Wine for a Typical Saturday Night

I had something really awesome happen. Actually, it happened as a result of a few events. Here’s the approximate order of things.

1. I went to BlogHer.

2. I attended the Desserts After Dark party.

3. I got to the party late and there were no drinks.

4. I got a nice follow-up from party sponsor Jacob’s Creek.

5. I wrote Jacob’s Creek and told them I missed them at the party.

6. Jacob’s Creek sent me two bottles of their wine.

Jacob's Creek wines

Isn’t that awesome? They didn’t say, Hey, I’ll send you some but you need to do a review and write-up and can you sign this contract? They just said, Here’s some wine. Enjoy.

So I decided to review them anyway. On video.


Before you turn away because you don’t have the attention span to watch a video that I edited down to 5:40 (oh yes, that’s the edited time), I’ve given you a few quick highlights to make it easy for you to jump to the good parts.

0:08 Where I introduce you to the smarter half of my marriage (Sean)
0:23 Where I reveal exactly what we were doing last Saturday night
0:35 My biggest problem with doing wine reviews
1:40 The Pinot Noir review
2:07 Where I attempt to bite Sean
2:21 The Moscato review
2:40 Sean reveals his nervous wine habit
3:01 The Chardonnay review
3:20 Where Sean dares me to say something and I do
3:42 Where Sean throws out a crazy new term to describe wine
4:17 A quick discourse on screw tops
4:32 Where I reveal something really cool about the label
4:53 Where I almost stomp on Sean’s phone
5:14 Where I found out Sean lied to me

Disclosure: Jacob’s Creek provided me two complimentary bottles of wine, Pinot Noir Reserve and Moscato. The Chardonnay was purchased entirely on my own. All opinions are my own and have not been influenced in any way, except for by the taste of the wine, of course.

  • Anna Hettick

    Well honey I don’t drink alcohol at all. But I watched this video because all your videos make me laugh. In a good way!! =)

    • FadraN

      I swear we didn’t have much to drink when we did the video. We are just crazy like that :)

  • Sherry Aikens

    Loved the video it is great you guy bounce great off each other. I like there wine.

    • FadraN

      Wine helps with our witty banter :)

  • Brittany at Mommy Words

    Oh Fadra. Too funny. My favorite wine is a really good Pinot. I am not a huge fan of Chardonnay and by that I mean I don’t ever buy it. I love cold, sweet wines like Gewurztraminer (but they have to be pretty good) and I could hang with Sean because really big reds make me happy in the winter months. I love your wine reviews. Can’t wait to like actually have a glass of wine with you! And how nice of Jacob’s Creek!

    • FadraN

      No Chardonnay? I can’t believe it. I think you actually had a beer with your fried rice, right? That’s bizarre that you like sweet whites and big reds. If you lived closer, we could do these wine tastings together!