Just 5 Things… Worst Jobs Ever


When I was at a loss for something to write, I one day came up with the idea for a quick list of things. Any things. I thought it would be a fun little Friday post. Quick to write, fun to read. I think I’ve talked about cars and movies and actresses (you can check my 5 […]

Just 5 Things… My Favorite Christmas Songs

A few weeks ago, I was doing a video challenge where I had to come up with and (gasp!) even sing my favorite Christmas song. Well, I kind of cheated and sang along with my good buddy Michael Bublé to “Cold December Night” because it seems to be my favorite this season. Afterwards, I realized […]

Just 5 Things… My Favorite Cookbooks

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I actually really like to cook. I’m not always good at it and I definitely not very efficient. But I do enjoy it as long as I have a recipe. I am not an inventive cook. Over the years, I’ve gotten pretty comfortable with throwing in a little of this and a little of that. […]

Just 5 things… Friday Night Confessions

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I know it’s not Friday night (or actually it might be by the time you read this) but the title just sounded so right. Kind of like “Love Songs After Dark.” And no, I’m not talking about the really cheesy but racy movies that used to come on basic cable channels late at night. I’m […]

Just 5 Things… Kids’ TV Shows

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I’m going to admit that these top 5 lists I do every so often are usually on Fridays. And it’s usually because I’m kinda tired and want to do a quick and easy post. And then hundreds of words later, I realize nothing is quick for me when it comes to writing. Today’s post is […]

The Five People That Shape You

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I’ve been a little light for inspiration lately. I just haven’t been feeling it, dawg. And I don’t like to write when I don’t feel inspired. It’s not writer’s block. I could write about the texture of my carpeting if I needed to. It just wouldn’t be very interesting to read. Today, though, I ended […]

Just 5 things… Movies You Should See


I’ll admit that I usually reserve my 5 things posts for Fridays. And usually when I’m feeling a bit lazy. But who doesn’t love a quick and easy list to read? Especially when it’s about entertainment. And movies you should see. First, I thought I’d give you my criteria. Here it is: It’s a movie […]

Just 5 Things… Christmas Movies


Oh, how I love Christmas movies. It’s the one time of year that I love to turn on the TV and catch whatever holiday special is on. I love the old, I love the new. I put on a DVD when I’m decorating the tree just to get me in the spirit. And now, for […]

Just 5 Things… Funny Videos

In honor of my video contest closing today (at 11:59pm EDT), I thought I’d go with a video theme. And my video theme is all based on the wonder and magic of YouTube. I was a slow adopter to YouTube but caught on pretty quickly. Sometimes I click on something. And then I click on […]

Just 5 things… Cars


Yes, that’s right. I’m a chick. Who digs cars. I love cars actually. I’m a long time fan of Automobile magazine (one of my favorites) which now, incidentally, has a female editor, the fabulous Jean Jennings. In fact, I’ve even been published in the magazine. Okay, it’s not like I wrote an article or anything […]

Just 5 things… Pet Peeves


Just so you know, my life is not all lollipops and sunshine. While I try to find the silver lining in every cloud, I don’t always do that. Because things bug me. A lot. We all have those little buttons that get pushed from time to time. I used to curse like a sailor whenever […]