An iPhone Girl Reviews the Samsung Infuse 4G

What’s a nice iPhone girl like me doing reviewing an Android phone?

I’m stretching myself. I thought it might be a good idea to branch out and test the waters with some other phones. If you’re an iPhone user, you know you still have those days where you want to throw that brick at a wall. My husband almost did exactly that when he defected to the other side a year of so ago and got an Android phone.

I was semi-familiar with the OS but generally treated his phone like a mutant alien. I wanted nothing to do with it. And then this opportunity came along.

I had a chance to test out the Samsung Infuse 4G phone with 30 days of full service from AT&T. All I had to do was a video review with my honest opinions about the phone. So I did exactly that.

I did my review where it made most sense to talk about mobile technology. In my car, on the go. I was actually just parked in my son’s preschool lot after I dropped him off. I’m sure the other mothers think I’m weird.

I started to talk about the phone but I just couldn’t help comparing it to my iPhone. So I didn’t. Here’s my honest opinion for anyone in the market for a new smartphone.

I know the video is a bit long but I checked with the big tech guys who do video reviews like this on YouTube and their videos are TEN minutes long. So there.

Disclosure: The Samsung Infuse 4G was provided to me along with 30 days of service through AT&T for the purpose of a video product review. All opinions are my own.

  • April Dorris

    This was a good review and a terrible review at the same time.  I am a tech junkie and an Android user so there is some background terminology that you don’t know that bugged me, but that’s not your fault. But for those thinking of transferring over, you let them know exactly what they needed to hear. As a techie, I don’t think it’s a big deal switching over from one to the other, but that’s just me.  One of the biggest draws for me to Android is the ability to use widgets, but as an iPhone user you don’t have that ability and may not have thought to use them. And I take it you are not a google user because you didn’t mention any of the benefits of being able to connect directly with the Google account/calendar/docs, etc.

    • FadraN

      April – I’ll admit that I had a hard time with this review because my task was to review THE PHONE. I felt like reviewing the Android and Google features specifically wasn’t really the point so I edited a LOT of that out.
      I did choose to do some comparisons with my iPhone but mainly from a hardware perspective. I generally try to do reviews for the masses that are hopefully entertaining enough to actually watch.
      If it makes you feel better, I don’t plan on becoming a tech reviewer anytime soon!

      • April Dorris

        It’s a good first start so you should keep it up. 

  • Rachee

    I love Apple products but am starting to lose my apple love.
    This review is making me think I want a new phone. I love the bigger screen, the display and the larger size.

    • FadraN

      I’ve got to be honest, Rachee. This phone really set the bar for my expectations for iPhone 5. I’m  holding out until the fall when my contract expires but I really don’t want to switch. I do, however, want a better phone.

  • Kenya Johnson

    Great review Fadra. I am not considering switching from my iPhone but I wanted to hear what you had to say. I am jealous of how pretty the Android device is. But it stops there. The iPhone just needs a new look 😉 and definitely needs to be less fragile. 

  • caren and cody

    I loved this review. I have an Android that is also a Samsung 4G that is an older model and was purchased through Sprint and I have to tell you I do NOT adore it.

    I agree with you about the unlocking of the lock mechanism being rather hard to do, I didn’t “make the switch” from an iphone (never had an iphone) and I found this (and still find it) to be confusing. I have had mine for a YEAR.

    The sensitivity to touch factor drives me insane…one false move and the screen disappears.

    I also (contrary to what April said) DON’T LIKE that I was pretty much forced to download an upgrade that integrated my phone with Google. Just when I finally was comfortable with the phone they threw Google into the mix.

    My favorite part of my older version? Yes, the camera. The photo quality is amazing.

    I guess maybe if I took a class in Samsung 4G Training 101 for Android users I would feel differently but I curse this phone out more than I am extolling it’s virtues, but once again I am using a much older model.

  • April Dorris

    Based on the comments you are getting, I think I need to start doing more cell phone talk on my blog. I have played with iOS, Android and Nokia’s Symbian and Android still wins out for me.

  • Jayla

    I am due for a new phone this January and I have been debating about whether I should get an Iphone or Android. Most everyone I have talked to has said Apple has the better product, but your review has made the decision even tougher!

    But I am glad you gave an honest review.

    Now if I could just choose one….

  • Laural Out Loud

    If I saw a mom making a video in her car and waving two phones around, I’d think, THAT’S my kind of people!