Unexplained Connections: Where do you feel at home?

Several years ago, my brother and sister both visited me and for some odd reason, I started talking about this weird sensitive area I have on the left side of my abdomen. My brother confessed he also had a sensitive area in the exact same spot. Coincidence? Probably but it kind of freaked me out when my sister said she, too, had that same sensitive area in the same spot.

It was actually that moment that set me off on a bit of a spiritual quest. I had a need to understand more how we are connected, as a family and as human beings. And this is where things might get a little weird for you.

I won’t go into details of where it led me but I will say my mind was opened and I really started thinking and learning about things that I had otherwise considered off-limits. Raised in a born-again Christian household, I was supposed to follow rules.

God said it. I believe it. And that settles it.

But I never quite felt at ease with that line of thinking. I didn’t set out the refute any of the things I believe, just to better explain them. I read books. I searched online. I visited a few psychics. I was very selective with the who and what I was associating with. It just had to feel right. And I found answers and developed this amazing sense of peace.

But along with these answers, I raised more questions. There was this idea that we’ve lived lives on Earth before. Call it reincarnation. Call it reinvention. But our spirit was sent back to Earth to live and learn again and again and again.

I was fascinated by this concept and one of the things I loved about it was that the idea could fit into the confines of nearly every organized religion I had known. Of course there are plenty that would dispute that notion but these are my beliefs and it’s my story.

The other thing that fascinated me about possibly living previous lives is that it explained a lot of the unexplained in our lives. Why do we have phobias? Why am I terrified of heights? Why do spiders give me goosebumps? Why do I feel drawn to railroad tracks?

And then there are other things that I felt connected to in a good way. I started reading books about mountain climbing and polar exploration. I confessed my desire to someday travel to Antarctica. It’s not like I like to be cold. But something about these stories just fascinate me and I’ve more books on the subject than I can count.

One possible explanation for all these fears and desires and interests is a connection from a previous life. And I didn’t put it all together until recently.

One particular psychic who I had seen a few times did a reading for me. It was highly emotional and an incredible experience. And at the end of our reading, I decided to throw out a casual question.

So, can you tell me anything about my previous lives?

This was more like a “just for fun” question. I didn’t expect any huge revelations about my life. I just wanted to know if I’d been a medieval princess or George Washington or something.

She told me about two lives that she saw. In one of them, I lived in California during the gold mining era. I was married to a man I loved. Then that bastard died and left me with four children to feed on my own. I couldn’t do it so I ended up marrying a man I didn’t love so that I could take care of my family. Didn’t ring any bells. I like California but can’t say I ever felt a strong connection to it.

Then she briefly mentioned a life I had lived in a small Scandinavian fishing village. She said it was one of my happiest lives. Oh, that sounds nice was about all I thought. And went on my way.

Then, the other morning on Twitter, the lovely Rita Arens (@ritaarens) sent out a tweet that I happened to catch in my stream:

And I watched the video and suddenly felt, I’m home. 

Maybe I just really liked the video and it calmed my blood pressure. Or maybe I was just reminiscing about my time in that fishing village.

The Arctic Light from TSO Photography on Vimeo.

Now that I’ve confessed some of my crazy odd thoughts to you, I’d love for you to tell me yours. Ever felt a connection to a person or a place you couldn’t explain?

  • Kenya Johnson

    Interesting post. This gives me something to reflect on in my sleep.

    • FadraN

      Hope it gave you happy dreams :)

  • http://twitter.com/danicakombol Danica Kombol

    Yes you! but i can explain!

    • FadraN

      Ooh, now THAT’S intriguing!!! When shall we meet again?

  • http://twitter.com/Thefamilypants Mama Pants

    I love this. I have always been drawn to children. In a way different from just liking them. I understand them and how they think and feel. Not just mine, other people’s kids too. Anyway, I went to Nashville once and stepped into a roadside reader’s shop. She told me two things. That my dad would fly away to Florida to say goodbye to a dying relative (when I got home he told me that he was hopping a plane the next day) and that my past lives were mostly as children who died before seeing adulthood. that was 12 years ago and this post just took me right back there. Whoa.

    • FadraN

      Isn’t that so interesting? I’m glad there are others that see there are unseen, unspoken, and unexplained connections out there. Amazing story.

