#SOCSunday: Out with the Old, In with the New

SOC Sunday 2015

I’m on vacation and yet I’m never really on vacation. My computer, my phone – it all travels with me. I unplug here and there but mainly I like to stay connected. While I’m on vacation, though, I’m taking a brief break from writing and putting my energy into creative thinking and strategizing. I explain […]

Stream of Consciousness Sunday: Blind Ambition

SOC Sunday 2015

I have no trouble admitting that I want to be successful. But I have problems when it comes to defining what that success looks like and what I should do to get there. While I was grocery shopping today, I was thinking about this post that was yet to be written and I realized that […]

Stream of Consciousness Sunday: The neat thing about Periscope

SOC Sunday 2015

I went a little over today because I was having fun writing. That probably makes sense since I was writing about how the fun sometimes gets taken out of what we do online and specifically on social media. With a shiny, new platform that’s not too corrupt yet, I gave an example of why Periscope gets me […]

The Most Memorable Moments at Blogger Bash 2015

Head Over Heels - Blogger Bash

When I come back from a blogging event and feel compelled to write about it, I worry about several groups of my audience and wonder how I can shape the story for each of them. Group #1: Bloggers that didn’t get a chance to attend the event. Group #2: Bloggers that also attended the event. Group […]

Disney Infinity will be jamming on Twitter with #BBNYC


Remember yesterday when I told you I was going to Blogger Bash and gave you all the reason why I was going and all the reasons you should go? Oh, you didn’t? Well, you can go back and read that now because it’s going to set the stage for this Twitter jam thing I’m going […]

All the reasons I’m heading to Blogger Bash

BBNYC friends

July is going to be a busy month for NYC. Although I suspect that every month is a busy one for NYC. I’ll be heading up on July 15th for no less than THREE events in the same week. But the one I’m most looking forward to is Blogger Bash. If you haven’t heard of […]

2015 Disney Social Media Moms Celebration: Day 4


If I could paint a picture of how I feel right now, it would include a happy face, sad face, and a really big exhausted face. It’s been a weekend of nonstop activity and I would have it any other way. But the conference is over. Mother’s Day is over. And my mini-vacation is over. […]

2015 Disney Social Media Moms Celebration: Day 3


Day 3 is always the best part of the Disney Social Media Moms Celebration. The conference day is behind you but you still have some planned activities. And then? Lots and lots of free time to do whatever you want. I started out the day bright and early with a unique opportunity to get filmed […]

2015 Disney Social Media Moms Celebration: Day 2


CONFERENCE DAY! Conference day at the Disney Social Media Moms Celebration is always a day full of surprises. We’re surprised at what the program holds and surprised at what our families spend their time doing (mine went to the pool and Magic Kingdom). It wasn’t so bad, though. I got to see some of my […]

2015 Disney Social Media Moms Celebration: Day 1


You’ve been closely following my tweets, Instagram pictures, and Facebook updates. You been watching and waiting for my video from Day 1. You maybe even set the alarm to get up early waiting for my video to post. Well, here’s the problem. I woke up at 4:30am yesterday morning for an early morning flight. I […]

Meerkat is more than just a cute little mammal from Africa


How long have you been waiting for the Next Big Thing in social media? Not only have there been tons of apps to compliment, augment, and even consolidate our social media platforms but there have also been plenty of new platforms. And most of them don’t last too long. As proof positive of this, I encourage […]