Disney: The Cure for the Winter Blues

Sometimes, you have to throw caution to the wind. Sometimes, you can’t just dream it. You have to do it. So roughly a month ago, my husband and I said, “we should probably plan a trip to Disney.”

Walt and Mickey

We went to the park last February for our third time as a family and decided to join the Disney Vacation Club. We figured we’d probably go every year or every other year anyway so why not make it an investment? And for us, that investment has turned into a motivation to get up and get thee to Florida.

We knew when we picked this week that it was low season and cheaper and that the weather could be a little iffy. We knew we’d have to pull Evan out of school for a week but there’s learnin’ to do at Disney, right?

What we didn’t know when we picked this week was that the much maligned winter weather (at this point in the season) would rear its ugly head back home in the form of snow and then ice.

Turns out we missed it all while enjoying 80+ degree sunny days. And Evan ended up missing only a day and a half of school (thank you school closings!). Pretty magical, don’t you think?

But what I really discovered on this trip was a few key things about vacation.

Sunshine is healing.


Laughter is underrated.


Family time is important.


Disney can be educational.









Disney is designed to be magical.





Disney brings out the goofy in all of us.





And finally, a week can make a difference. After only a few days, I was already feeling relaxed, reenergized, and reconnected with my family (and not my phone).

Before and After Vacation

I think vacation agrees with me!

If you’re looking for more down and dirty insight on all things Disney, stay tuned. Even though I’m on vacation this week, I’m always inspired. Lots more to come!



  • Lilkidthings

    I love how genuinely happy you ALL look in every single picture. Vacation definitely agrees with you! And how awesome about the missed school. It was meant to be!

    • FadraN

      It wasn’t until Monday (we arrived on Saturday) that I really felt my whole body relax. Now the gray, cool weather is back. I miss the sun!

  • Melissa_DifferentBeat

    Love it!! I kind of want to plan a trip right this second after seeing this!! And yay Kidani!! That’s my home resort. Your’s too?

    • FadraN

      AKL is our home but we stayed in Jambo House because we love the lobby and the restaurants. Is Kidani nice?

  • http://www.about100percent.com/ Andrea

    I just love Disney. It really is magical.

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