How Car Dealerships Can Improve Your Blogging

Have you ever dreamed of traveling to Paris?

Eiffel Tower

Think of it…

La Tour Eiffel

Sacre Coeur

Notre Dame

Le Métropolitain

Okay, now think again. Let’s snap back to reality. I’m talking about Paris, Texas.

Paris, Texas

I’ve been to Paris before but fortunately (for me) it was the dreamy Paris. Not the Paris that sits in the Texas heartland close to the border of Oklahoma. I’ve never been to that Paris but if I need a place to help me with my blogging, I think I could find it there.

In one of my Facebook groups, we share blogging related things that, for lack of a better term, kick bootay. Except we don’t say bootay. Or even booty. You get the idea.

As a TWIN, I got particularly excited one day when I read the fabulously brainy Erica Mueller write this:

“Kick {bootay} – Local Toyota dealership where I get the car serviced has a soundproof playroom full of fun toys for the kids and glass wall so you can watch your kids play. Also, they serve free coffee and fresh hot cookies. And free wifi. I wonder if they would notice if I came here to work some times…”

Turns out she was complimenting Toyota of Paris and I thought it was worth a shout out.

I know Toyota isn’t the only dealership doing this. I spent the day at a Ford dealership a few years ago. They were baffled by the fact that I wanted to wait while they worked on my car. I didn’t have Evan with me but I simply enjoyed the free wifi and a change of scenery. I felt like I was going to work at the office.

But Toyota took is a step further with a playroom. And soundproof? And glass wall? If that alone isn’t enough for mom bloggers everywhere to run out and buy a Toyota, I don’t know what is.

Truth be told, I hate to have a car that requires a lot of servicing. When I got married, my husband convinced me to only buy new cars (trust me, it wasn’t a hard sell). With used cars, you really have no clue how well the car was cared for or maintained. Or even if had been in an accident or a flood (yep, that happens to many people).

And as far as car maintenance, my husband has always done that for me. He does oil changes and brake jobs and even tire rotation. But when I bought my Toyota and they told me about Toyota Care, a complimentary maintenance plan, I looked to my husband to see if he would trust them with my car.

He was more than happy to relinquish his role for the next two years during the complimentary period, especially when he found out they use synthetic motor oil.

Yeah, that’s the kind of guy I married.

So next time it’s time for servicing, I’ll happily head to my local Toyota dealership and hopefully have an experience reminiscent of Paris (Texas).

Disclosure: I was selected for participation in the TWIN community through a program with Clever Girls Collective. I did not receive any compensation for writing this post, or payment in exchange for participating. The opinions expressed herein are mine, and do not reflect the views of the Toyota.

  • Dallas

    Somehow I knew you weren’t talking about France, but about none other than great old Paris, Texas! I love the idea of “getting away” and being in the office but in a different office. Now I know to check out dealerships in the area for my next business meeting.