fridays when I go to the bookstore and everywhere else :)

    • http://www.adventuroo.com Adventuroo

      Cute! I really need some an upgrade on my bags and this one is totally my style!

    • http://www.adventuroo.com Adventuroo

      And I suck for not following directions! You put Emma in there– haha! And I’d love to put Little Roo in there… kidding. 

    • Theharriedmom

      I don’t know how you got your dog in there!  Mine would have freaked out.  I’d like to see how many bottles of wine i could carry if I got a SnapSac!