When life gets in the way of blogging

I think one of the worst things a blogger can do is get to the point in their blogging career where you feel obligated to post and apologetic if you don’t.

If you’ve been doing this for any length of time, I guarantee you’ll go through this if you haven’t already. It’s where balance is called into question.

Let’s face it. We don’t put in a salary for this stuff. Sure, some of us are lucky enough to be paid for sponsored posts or working with a brand but this career path is hard. It’s hard because you’re constantly trying to go after opportunities while you’re also waiting for the surprise email that makes you an offer of a lifetime.

And it’s also a bit of a catch-22. We want opportunities and visibility so we need to be consistent in writing and posting. But we’re also told to be authentic and write when it feels authentic. The two don’t always align. And then there’s the complication of life.

First and foremost, I’m a wife and mother. Even if I were still bringing in enough to put me in that “high wage earner” category, family comes first. It’s got to.

Luckily, I’ve never made the mistake of thinking a company actually cared about me.

Okay, well, maybe just once or twice. But I’ve learned from it. I’ve learned that a company is in business to make money and typically if you aren’t somehow contributing to that bottom line, you are no longer an asset.

You don’t sacrifice the relationships that count for those that don’t.

When it comes to blogging, it’s a complicated order. There are some obligations but ultimately, we set our own schedules. We are beholden to ourselves. But it’s also about relationships too. With our readers and friends and “fans.”

Today I had a day where I wanted to write about Mitt Romney and s’mores (not together, but wouldn’t that make an interesting post?). But I had a playdate with neighbors and friends. And as is par for the course, it did not go swimmingly with Evan and the other kids. He’s struggling. And I’m struggling as a result.

Nobody told me there'd be days like these.

Even though my workload is overflowing and lately I feel like I make more apologies than posts, today was a day that I felt emotionally spent (and maybe just a little physically exhausted). So I let it all go. Life got in the way of blogging and I was okay with that.

  • Melissa_FillingOurBucket

    It happens, and no apologies are needed for it.

    On another note, you could possibly write a post about Mitt Romney and s’mores together. According to a survey I saw months ago, some Americans actually think Romney’s first name is Mittens. So, perhaps a post about Mittens using mittens to make s’mores?

    I don’t know. It’s Friday night and it has been a long week. 😉

    • FadraN

      You mean it ISN’T Mittens? Now I have to rethink my voting strategy.

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  • http://twitter.com/GrnEydCntryGirl Anna Hettick

    Very good post. No apologies needed btw. I am new-ish to blogging and I can see how this can easily happen. While I am for sure not at the point that I am working with brands or the like I am however working hard trying to get my blog built and readership built up. All while being a stay at home mom of 2. I hope that from the start of my blog I can always be sure to put them and my husband first. =)

    • FadraN

      I’ve been doing this for almost 3 years and you’ll go through a lot of phases where I can almost guarantee that you’ll have to step back and get a little perspective.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1281253955 Caren Osrin Gittleman

    loved this. Thank you for this most important reminder. Some days I blog more out of obligation (self-imposed mind you ) than actually wanting to blog that day. When I do blog on those less-then-desirable blogging mood days, the posts are a direct reflection of my lack of desire to be blogging for that particular day

  • RebeccaMaria

    Evan is at a challenging age and if he’s intense (as is my son) that stage may last awhile. I’ve figured out which friends things seem to go better with but I really don’t know why it goes so badly with others-just that it does. So, I have probably lost a few friends because we just CAN’T get together without meltdowns (always David’s and then mine). And I know it’s my kid’s issue(s). But what is a mom to do? We take care of our kids’ needs and trust that they will grow and mature even if it takes a while. And have a glass of wine after they’re in bed, right?

  • Kim

    I totally get this post… Completely!!!!

  • http://twitter.com/sellabitmum Tracy Morrison

    I’m calling this current dry-blog period ‘Summer’. And I’m totally enjoying it. xo

  • http://jah-justjennifer.blogspot.com Jennifer Hall

    Balance, balance, balance. That is often really hard to accomplish. Great post!

  • Kenya Johnson

    I know what you mean. I never have been an everyday blogger, and I don’t know how people do it. But I do get antsy within myself when four or five days pass by. Sometimes I’ve had a thought but didn’t write it down. Other times, I’ve had no thoughts at all. I’m working on being okay with that.