Stream of Consciousness Sunday: I just keep missing the boat

In case you haven’t heard, Stream of Consciousness Sunday no longer belongs to me. I turned the reins over to my friend Jana at Jana’s Thinking Place. But I’m still happy to stop over when I can and participate in a much needed brain dump.

Jana’s prompt this week? Dreams.

One think I’m really in tune with is dreams. My dreams, your dreams. I’ve read enough and I’ think I’m intuitive enough to help just about anyone translate their dreams, given enough time and information. It’s usually pretty easy. In fact, I sometimes tell people that dream interpretation is my secret power.

But I have to admit that my secret power works much better on others.

I have this recurring dream and, frankly, I never realized it was a recurring dream until I thought about it a few months ago. I don’t dream the same thing over and over again. Instead, I dream the same types of scenarios over and over.

In my dream, I’m always traveling. Sometimes I’m with my family or just my husband or just my son. But usually I’m by myself and I think I’m younger. Like the young professional version of myself.

It usually involves airplanes. I’m getting ready to go on a big trip. It never feels like vacation. It feels like some sort of necessary trip. And every single time, there’s something not quite right. I never get to my destination. In fact, I’m not sure I even know what the destination is.

In one dream, I’ve forgotten my passport. Or I just don’t have a passport. So I can’t get on the plane. Sometimes it’s trouble with luggage but usually it’s with the aircraft itself. In one dream, it was an extremely wide airplane with a balcony like the deck of a ship. In another dream, the plane was too heavy and could barely get off the ground flying just above the treetops. And yet another, the plane took off only to make frequent stops like a bus picking up passengers.

What does it mean? In my mind, I’m meant to go somewhere. Probably professionally but I don’t know where I’m supposed to go and I’m clearly I’m not fully ready to get there. I just keep missing the boat. Or plane.

  • Andrea B

    Those kinds of dreams can be so frustrating, but I agree with you. You’re just not ready yet. I’m quite sure when you are you will be in your mind, as well!

  • jana

    Ooh, I’m sure that means something deep. What are you missing? Hmm… Glad you joined in!! xoxo

  • Erin O’Riordan

    Those kinds of dreams can be very frustrating. I think your brain is anticipating some future anxiety and trying to get some of it out of the way before you actually get in the real-life situation.

  • jamie@southmainmuse

    Those are the most frustrating dreams. Ones where you have to be somewhere on time — and you just can’t seem to get there. Even in my dream when I realize what is happening, I still stop and got back to get something even though I know it will make me even more behind schedule.

  • From Tracie

    That is a frustrating kind of dream. Especially since you don’t even know the destination you are missing out on to figure out where your mind is trying to go.

    I want you to come interpret my dreams for me!

  • Erin Best Margolin

    I didn’t write about literal dreams b/c most of the time it seems I forget them even when I tell myself, “Oh, I really need to write this one down and think about what it MEANS.” I don’t have recurring dreams, either…

    And FWIW? I think you are definitely going places. Professionally and personally, and well…in every sense!


  • Melanie

    I’m no dream interpreter, but I agree with your intuition that you are supposed to go somewhere. Maybe the heavy plane represents that you aren’t quite ready to take off yet. That there’s too many responsibilities in the now that are stopping you. Maybe it means that you’re conflicted with the journey you are currently on. Maybe it means nothing at all. Maybe your brain just really likes airplanes. Who knows? But I will tell you this, you are destined for something. Everyone you meet serves a purpose in your life somehow or some way. Often times life will use these people to either guide your way or help you guide their way. Just being open to the possibilities helps you get to your final destination. Be that by plane, trains or automobiles, you’ll get there one way or the other. So, enjoy the journey. :)

  • TempleDreamer

    Yep Yep Yep! As a dream interpreter and teacher, your right on. The dreamer always has the intuitive answer. Sometimes they miss the details because of certain “filters”. I have a dream symbols chart on my site, but planes typically represent a call to affect many, large sphere of influence. Recurring dreams is God’s way of YELLING “hey you . . fix this” Sometimes who you are with can be a reflection of you. Ask the question “what characteristic does this person have that i like or dislike?” Passport speaks of your identity. Luggage is “baggage”, not getting to your destination can reflect your fear of “not making it” . . come see me at