What Really Bugs Me

So this week has been pretty politically charged for me. I put up three posts all related to politics (this from a girl who swore she’d keep religion and politics off of her blog).

And with a title like “What Really Bugs Me,” you might think I’m headed for a political rant to round out the week.

But you’d be wrong.

I decided, instead, to go for  really bad pun. Because I’m talking about some really annoying bugs.

In fact, I could go on for days about bugs because I used to work for an entomologist. And part of my job was to assist her in the field with bug collections.

No, I’m not kidding. I wish I was.

While I have to admit I’ve developed an appreciation for some of the little buggers, some should be eradicated off the face of the Earth. Like, fleas, ticks, and roaches.

Gah. I feel creeped out just typing that. They serve no real purpose in the circle of life and I’d like to see them gone.

But there’s another type of bug I’d really like to see gone. Not off-the-face-of-the-Earth gone. Just sent back to China, from whence they came.

I give you… THE STINK BUG.

stink bug

I don’t remember when I first saw this creature but it’s been many, many years. Until this year. We started househunting in Maryland in April or so. We ended up buying a newly constructed house that had been sitting vacant for about four months.

Well, it was almost vacant. Just about every room had been visited by stink bugs. Most of them were dead but it’s hard to get a warm, fuzzy feeling about your new house when there are bug carcasses lying everywhere.

The day we moved, I packed the vacuum in my car so that it would be easily accessible. As soon as we closed, I headed to the new house so that I could vacuum every single room of the house before the movers arrived. I wanted to be done with those guys once and for all.

But they came back. They snuck in here and there and then… they were gone.

Little did I know it was a temporary respite. Stink bugs seem to come in waves and my Maryland friends all told me they’d be back.

About a month ago, they came back with a vengeance.


So how do we manage it? We keep the doors closed as much as possible. We make sure there are no surprise openings (in screens or windows). We check for “hitchhikers” every time we bring something in from outside. And when we do find that somehow one of them has made it’s way in that we follow the advice I read online:

Flush, don’t crush.

Because frankly, they stink. Hence, the name. When you crush them, they emit a foul-smelling odor that lingers. We found the smell in our dishwasher and in our garage. So we now flush, very carefully.

I have a confession to make, though. I still don’t like stink bugs. They still bug me. But I think I’ve made peace with them. I generally try not to flush them because I really couldn’t hurt a fly. Something about my genetic make-up. So I carefully grab a piece of paper, lure them on, and flick them outside into never-never land. Hoping they never return.

So whatever bugs you, find a way to make peace. The secret is to understand what they are, where they came from, how they’re getting in, and how to keep them from doing exactly that. You can find most of what you need at PestWorld.org.

And don’t worry, I won’t judge you if you choose to use excessive and deadly force.

PestWorld.org is your go-to resource for everything you need to know about bugs, rodents and other household pests. You can identify your infestation, find helpful prevention tips, pest photography and videos, educational articles on a variety of pest topics, and more.

In the fall, pests often enter our homes seeking shelter from colder weather, so it’s important to take steps to pest-proof your home. Pest issues are better handled by licensed pest professionals. They have the knowledge, training and tools to properly identify a pest species and recommend ways to safely remedy an infestation before it becomes a serious problem.

You can find a pest professional in your area by entering your zip code in the Find a Pro database on PestWorld.org: http://www.pestworld.org/find-a-pest-control-professional/.

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of the National Pest Management Association. The opinions and text are all mine.

  • http://www.amadisonmom.com Colleen – amadisonmom

    Supposedly the stink also attracts MORE stink bugs. Bleck!

  • http://www.anotherjennifer.com Jennifer Barbour

    Oh my gosh. You are so timely with this post. I’ve flushed two stink bugs in the past week! Still trying to figure out where they came from because both were on found on our 3rd floor. Will check out the Pestworld website to see if I can find out more.