Feeding the World, One Macaroni Noodle at a Time

This post is brought to you by gooey, creamy, delicious KRAFT Macaroni & Cheese. Start making digital macaroni art at DinnerNotArt.com today.

I’ve mentioned several things about myself when it comes to macaroni.

The first thing should be well known. I love macaroni and cheese.

In fact, I had the rare opportunity to actually judge a macaroni and cheese contest. Sadly, my winners were not the contest winners but I knew that I truly was a mac & cheese connoisseur.

The second thing is that I am a very proud mommy of an amazing five year old little boy. He has made me handprints and paintings and flowerpots but there’s one thing I’m looking forward to. My macaroni necklace. Because I know it’s coming. It’s got to come. Doesn’t every kindergartener make a macaroni necklace for his mommy?

But believe it or not, while I still want the macaroni necklace (and while we’re at it, the macaroni and cheese too), we need to save our macaroni (metaphorically speaking) to help feed the world.

Confused yet?

Kraft has embarked on a journey that helps entertain you and your kids AND help feed America. And it’s all through a digital journey called “Dinner, Not Art.”

Dinner, Not Art is an online craft that can be used with either your iPad or your computer. Unfortunately, I tried to download the app from the Apple App Store on my iPad only to be told that, apparently, my first generation iPad was not, ahem, compatible with the app (re: too old).

So I did things the old fashioned way. I went to the Kraft website Dinner, Not Art and used it to create my own artwork.

Artwork, you say?

Kraft has this idea of using macaroni to create art, much like kids often do, but giving them an outlet to do it digitally. When that happens, two really cool things can take place.

1. You and/or your kids can have fun creating pictures using difference macaroni shapes and colors. (See my pretty picture below?)

2. Your drawing aids in food donations for Feeding America, an organization that helps feed 37 million Americans every year.

Here’s how:

“Just make a piece of digital macaroni art using the “Dinner, Not Art.” app for iPad®, or the desktop version. Until 12/31/12, for every digital noodle used in saved art, KRAFT Macaroni & Cheese will donate 10 noodles to Feeding America,® up to 110,000,000 noodles. A maximum of 100 digital noodles can be used per any single piece of saved art, for a maximum 1,000 noodle donation per piece of saved art. When you’re done with you’re art, click “Glue down and donate” and a donation will be made to Feeding America.® That’s it.”

So as I was making the pictures in this post, I was donating over 800 noodles (thank you, Kraft) to Feeding America.

I’ll admit, my pictures are a little light in the noodle department but the app isn’t as easy as it sounds. You have to pick one of three noodle shapes, place it on the screen, rotate it or resize it if you want, and then add color. It takes a while.

While you’re making dinner, maybe have your kids (or spouse if they bug you while you’re cooking) check out the app and make some pretty pictures. Trust me – it’ll keep them busy for a while. And if you’re lucky enough to have a break from making a meal, just sit back, relax, and help feed the rest of America.

As part of the DailyBuzz Moms Featured Publisher Program, I received a stipend from KRAFT in exchange for my participation in this program.

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    That’s cool! I’m going to download the app on my husband’s iPad tonight! :)

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