This Charity is RAD

How do you describe a charity founded by an avid mountain biker? RAD! And it’s not an acronym for anything. It really is radical.

Mountain2Mountain is that charity and Shannon Galpin is that avid mountain biker.


The impetus to start the organization was Shannon’s own personal experience. She’s a survivor of rape. She’s a mother. She’s an athlete. Something woke inside of her and she felt the need to reach out to other women who had been through similar experiences. Women and girls who routinely raped, oppressed and denied basic human rights. Especially in regions of conflict.

That’s a scenario that most of us would run away from. We’d continue to make jokes about our first world problems and focus on the challenges of getting to soccer practice and dance recitals on the same night. But these are big problems. Worldly problems. And the more I’m exposed to them, the more I realized how connected we all are.

But Shannon decided that she wasn’t going to run away and she was going to “be the change” she wanted to see in the world as Gandhi once professed. She started Mountain2Mountain in 2006 with limited funds and a few good volunteers.

Shannon and her organization have since been working primarily in Pakistan, Nepal, and Afghanistan on projects that help empower women and girls. And soon, she’s bringing a project to her home soil to help empower women and girls right here in the United States.

In fact, Shannon became the first woman to ride a mountain bike in Afghanistan in an effort to challenge perceptions of gender barriers and show a different side of Afghanistan back home.  She returned in 2010 with her bike again to ride across the Panjshir Valley.


Wanna hear more about it? Wanna have a chance to talk to Shannon personally?

Here’s your chance.

Mountain2Mountain is a new partner over at Charitable Influence and to kick off the partnership, Shannon is jumping on a call with us and we’re inviting you to join us!

Please RSVP here so we know to expect you on the call (but RSVP is not required). Or simply dial in!

Tuesday, August 21st 11am PST/2PM EST

Conference Dial-in Number: (559) 726-1000

Participant Access Code: 403490#

We’ll ask Shannon some questions and let her tell her story and tell us more about Mountain2Mountain and how bloggers can help with their mission. We’ll also give YOU a chance to ask questions of Shannon as well.

Can’t dial in? We’ll be live tweeting from our Charitable Influence twitter account (@CharInfluence) with the hashtag #M2M.

Or leave me a comment with a question you’d love to ask Shannon. Here are some of my crazy questions…

Were you scared to be a woman traveling to places like Pakistan and Afghanistan?

What kind of protections and security did you have?

How well received were you by the local women and girls?

How do respond to people who think you should be helping women and girls in your own country?

If bloggers could help spread one message about your work with Mountain2Mountain, what would you want it to be?

I hope you have a chance to listen and learn. Over the past year, I’ve found that firsthand accounts have been lifechanging for me and I can’t wait to hear more from Shannon herself.