Stream of Consciousness Sunday: My Secret Double Life

My writing has slowed down a bit as my lifestyle has changed a bit for the summer. I have less time for online and I’m awfully distracted by this new house. It needs a lot of decorating so I’m trying to keep up. I also usually wait until late Saturday night to write this post. And today, Saturday afternoon, I felt a touch of my writing mojo and thought I’d go for it. A little less introspective and a lot more fun to write. Maybe I should keep it up.

Today’s (Optional) Writing Prompt: Do you have a secret blogging life? Are you connected to your “real life” friends and family through social media? How does that affect your writing?

Here we go…

stream of consciousness Sunday

I have a secret. I’m a blogger and nobody knows it. Except all of you. Reading this. Right now.

But how did you find me? You’re probably a blogger, or a friend of mine, or we know each other through some sort of social media channels. And maybe, just maybe, I have a few lurkers out there. I love thinking about those people.

Here, though, in my new neighborhood, in a new city and state, nobody knows me. My neighbors know my first name and that’s pretty much it. I supposed they could have looked up the deed to the house and found out my last name and googled me and seen me all over the internet. Or maybe they saw me on TV (doubtful).

So I’m Fadra. I work from home. I do some writing. And that’s pretty much been the extent of the conversations with my neighbors. I say hi and chat and know that a lot of them are teachers. Probably not tweeting about that during the day. I know they drink wine. That’s a plus. And perhaps I’ll get to know them better over the summer. And my secrets will slowly come out.

I’m a blogger. I write about everything in my life. I’ll probably write about my house, this town, our yards, the neighborhood. I might even mention a cryptic “my neighbor” in passing in one of my stories.

But until that time and discovery comes, I’m happy having a bit of anonymity. I’m Fadra. Private citizen. Not a Facebook friend. I’m just the next door neighbor who is home at odd times and seem to wear her hair in a strange variety of ways. Maybe I’m creating a mystique. Or maybe people don’t even notice. I don’t want to make anyone nervous with my social media so for now, I’m happy to have my secret double life. And just to be safe, I don’t think I’ll be writing anything about the neighbors.

This was my 5 minute Stream of Consciousness Sunday post. It’s five minutes of your time and a brain dump. Want to try it? Here are the rules…

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  • Dominiquegoh

    I’m connected to everyone I know via facebook or other social media platforms. Everyone in my immediately family know that I blog and where my blog is at. It’s an “open” secret. 

    • FadraN

      Mine’s no secret and it’s usually easier that way. *Usually*

  • Dominiquegoh

    I couldn’t see the linky so am adding my post link here

  • cait

    Love your stream (as always).

    The link-up is missing!! so here’s our link:

  • Melissa_FillingOurBucket

    I sort of have a secret blogging life! I just started telling family and friends on a regular basis that I blog and just started telling people what my blog is. I didn’t do it intentionally – keep it from them I mean – it just never came up. Weird.

    Here’s my link!

    • FadraN

      I felt weird sharing when I first started but then when people told me they actually liked reading, and when my blogging friends became FRIENDS, I didn’t mind sharing.

  • LDiggitty

    You know, I was totally in the blogging closet unti last August (I started my blog in 2002). I just thought, why am I worried about this? Does it matter if my family reads it? I don’t write anything about my job, so nothing could get me fired… I just decided to be proud of it and if anyone wants to judge, that’s THEIR business. 

    You have a great blog! You should promote it everywhere you go :)

    • FadraN

      WOW. That’s a long time to keep a secret!! You’re not the only one who feels self-conscious about a blog. But I’m glad you came out of the closet. And thanks for the compliment 😉

  • Kenya Johnson

    Dang I’m not the only one? Even though I refrain from talking about neighbors, friends and family in a negative light (or at all really) – not many of them know that I blog. I’ll tell a stranger in a heartbeat where to find me. One of the reasons I created a FB fan page was for my blog because I didn’t feel comfortable sharing my link on the page connected to family & friends. Not to mention I never got a comment or a like from anyone. I receive the greatest support from “strangers” and even though we don’t know each other per-say it is a nice boost to the ego be paid a compliment by a fellow blogger. 

    • FadraN

      I’ll admit, my best readers are fellow bloggers. Because they get it. But I do have some friends and family that admit they read every post on my blog!

  • Rose’s Daughter

    Ah my current delimma! I blog in secret. But I’m debating if I want it to stay that way……

    • FadraN

      I guess you have to think about why you are anonymous. It keeps me in check to be public. I have to be responsible for what I write.

  • a.eye

    I am kind of anonymous.  Friends and fam know of the site, but don’t read often.  I am thinking of making a blog fan site on FB and Twitter and Google+.  I don’t use my real name on my blog.

    • FadraN

      I started my blog as a way to build out my professional resume and it turned into something completely different. But it’s all worked out for me, I suppose :)

  • Stephanie Bernaba

    I am really hoping no one in our new neighborhood ever finds out I write. But this looks like a Googlin’ town I moved to. We shall see. Enjoy your anonymity while it lasts!

    • FadraN

      If I could remain anonymous, I have SO many things I’d say. But it’s probably best to hold myself sorta accountable.

  • JulieJordanScott2

    I used to love to go to karaoke anonymously. Seriously, love it. Now, though, everyone seems to know me at the place I like the best. I do theater, I have made some music videos so gosh darn it… I am no longer anonymous. I also write about EVERYTHING and ANYTHING. No one is safe. Sometimes I change names, even my own. Thanks for a great prompt, Fadra, and I hope you will quickly build a community in your new hometown. I wish I had the courage to pick up and leave here. *Sigh*

    • FadraN

      So far, so good. I’ve just attended a few blogging events and already feel home! And if I did karaoke, I’d only hide my identity out of shame. I’m no singer!

  • Scargosun

    If I had to do it all again I would hav e remained anon.  Sigh.  That is why I did not follow the topic.  I did not want to be asked why I wish I was a secret blogger.  No one would like the answers.

    • a.eye

      Very interesting… now I’m curious!

    • FadraN

      There are advantages and disadvantages to both. I’ve been called on a few things a few times by family members but at least they know how I feel. And it’s good to hold myself accountable.

  • Gooddayregularpeople

    That SOC is exactly how I feel: a secret double life.

    It’s such a double edged sword: I turned to the internet b/c I felt disconnected from my real world BUT now I feel even more not a part of where I live.

    You are drawn to the world where they accept you.

    And for me, that is the internet.

    Loved this, Fadra.

    • FadraN

      How true. And I think if I sat in a basement with my computer, the “community” online might not feel as good to me (or maybe it would). I like that I’ve met people online and made real connections in real life. Yes, it is all about acceptance.

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  • Sharon Brown

    Friends and family know I blog, but I don’t think my family reads my blogs. But, I find it funny that my mom’s friend tell her how much they like it. I think she’s afraid to read it. And that’s kinda what my post is about.

    • FadraN

      Can’t wait to read it! My mom reads my blog and every once in a while I’ll hear a comment letting me know she was none too pleased with my words. But hey, I’m a grown up and entitled to my opinions!