Nothing Scares Me Except These Three Things

I’ve got some video for you to watch. Only three minutes.

Three frightful minutes.

siamese cat


Not really.

And none of it is about screaming Siamese cats. I just kind of liked the picture.

Just watch the video and you’ll learn my top three fears (but you have to promise never to use them against me).

This week’s #VlogMom topic comes courtesy of Lee at

(My apologies for flipping the bangs out of my face so many times. I’ve got an overdue haircut scheduled for today.)

Now, let’s see what scares OTHER bloggers. I bet at least one of my fears is repeated. Oh, and please tell me some of your greatest fears!

  • Farrah

    Y’all are kiling me right now with the spiders. I am seeing posts with them everywhere and I cannot handle them. As for sharks, I can relate. My oldest is 3 and he is in a full blown shark/whale obsession. At 36 years old I still refuse to swim in ANY FORM of salt water due to a sudden possible attack. Unfortunately I read about some sharks found in Chicago that had adapted over time to the fresh water. So now that’s out too. No fresh water swimming in Chicago.

    • FadraN

      I thought it might throw some people for a loop to have actual spiders int he video. But I kept them small for that reason. And yes, there are freshwater sharks. I just made plans to go kayaking in the Pacific and I really hope I make it back.

  • Tracy Morrison

    I like spiders. I’m sending you 10. You’re welcome.

    • FadraN

      Wait til you see the chicken neck curse I’m sending you…

  • theaumsmama

    Well, you got my three, only I would have said them in the opposite order because that grisly death is my number one fear. With grisly death by spider or shark attack coming in close second.

    • FadraN

      Ha!! I never thought of combining the fears. I find the older I get, the easier it is to pretend my fears don’t exist. But I know I’m only pretending.

  • Jendi

    It’s the time of year here when the spiders start coming in because it’s getting cold out at night. I’m just glad that my children are finally old enough to kill spiders on their own. Even worse than spiders to me – centipedes!

    • FadraN

      I could tell you a pretty horrific centipede story. But I won’t. I’ll just say it was horrific.

  • mommaneedsabeer

    I am SO with you, Fadra!! Spiders = EEK! Living in Arizona for 3 years, and coming face-to-face with multiple tarantulas can actually help get over seeing the relatively smaller ones we have in Michigan. I actually kill the suckers now. Although I did see a crazy blue one once in the middle of the woods that I swore was a toy… until it moved. OMG. I wanted to die. And… that leads me to my fear of death — same as you. Ax murderer, plane crash… doesn’t matter, it’s scary. Sharks are ok; I suppose I don’t fear them as much because Lake Michigan is shark-free. If I lived a half-hour from the ocean, I’m sure they’d make my top 3. Now, bees on the other hand…

    • FadraN

      I cannot believe you said tarantulas. Like – what are you supposed to do with them? Run the other way? They’re too big to step on! As for sharks, I never said my fear was logical. I used to be afraid they were in the swimming pool. But only if I was underwater with my eyes closed.

  • Melissa_FillingOurBucket

    My fears? That cat. Terrifying. Having my blood drawn. Choking. The blood thing is the worst though.

    • FadraN

      Funny you should say that – I just had to have blood drawn. I’m mostly okay with it as long as I look the other way. My real fear with that? That they won’t find a good enough vein. It once took 4 separate pokes to find a decent vein!

  • rajean

    Love your special affects. I fear those. Because I don’t know how to do them on my vlog yet. Yours are wonderful. Not your fears. Your snazzy vlog.

    • FadraN

      I’ve been messing with iMovie for well over two years now. But you’ll still catch plenty of unedited iPhone video here 😉