Terrible Name, Amazing Dresses


You know how there are fashion bloggers that make everything look fabulous? Is it because of their thin, waif-like body? Or their innate sense of style? Or their ridiculous fashion budget? Or is it simply all the free stuff they get? Probably all of the above. And that’s what I had in mind when I asked my […]

These Boots ARE Made for Walking


You know that Nancy Sinatra song, “These Boots are Made for Walking”? (Admit it – that song just totally played in your mind. And now it’s probably stuck there. Sorry for that.) That song has meaning for me and it has to do with my name. There’s this long story about how I got my […]

The Magic Wand of Fashion


Wouldn’t it be great if we had a magic wand for all of the fashion faux pas we saw out there? With a simple wave, we could get rid of high-waisted, acid washed jeans paired with a snug fitting sweatshirt, nice white Reebok leather sneakers, and a fanny pack. Or even something as simple as […]

Another Anti-Aging Cream… but does it work?


I’ve done a fair share of skincare reviews over the years. It’s not because I happen to be a beauty blogger or because I specialize in skincare. It’s just that I happen to be a middle-aged woman who trying to fight the signs of it all over her face. I suppose it could be worse. […]

BB Cream Demystified: Can Beauty Come in a Balm?

BB cream

Let’s get down to business right away. BB stands for Beauty Balm, or sometimes called Blemish Balm. It’s a trend in skincare/makeup (in care you hadn’t heard). But do we need another damn product? Especially one that can do it all (meaning: hydrates, corrects, evens and perfects your skin)? I decided to try a sample […]

That Time I Met Bob Dylan

The year was 1987 and I had just been to a Dylan-Dead concert. (That’s Bob Dylan and the Grateful Deal for you youngsters). I wasn’t a deadhead nor did I aspire to be. I was just a young impressionable high school student finally getting a chance to taste a little bit of life, courtesy of […]

The Insanity of My Boot Shopping


I have two problems when it comes to shopping. One is related to the product and one is related to the means of purchase. When I’m out and about and find something I want to purchase, no problem. I whip out the plastic, make my purchase, and worry about it 30 days later when the […]

My Fall Fashion Borders on Fetish

I never thought I had any hoarding tendencies. I mean, I like stuff. And I do tend to save a lot. But I’m a sentimentalist, not a hoarder. Or so I thought. When Jessica from A Parent in America posed this weeks #VlogMom topic, I thought it would be a quick and easy video. She asked: […]

The Self-Loathing Is Strong With This One


I discovered something about myself this weekend and it wasn’t what I was expecting. I attended the Social Good Summit in New York City (more to come on this later) and got to hang out with about twenty of the most interesting bloggers I know. We chatted about everything from our passions to our business […]

Celebrity Shopping Buddies

It’s time for more face time with Fadra. I have to be honest. I actually like doing videos even if no one watches them. I’m silly and I don’t care. But today, I tried to be a bit more uppercrust (in my t-shirt and yoga pants) as I answered this week’s VlogMom prompt. It comes […]

#VlogMom: This time, I’m going shopping

So I keep asking you if it’s annoying to watch me on video and you never respond. I take that to mean two things: 1. You aren’t even here in the first place so you can’t weigh in. 2. You don’t want to hurt my feelings. It doesn’t matter because it’s fun for me anyway. […]