Pets Love Christmas Too

I don’t think I’ve ever spent a Christmas without pets. If I happened to have a lull in my life where I didn’t have pets (which would have been a dark and lonely time), I always had family to call on at the holidays and their pets to snuggle.

When I finally got my very-own-all-by-myself-and-no-roommates apartment, I couldn’t wait to get my very own pet. Picked out and loved by me. It was close to the holidays and since I knew I would be traveling, I figured it wasn’t the ideal time to get a new pet. As much as it killed me, I waited until after the first of the year and picked out my forever cat, Arnie.

When Christmas rolled around, I never forgot to get him some extra special treats or toys and I always put them in his stocking. Yes, I know. He couldn’t reach it and didn’t understand the concept but that’s beside the point.

My Christmas time has changed over the years but we still hang our stockings by the chimney with care, in hopes that St. Nicholas soon will be there.

Wait a minute. There are only three people in my family. What gives with all the stockings?

We have the requisite Daddy, Mommy, and Evan stockings. And yes, we’re eclectic. We’ve never done the matching stocking thing.

Then we have the furry members of the family. Emma is our toy poodle but I actually decorated her stocking. You’ll also see the original Cats Love Christmas Too! stocking I got for Arnie many, many years ago.

We make sure we include them in our celebration and that means gifts. So what do you get for the dog and cat that have everything?

For Emma, the answer is simple: food. She is easily and highly motivated by anything meat-related. Because she has no teeth, though, I have to be especially choosy about what I give her. When I went to BlogHer in August, I got some dogs treats in one of my swag bags from a brand called Loving Pets. She literally wolfed them down. Turns out Loving Pets makes 100% natural treats, which when translated to dog speak means they taste really, really good.

I had a chance to recently review two more Loving Pets products:

Barksters Sweet Potato and Chicken Crisps


Gourmet Beef Meet Sticks

I decided to let Emma do this review since ultimately it was her opinion that counted.

I’d call that a pretty strong endorsement.

Now, I know that most people like dogs. Cats, on the other hand, require a special breed of people. I’m one of those people. My husband is not. He doesn’t really get cats. That’s okay. I usually do all the caretaking anyway.

For you cat people, I thought I’d give you some ideas for ways to treat your cat for Christmas. Josie, my big fat cat, doesn’t really have a strong penchant for food, which I find quite odd since she’s so fat. She’s actually so fat that she can’t even properly groom herself. And she does like to be entertained, whether it’s with a laser pointer, cat toys, or just looking out the window.

So when I was asked to review a few cat items, I was totally cool with that too. And I thought they might be right up Josie’s alley. And since both products were “As Seen on TV” products (and you all know how I feel about them), I thought they definitely deserved to be put to the test.

The first product was the ShedMonster. It’s designed to really remove the deep down undercoat of fur on either a dog or a cat. Since poodles have hair and not fur, this was immediately designated a cat product in my household.

The next product was the Sunny Seat Cat Bed. I had high hopes for this one. Cats love to sleep. Cats love the sun. I can’t have a typical window perch mucking up my window sill when I’m trying to sell the house. So it sounds like the perfect solution, right?

But why take my word for it? Let’s go right to the source for the verdict.

That crazy look in the freeze frame above wasn’t intentional but I thought it was kind of fitting given these are “As Seen on TV” products. I wasn’t thrilled with the ShedMonster but I suspect it would do a better job on a dog. And the Sunny Seat is something I’m looking forward to using. When I have some big plate glass windows.

Let me know if you’ve tried any of these treats or products and what you think. And tell me how you’ll be sharing the holidays with your furry friends!

Disclosure: All products and treats were provided to me but my opinions (and those of my cat and my dog) are our own.

  • Galit Breen

    Hee! Thanks for the tips. Our Louie has a stocking, too, and to say that he’s “food motivated” is an understatement! :)

  • Parisbug

    Ha! Funny enough ‘treat’ is in Freya’s vocabulary and when my MacBook blared it out…yep, you guessed it, I had to go get one of hers! I saw Emma’s cataract immediately–poor baby–after years of surgeries (Freya had her lenses removed) and a genetic early onset cataract I’m practically an optho pro when it comes to dogs :) She looks so sweet….Merry Christmas! Ps. I too have never been alive on earth without a pet and couldn’t imagine life without…power to the pet people! (wow, that sounds kooky)

  • Elizabeth Flora Ross

    Hubby and I got such a kick out of these videos! Our cat LOVES to be brushed. Our dog is the pickest dog on the planet. Turns down treats all the time. Won’t eat much of the food dropped on the floor by the child, either. As opposed to my old dog, who ate anything. He also will only play with one type of toy – tennis balls. They make ones that squeak, so we get him some new ones every year for Christmas.

  • KeAnne

    We may have to try that cat bed!  We are a three-cat household.  I’ve always had cats, but my husband wasn’t able to have one until we met.  In addition to our three stockings, we have four for the 3 kitties and the one in heaven. 

  • Anne Hogan

    I just now got a chance to watch these and they’re so cute!  You know how much I love that sweet Emma, and I’m glad you were able to find some treats that she likes and can eat.  My Teddy does the same thing she does – he takes his treat and runs away to eat it.  Josie seemed to love getting brushed – I could hear her purring away!  And she was so cute when she rubbed her little face against the brush.  :)  If you really want to get a brush to stop the shedding, the Furminator is the way to go.  Just be sure to use it outside or someplace that’s easy to clean up – you’ll have cat hair blowing around like tumbleweeds. 

    Evan was adorable, as always.  I love how good he is with the pets – and you can see that he and Emma have a special bond.  Is there anything sweeter than a boy and his dog?

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