There’s Still S’more Summer Left

I’m not a fan of summer, by any means, but I do love a few of the things that go with summer.

Swimming pools (I think I was a fish in another lifetime.)


Suntans (on other people, of course; I never tan)

Deviled Eggs

Hot dogs on the grill

Corn on the cob


And I could go on. But clearly my sweet spot is picnic food. Just breathe the word “cookout” and I’ll be there. Usually with deviled eggs in hand. I love, love, love summertime, barbecue, cookout, picnic food. But just because summer has less than a month left doesn’t mean you can’t have a picnic inside.

In fact, that’s exactly what I did when I made s’mores for the very first time.

It was a few months ago and ALDI sent me a a Summer Cravings and Savings box.

First, you’re thinking ALDI? Yes, this funny little grocery store is actually quite big in Germany. My brother told me so (he used to live there) and he loved it. So I finally decided to check it out last Spring. Think of every product you already know but with a private label and much cheaper. That’s pretty much it.

So when they asked me if I might be interested in a summer promotional, I said sure. Bring it.

And then I opened up the box and much to my delight, I had all the makings for s’mores.

What got me especially excited was the chocolate. And here’s why.

I was reading the ebook “Die, Yummy Mummy, Die” from one of my very favorite writers, Allison Rushby. This book is a compilation of her newspaper columns she wrote in Australia. And I just about died when she wrote a chapter called Supermarket Shudders, all about her trip to Aldi.

“Aldi is like shopping on another planet. For a start, you actually have to use a coin to operate a trolley. To be truthful, I actually get a cheap thrill out of doing this. It’s all a bit European and when I pop my coin in, I pretend I’m ‘o/s, dahlink’…”

She continues her story with a friend telling her she MUST buy her nappies (diapers) there because they’re just as good and half the price.

“‘And don’t forget to buy the TV mix chocolates,’ she added. ‘They’re fantastic. And really cheap.’ As I put the phone down, I reminded myself the TV mix chocolates wouldn’t really be a bargain if I had to pay ten times their cost to work them off again at the gym.”

Can you see why I love her? I emailed her telling her I loved that story and she insisted that the chocolates really were good.

Now back to my s’more story.

I received this box of delights right after we moved so we had no grill, no fancy s’more maker. Not even a microwave. But my sister came over for a visit and convinced me we could do this. We had the technology.

Apparently, a gas stovetop is all that is needed for a little marshmallow toasting and roasting.

And in no time we were s’more ready.

Unfortunately, my sister has braces, so while she looked ready to sink her teeth into that gooey mountain of s’more goodness, she sadly placed it back on the plate and passed it off to her husband who was very willing to eat it.

The moral of the story is that ALDI has good, cheap chocolate, great summer bargains, and because summer is almost over,  you can still enjoy them even as the weather gets cooler.

ALDI sent me the Summer Savings and Cravings box with no expectations for review. I actually planned to write about it when we first got the box but moving tends to take its toll on you and your blog. If you’re still in the summer spirit, check out what ALDI has to offer including some great recipes to keep summer going for months to come.

  • Mama Pants

    I love Aldi! We have them everywhere here in Ohio. I only stay away from two things there, the cheese slices and lunch meat. Everything else is awesome!