  • http://www.sherrycarrsmith.blogspot.com Sherry Carr-Smith

    I wonder about past lives every time I know something I shouldn’t know. I mean, knowing something that I have no logical reason to know about or the answer to. It always makes me think that I must have known it because of something I had experienced before.

    • FadraN

      You are probably right. I often think about virtuosos. Like kids that can play Mozart by the age of 4. Perhaps they were musicians in a previous life? I just wish I had been an expert at something before!

  • http://twitter.com/FranglaiseMummy Franglaise Mummy

    I can really relate to this, born and brought up in the UK, our family went on our first holiday abroad to France when I was 8, the rest of my family were like “whatever” but as soon as we arrived in France I just felt like I was “home”. This pushed me to go on and study French at university, I then moved to Nice, France on graduating and lived there for 12 years. Although I am now back in the UK I married a Frenchman and have a half French/half English daughter, I still feel like France is my home and I feel such a connection there. I, like you, also believe in previous lives so I do wonder sometimes what mine might have been…

    • FadraN

      That’s exactly the kind of story I’m talking about. In fact, I got goosebumps when I read it! You just felt this connection to France. There’s got to be a reason other than IT’S FRANCE!! At least I know I’m not the only oddball out there (and I mean that in a good way!)

      • http://www.FranglaiseMummy.com/ Franglaise Mummy

        No, I’m an oddball with you too :-)

    • michaela

      I’m thinking of studying in Rome but have a loving boyfriend and a dog here :( dont know what to do! xx

      • http://www.FranglaiseMummy.com/ Franglaise Mummy

        In the end you’ve got to go with your gut feeling, it’s a tough one though!

  • http://twitter.com/MommaBeThyName Stephanie Bernaba

    I say, “I’m pretty sure I was Indian (as in, from India) in my past life,” always joking. And my ex is Indian, straight from India. But I never really imagined I had a “past life”. Hmm.

    • FadraN

      Shall I state the obvious? Sounds like you have a connection to India. Very spiritual place.

  • http://twitter.com/Momofthreeunder Farrah

    Ok. So this is interesting. You may have read the Paris/Toronto example I wrote of- but there are so many more in my life and I just can’t explain it. My religious history goes back to my grandparents and great-grandmother who were Spiritualists. They went to readings and I went a time or two along with them. Paris popped up then too- before I met my husband. I am sure that the universe is littered with these ‘signs’ and markers- but not everyone is open to seeing and respecting them. We’re lucky- I guess. Glad I crossed your path today :)

    • FadraN

      I’ve had so many signs in my life. Some were signs that psychics told me to look for. Call it the power of suggestion but everything happens for a reason in my book. And yes, glad we crossed paths :)

  • http://twitter.com/newmusicmichael New Music Michael

    Pretty sure I was some type of architect/engineer during medieval times in Rome. Too many things over my life have pointed to it to discount it.

    • FadraN

      Now THAT is cool. And you know music and numbers are very closely related, right? P.S. You should read the cathedral books by Ken Follett

    • FadraN

      I wrote a comment to you and somehow it got lost. So you’ll probably get this from me twice. I said that numbers and music are connected, you know. Coincidence? And definitely check out The Pillars of the Earth and World Without End by Ken Follett.

    • http://www.mommysnest.com MommyLisa

      Have you read “Pillars of the Earth”? One of my favorite books – I must have lived in that time too. 😉

    • michaela

      thats interesting! I have a connection to Rome but dont know why! maybe we’ve met! xx

  • http://www.mommysnest.com MommyLisa

    Yes – pictures of the Norwegian Fjords are my happy place – loved living there, felt totally at home.

    • FadraN

      You actually lived there? How awesome. And loved that you felt the connection.

      • http://www.mommysnest.com MommyLisa

        I did. I loved living there – I have threatened my husband with wanting to relocate there – I mean I have built in family and friends.

  • christine

    So, I just stumbled across your post and am curious, can you recommend any books? I am currently reading one about yoga and keeping one’s mind open, but I want to delve deeper into that idea (open minds, inner peace, etc) but don’t know where to start. There are so many books out there that I am at a loss. I am Catholic but feel like this is something that is complimentary and I am interested in exploring my own spirituality. Thanks.

    • FadraN

      Like I mentioned, I never read anything that felt like it violated the traditional beliefs and values I was raised with. I had one of those strange coincidental moments when I stumbled upon a book in the bargain bin at the bookstore called “Past Lives, Future Healing” by Sylvia Browne. Some people think she is a total flake but this book was the one that really got me on the right path.

