Aventura Clothing Spring Style Challenge (or how I scared my fashion sense)

If you were to look in my closet at any given time, here’s what you would typically see: black, white, brown, gray, and jeans (you know, for color). I have the occasional red or purple shirt but they’re guaranteed to get pushed to the back of the closet. I go with my standby. My norm. What makes me feel like me. And there’s nothing wrong with that.

But sometimes I like to stretch out of my style comfort zone. I do this when I go dress shopping. I find the dresses that are classic and pretty and then I pick out at least 2 dresses that look horrific on the hanger. Sometimes, they also look horrific on me but sometimes I step back and say, Huh. What do you know about that?

It’s fun to surprise yourself with something out of your comfort zone and that’s what I’ve recently done. I’m working as an ambassador for Aventura Clothing which means two things:

1. I get to wear a lot of their organic and eco-friendly clothing.

2. I get to show you their clothing, talk about their clothing, and even give you some amazing steals and deals on their clothing.


To kick off my ambassadorship, I selected three outfits from their Spring collection, all of which I’ll be showing you over the next few weeks now that Spring is here (it’s really here, right?). And when I picked these outfits, I tried to go a little outside my comfort zone. For example, instead of the dusty olive or hemp colored Newberry sweater, I chose BEGONIA! I know… so radical.


(BTW, I love the sweater. I was just mad that it was snowing. Again.)

It’s a bit of a process, changing our style. And maybe I’m not looking to change. I’m simply looking to challenge it.

So for the next 30 days, I invite you to join me in the Aventura Clothing Spring Style Challenge.


Here’s how you play.

  • Wear something related to style challenge of the day.
  • Snap a pic and upload it to Twitter or Instagram.
  • Tag it with #SpringSyleChallenge
  • Tag me (@allthingsfadra) and Aventura Clothing (@aventuraclothing)
  • If you participate in 15 out of the 30 style challenges (yes, you can skip hot pants on Day 28), I’ll draw one of my followers to win a 60% off discount code for a one time purchase and a free Aventura accessory of their choice.

Plus it will be fun!

For example, today is day 1. Have you ever seen me in polka dots? Well, now you can!



Worried because you don’t have a cute dog to lick your face for a photo? No worries. Here are some other shots that didn’t make the cut but would have been just fine.

2010-11-10 12 02 10

There’s the stand-in-front-of-the-full-length-mirror shot. It was fine but boring. I really need to pain. And clean the mirror.


There’s the pensive selfie where I realize I better find the right Instagram filters STAT. Natural light is beautiful but not always forgiving.

Evan's Shots


And then there’s the work of my 7 year old assistant photographer.

So raid your closet or your sister’s closet or your husband’s closet or your teenage daughter’s closet and shake things up a bit in April. But I really, really would still like to see those hot pants.

Aventura Clothing has provided me some awesome clothing (such as the Newberry sweater pictured at the top). You’ll be seeing a lot more of their clothing on me but for this post, the polka dots are all mine.

  • Tami

    You’re so funny, Fadra. 😉

    When I was in downtown LA all last week, there was nothin’ but you… black. white. brown. grey. And then me: frolicking around (at least that’s what it felt like) in my pinks, oranges, & turquoise! Haha! I felt kindof silly in comparison, but I also wondered what was up with that?!? You’re such a character, I’m thinking some funky fashion stretches this month will suit you… can’t wait to follow along.

    • FadraN

      When I went to NYC a few decades ago, I was you. Not the pinks and oranges but the creams and greens and comfortable shoes. I was a little too cheery for NYC, especially the subway. I will say that I own nothing paisley so Day 29 is really going to be a challenge.

  • Jessica @EatSleepBe

    You’re a trip, Fadra. Glad to have a partner in crime for this challenge!

  • http://www.runtothefinish.com RunToTheFinish

    Ha, good to know your 7 year old and my husband are in the same skill level! I’m not even sure what hot pants are…is that bad.

  • Alissa | CleverCompass.com

    Love you in polka dots, by the way!