The Blogmas Awards: Coming to a Internet Near You

So last year, I wanted to do something fun for the holidays. And I wanted to give back. By give back, of course, I didn’t mean donate time or money to a worth cause. I meant, temporarily move the spotlight off of me onto quite a few other unsung bloggers that I love and cherish.

I spent 5 glorious days celebrating my very own blogging holiday called Blogmas. And on each of the 5 days of Blogmas, I shared with you some of my most preciously guarded bloggers that I love to read. If you missed it, you can check out all my Blogmas posts. They’re all still there.

But THIS year will be different. Again, not because I’ll be donating time or money to a worthy cause but because I’m bringing Blogmas back in a way you can’t possibly ignore.

I’m hosting the Blogmas Awards.

I will admit that my inspiration came right after the Babble Top 50 Mom Blogs announcement when I wrote a post declaring that I would have Fadra’s List. It was a brilliant plan. Blogging awards for the rest of us. And everyone would want to be a part of it and my name would spread like wildfire throughout the blogging community and ironically, I would then end up on the Babble Top 50 Mom Blogs list.

Instead, I decided that the name might be a little too self-serving. And I just got lazy and didn’t really organize it. It was in the back of my mind but I didn’t have the gumption to do anything about it until today. I think you know why.

Babble announced their Top 100 Mom Blogs of 2011 today and what the? I WASN’T ON IT. Actually, I don’t really consider my blog a mom blog and I really have no idea how you get on that list. But dammit I want an award. And if I can’t GET an award, I’m going to at least GIVE an award. Lots of ’em actually.

I’m calling them Fadra’s Blogmas Awards. And I even have a fancy little graphic for it.



Want one?

(you know you do)

Are you ready for the massively ridiculous criteria?

(sorry, I don’t have any)

Are you excited about campaigning for votes?

(for the next election, maybe, because I don’t do the voting thing here)

Are you certain there will be entirely subjective judging?

(well, yes, that part is true)


Here are the rules in all their glory.

1. Pick your favorite post from this year.

It can be written on any date ending in 2011. This can be your post (self-promotion highly encouraged) or someone else’s post (but please make sure they care enough because I surely don’t want to be snubbed).

2. Create the category in which you think this post should win.


“Best post for evacuating your tear ducts”

“Best post with pictures so beautiful I want to buy a dSLR and pretend I can shoot pictures this good (or well)”

“Best post to make you snort milk if you happened to be drinking milk while reading this post”

“Best dammit-why-doesn’t-she-have-a-book-deal post”

And that about wraps up the rules. You enter. I read. I pick the winners. Because no blogger is to small to make my list.


(if the flaky forms fails to appear, nominations are also accepted here)

  • Good Girl Gone Green

    Love this idea!!! :)

    • Anonymous

      I expect to see an entry or two or five from you.

  • Vivian

    I love this idea Fadra, you’re so awesome!

    • Anonymous

      Did you enter? You HAVE to enter!!

  • buriedwithchildren

    Well, now. I think this is a freaking fantastic idea. I like that you will pick people based on writing and not on who their friends are or who paid you money. 

    Will paying money to you help? 😉

    • Anonymous

      Yes. As my disclosure states, this blog accepts all forms of compensation for any reason, ethical or otherwise.

      I expect to see some entries from you.

  • Tricia

    Amazing idea! Thank you for encouraging us!

    • Anonymous

      And I see you’ve entered too :)

  • Jessica

    Great idea! tried entering post but my son hit enter before I could finish. It was so supposed to read best post to make you laugh so hard you pee yourself.

    • Anonymous

      I got it 😉

  • Nichole

    Here’s how not-weird I feel about submitting my own post: I submitted two of my own posts. I love this idea.

    • Anonymous

      I love that you feel so not-weird. Maybe you’ll even enter a third.

  • Jocelyn

    What a fun idea!

    • Anonymous

      Can’t wait to read yours!

  • Jennifer Williams

    I submitted two. That means I probably broke some rules.

    • Anonymous

      On my list, there are no rules, except those two above.

  • Broot Floondragon

    Great idea!

    • Anonymous

      Glad to see you entered!

  • Broot Floondragon

    Great idea!

  • Brittany at Mommy Words

    Great idea Fadra.  I think all my actual best are tear jerkers.  Seriously struggling to think of something I wrote that is actually funny.  You rock.

    • Anonymous

      I love a good tear jerker so enter as many as you want!!

  • Tatter Scoops

    Awesome idea, Fadra and I love that ‘evacuating your tear ducts’ category hahaha brilliant, woman! 

    • Anonymous

      So glad you entered!

  • Shana

    Love this idea!

    • Anonymous

      Well…. did you enter?

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  • Mrs. Wonder

    Will you have multiple costume changes and musical numbers as well? Can’t wait! 😉

    • Anonymous

      I love that idea. My turn in the spotlight. For sure, though, I will have poorly written jokes.

  • ConnieFoggles

    I wrote “freaking” as part of my category just because I could. This is a great idea.

    • Anonymous

      I freaking love that you did that.

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  • Stephanie

    What a great idea! I’ve submitted but now I’m thinking I should have submitted the post about extreme Medieval Fair cleavage. Decisions, decisions.

    • Anonymous

      There’s no limit to the number of posts you can submit!!

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  • Jennifer Hall

    Are you saying below in response to Good Girl Gone Green that we are allowed to submit more than 1 post?

    This is really cool!

    • Anonymous


  • NaLonni Madden

    Cool!  I have blogged since 2007, not one award yet.  Looking forward to nominating others too!

  • Natalie@mommyofamonster

    Yay! Love this idea and submitted two posts :)

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