  • http://www.fromtracie.com From Tracie

    I’ve never felt any special connections like you describe. But I am loving this video – it is beautiful!

    • FadraN

      Isn’t it beautiful? I know people that have had really strong connections to places. It’s only recently that I really started to put it all together. Or maybe I just like really pretty videos :)

  • http://www.alexandrawrote.com/ Alexandra

    Today, as I was writing my post on politics and religion and social media and how I believe there is room for great discourse and room to learn and understand one another, I thought of one of the first bloggers with whom I talked about having different politics but the same goals in finding a middle ground where we could speak and listen to one another. And that first blogger was you. “Only connect…”

  • http://twitter.com/ritaarens Rita Arens

    I’m so happy to have given you this unexpected gift! (I just thought it was pretty.) (Maybe it was planted for you.)

  • Lori Lavender Luz

    Oh, the sweet feel of knowing your home and that you’re home. I can feel it from this post.

    I have a vulnerability spot in my upper body that no one can touch me on (it came to my awareness during a Rolfing treatment). I have a sense that at one point I was mortally wounded there.

    • FadraN

      Have you ever read the book “Past Lives, Future Healing” by Sylvia Browne? That book set my spiritual journey in motion.

  • Based

    It’s nice to know that I’m not the only one who thinks about these things.. I have this fear of tall buildings and heights, when I’m in the city and I look up at tall buildings I get uneasy and have to hold onto something. I figured I must have fallen from a tall building in a past life. Who knows, I just like knowing I’m not the only one with these strange ideas :)

  • michaela

    I’m drawn to Rome well mostly the Vatican I don’t know why! I’d love to know why, I’m not highly religious just agnostic really but I’ve been there 4 times and dont want to be anywhere else. I love to sit on the floor in a certain spot in st peters square and watch people go by, like nuns and priests. I wanted to become a nun when I was younger but my family are protestant and I never knew about Rome really. I know that my great grandfather was Italian but I dont know his name or anything about him. Also when I speak Italian it comes quite naturally. any advice would be very much appreciated :) xx

    • FadraN

      Michaela – I wish I had advice. But my only advice is to follow your heart. We are given all kinds of signs of a life and journey outside of what we can see in front of our faces. Many people call it coincidence or deja vu. I think they’re signs. What you choose to do with the signs is up to you. Maybe it’s something that starts you on a journey for family history, or a new professional path, or even a spiritual journey. I read the book “Past Lives, Future Healing” by Sylvia Browne and it really gave me a good perspective on things (if you have an open mind).

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  • Heather Reynerson

    Ok, so in 1995 I went to NY with a guy I had been dating for a xmas visit to his parents, to a very small town on the north fork of Long Island, NY. I had never been there before and lived in Florida. Within an hour drive of the airport, we drove on a very dark and snowy road, and I saw a home on the side of the road. It was large and stone and looked very old. I was immediately drawn to it. Wanted to walk to it, wanted to know everything about it. I was home. Fast forward 13 years and I go back to this town to visit friends from college. I get my rental car, and by memory to this home…. (which now I have read about and know that it was built in 1857 and have done my research)park my car, get out and immediately run across the front yard doing cartwheels and flips. Then ran up to the front porch, without hesitation, jumped over the bannister and sat there swinging my legs back and forth like a little girl. It is a historical building the no one lives in but is still maintained at this point. I go back repeatedly at this point and always visit the front yard sometimes to play like a child, and others just to read a book. Finally happened to be there one day as they were beginning to refurbish it to use it as a banquet hall and the contractor offered to let me take a “quick tour.” I have never been more excited. I got to walk around and look in every room. I felt like I had been there a thousand times. Tonight I found some photos online that were recently donated by the historical society of the home during its era and the rose gardens and furnishings current with that time. It immediately made me start crying. ???? I was very certain when I was in that house I would find a photo of myself as a child or something….lol, but I wonder daily….what it means. (19 years and going) The building is called Brecknock Hall in Greenport, NY

    • FadraN

      Wow. THAT is a powerful story. I always tell people there are signs all around us but we have to be open to them and looking for them. I’m no psychic expert but it sounds like you might have lived in that house once upon a time. I’m actually envious that you’ve had such a tangible experience!! And by the way, that house is GORGEOUS! Sounds like you had a pretty good past life 😉