2011 Top 20 Blogmas Posts to Make You Stop, Drop, and Think


Don’t know what Blogmas is? Check out my original call for posts and my summary of this whole crazy Blogmas roll out this week.

Hopefully, the posts this week, so far, have made you laugh and made you cry (or have some other emotion somewhere in between). What came next, for me, were posts that made me stop and think. Some of it was the kind of thinking where you say “Wow!” or “great idea” or simply “I didn’t know that!”. And while there may be humor or emotion attached to some of these posts, these were the posts that made me say “Hmmmm.”

When I was categorizing these posts, I usually put words next to them like informative or interesting or smart. I hope at least some of them make you stop and think.

1. Most Controversial Writing or How to Piss off Christians So Close to the Holidays by Lee and Paul from Couple Dumb

Remember how I said religion is probably the one topic you should stay away from if you don’t like controversy? Well, Lee apparently said “Bring it.” I actually believe in keeping the Christ in Christmas but I also don’t believe in shoving it down everyone’s throat. But I think Lee made that point much more eloquently:

Jesus Is Not The Reason For The Season

2. Best Post for Explaining Why the Heck That Strange Lady Was Talking About That Word in My Heading Being the Wrong Colour by Broot from Craving a Little Perspective

How could Broot have possibly known that I’ve seen a documentary about synethesia and find it totally fascinating? I get it. I have weird spatial associations with words but it’s nothing like this. I just wish she’d tell me what color my name is:

Questions about Synesthesia

3. Best Pride for the Hometown Post by Lindsey from With a Little Love and Luck

I love me some N’Awlins but alas, I’ll never be anything but a tourist. I drink hurricanes and eat beignets and walk the French Quarter like nobody’s business. Lindsey will never show her boobs for beads. That’s just one of the gems you learn from this post about how she loves her hometown. I don’t blame her:

Dear New Orleans

4. Best Post That Makes You Want to Dive into a Mud Pit with Several Thousand Almost-Naked Strangers by Kim from House of Prince

I know there are some young bloggers and readers out there. I should tell you there was a great big event back in 1969 called Woodstock. And then, in an attempt to capture the magic and spirit, they held another event in 1994, also called Woodstock, to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the original. I attended neither (I wasn’t quite born for the first one thankyouverymuch) but 1994 would have been right in the prime of my life. Although I missed the grungy, angsty, muddy event in 94, Kim took us back to that time in a beautifully written memoir about it:

Woodstock ’94

5. Best Ohmygod! Why Doesn’t She Have a Book Contract for Magically Swoon and Sigh Romance Post by Cameron from Cameron D. Garriepy

This nominated post came from Renee at Random Rants. I wasn’t sure what to do with this post. It’s a piece of fiction and it took my breath away. This is the first of two fictional pieces of included today because it really makes me stop and think about the beautiful stories we can create with just a few words. That’s exactly what Cameron did here:

A Gift

6. Best Rant Against a Site and Meme Bigger than You Are by KeAnne from Family Building With A Twist

Everyone loves a good rant, usually because it’s sparked something in us that we feel very passionate about. Such is the case with KeAnne who had finally had enough of the “secret Facebook status” game that is meant to raise awareness of cancer. I tend to agree with her but she offers her uniquely personal perspective on it:

How Facebook Can Raise Awareness of Just How Thoughtless and Ignorant You Are

7. Best Post About a Dead Fish Who Miraculously Comes Back to Life and Then Dies Again by Jana from jana’s thinking place

Some of you will read this post and think it belongs in the humor category. It might have. But I read more to this story. I read about the sensitivity of children and the life lessons they learn and teach at the same time. Every life is precious. Even Mr. Fishy’s:

It’s a Fish Tank Miracle, Kinda

8. Best Use of the Word ‘Bagina’ by Elizabeth from The Writer Revived

While we’re talking about life lessons, let’s think about things that might be scary to kids. They might be womanly things. Monthly womanly things. Elizabeth had to tackle the topic with her little girl and both she and her husband handled it with grace and humor:

Say what?!

