Imagine me an Imagineer

You know what I want to be when I grow up? I want to be the person who gets to embrace creativity and fun and actually make money doing it. Actually, that sounds a lot like blogging, except for possibly the making money side of things.

I get to be creative, have fun, embrace my inner writer, pretend to be a YouTube star, set my own hours, review cool products, and even (especially) get invited on really cool trips. It’s that last one that still has me talking and thinking and dreaming of what I might actually like to do someday.

In October of last year, I was invited on a media sailing for the newly re-imagined Disney Magic. The 15 year old ship from Disney Cruise Line was due for a refresh and in breakneck time and speed, the ship was refurbished and relaunched on a 2 day cruise to nowhere.

While I wish the trip was longer, I was perfectly fine with a 2 day cruise at sea. The sea calms me and I could have spent hours just watching the ocean and waves.


But I didn’t. I decided that I was going to cram in as much fun and experience as possible in 48 hours and explore that ship from top to bottom. I did exactly that and if you missed it, you should definitely check out my posts and pictures of life on board the Disney Magic and the 10 things you need to know when cruising with kids.

One of the cooler parts of the trip, though, was when I got to rub elbows with some Very Big Names at Disney. And one of them volunteered to let me interview them. And act all professional and stuff.


Here, you get an inside glimpse as to what it’s like to be Joe Lanzisero, Chief Creative Officer, for Disney Imagineering.


If you’re really inspired, yes, imagineering is a real thing. I encourage you to check out a little bit of what it takes to become an imagineer. Although I don’t think Joe really answered me when I asked him if he had any openings, did he?

If you just can’t get enough Disney, make sure you follow me on Instagram. I’m headed to the warm weather of Orlando, Florida for a week of nothing but fun, family vacation. I plan to inundate my followers with all things Disney and if you miss it, don’t worry. I’ll recap it all for you next Friday! While my family vacation is entirely funded by me (more likely, my husband), my trip aboard the Disney Magic was sponsored.

  • Andrea

    How cool! I’ve never been on an official Disney cruise either. I’d love to go. And of course have an Imagineer in the family.

  • Alissa Enders

    Have a fantastic time. I can’t wait to hear all about it.

  • Stephanie

    How awesome! I’ve never been on a cruise (and are a little afraid of them) but I might just do a Disney cruise. Have fun on your next trip. p.s. You’re a great interviewer!