9. Best Post About Surviving Primary School Maths by Broot from Craving a Little Perspective

This is not the post you might expect. I know a thing or two about math. I’m good at numbers. I fully anticipate helping my son become a math whiz. Or not. Not if math is aything like the crazy stuff Broon is talking about here:

Clearly I missed something in Primary School Maths

10. Biggest Personal Triumph by Misty from The Family Math

You know those three little letters people throw around but often don’t really want to talk about? Yes, I’m talking PPD. Misty not only talks about it, talks about her treatment, but talks about the brave step she’s taking to reclaim her life (I’ll still take my meds, TYVM):

It’s time. I’m ready.

11. Best Book Deal Waiting to Happen Post by Tomekha from Inside Out

Tomekha grabbed my attention in the first paragraph. I felt like I was peeking in on an unfolding story. Which is exactly what it was. I read it and was left to wonder: Was it real? Was it fiction? Yes, it left me thinking. It’s a short, fictional story that should be in a book:

Man Down – My Friend

12.Best Freaking Mom in the World Post by Connie from Brain Foggles

You never know how strong of a mom you can be or will be until you have to be. Connie and her daughter have their share of medical ups and downs but one this is certain, she is strong because she wants to be.

On Being A Strong Mother

13. Best Post About Motherhood that Might Make You Pee Your Pants by Jessica from Really? I’m a Mom?

I didn’t pee my pants. I did chuckle at some of these but Jessica also reminded us that with all of the bad and ridiculous comes an awful lot of good:

What Motherhood Really Is…

14. Best Gosh-This-Is-Deep Post by Lee and Paul from Couple Dumb

What do you think of when you hear the term globalization? Do you think economy or politics? How about relationships or social media? How about the way way society connects with each other globally? We’re living in a new age of awareness and globalization is both the reason and the source:

What is Globalization?

15. Best (Not So) Subtle Metaphor for Life As a New Mom by story girl from Sometimes it’s hard

If you’re a mom, have you ever had those moments where you seriously wonder how in the world someone gave you permission to be a mom? Oh wait. Don’t answer that. I already know it’s yes. Motherhood is hard but we find strength when we need it and that’s what pulls us through:

Swimming lessons

16. Best Post for Writing About Getting Organized Without Actually Being Organized by Andrea from Lil Kid Things

Revisiting Andrea’s post about getting organized couldn’t be more timely. Now is the time when we make all our resolutions for the next year, most of which we won’t keep. Andrea doesn’t organize us. She gives us only 3 guiding principles to keep us in line. I just might try them on for size:

Organize your thoughts in 3 Steps

17. Best Post to Help Sick Kids and Their Parents Everywhere, in the Whole Wide World by Connie from Brain Foggles

If you read number 12 above, you can probably guess that Connie has been dealing with her fair share of doctors. I am a strong believer in YOU being your own best advocate when it comes to your health or your child’s health. Connie clearly believes the same and offers some great advice here:

Building a Positive Relationship with your Child’s Doctor

18. Best Opportunity for a Teacher to Safely Rant by Dominique from Dominique’s Desk

As a former teacher, Dominique’s list is near and dear to my heart. But as a parent, I realize that teaching and parenting aren’t all that different:

A List for All Students

19. Best Post that Describes When I Was Made to Feel Very, Very Small by Gabriela from Living La Vida Normal

I know Gabriela’s trials and tribulations from her weekly contributions to Stream of Consciousness Sunday. But this post comes compliments of Gabriela’s acupuncturist. May we all be blessed with friends who tell it like it is and remind us we only get one go round.

This is not a dress rehearsal

20. Best If You Ever Want To Be Asked To Guest Post Again, Here’s What You Should and Shouldn’t Do Post by Natalie from Mommy of a Monster

I’m a little scared to link to this one because, while I don’t guest post very often, I’m pretty sure I’ve broken some of these rules. Only one or two. Maybe it’s why Natalie has never asked me to guest post??

Guest Posting Etiquette – What You Need to Know


Exhausted yet? Yes, there is a lot of good content out there. We’ve worked our way through 60 posts. Today’s 20 hopefully made you stop and think for at least 7 seconds.  Only 20 more to go tomorrow. Keep reading and keep writing. It’s what makes this blogging thing all so fun!

Want to do more than think? If you missed it, yesterday I highlighted the 2011 Top 20 Posts to Make You Feel.


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