It’s About Gratitude: A Twitter Party Just for Moms

Fadra and Mom

Every once in a while, something really cool happens to me in this space that I believe couldn’t have happened any other way. In this case, it’s the opportunity to work as a Working Mother Contributing Editor. Yes, THAT Working Mother. What’s even cooler is the reason for the opportunity. It’s all about saluting the good […]

All Your Parenting Problems solved TONIGHT


Ah, you decided to read my post. That must mean you have parenting problems just like every other parent in the world. Either that or you’ve got nothing going on tonight. For your sake, I hope it’s both. Tonight, as part of my role as a #TalkEarly blogger, I’ll be participating in a Twitter party hosted by […]

Relax. It’s Only Christmas.

Snowing photo - may be used for Christmas, winter postcard or other design

Does anyone feel like as soon as the turkey was cleared from the Thanksgiving table the Christmas tree went up and OMG OMG OMG it’s Black Friday but if I wait will I get a better deal on Cyber Monday or should I just go shopping on Saturday and support the small businesses and OH […]

Twitter Doesn’t Do You Justice


Are you a people watcher? Not only do I watch people, but I create stories about them. I used to work at a drugstore (back when they were called drugstores) and I sure saw plenty of story-worthy people. I would see the old weathered lady that would come in for the same pack of smokes […]

Twitter Followers You Love to Hate

twitter followers

I like to keep things positive as much as possible. So I hesitated to use the word “hate” in the title of this post. But then I thought, aw, shucks, let’s just have fun with this one. It’s no secret that I’m a fan of Twitter. I even gained a little notoriety writing an off […]

My Top 10 Social Media Celebrity Encounters

Back Camera

I’m a celebrity gawker. Actually, I’m a recovering celebrity gawker. I used to subscribe to and/or religiously read Us Weekly, The Star, People, and even The Enquirer. My favorite issues were always the “stars without make-up” stories or the top secret pictures of celebrity cellulite. It’s wrong. I know. I finally realized that celebrities are […]

Why Twitter Friends Are Better Than Co-Workers

If you asked me if I had a job, I would easily tell you no. I would tell you that I was “laid off” back in July 2009 (yes, I am using those quotes appropriately if you read between the lines). But ask me if I work? The answer is yes. And I don’t mean […]

Tech Tuesday: made me famous tweet

Nothing excites me more than to see a tweet come through to me like this one: In fact, the first time I had a tweet come through like this, I did a double-take. Was I published? Did I make it into an online newspaper? Was it a good thing? Or a bad thing? I’ve gotten […]

BlogHer10: The People


This is draft #2. Normally, I sit down to write and the words flow from my fingertips. As for this post? Not so much. That should give you some insight as to the complexity that is BlogHer. In my original draft, I stopped at 1100 words realizing I was narrating and not analyzing. Here is […]

Tech Tuesday: iPad, you pad, we all scream for iPad

Screen shot 2010-07-06 at 12.06.41 PM

It doesn’t take much prodding to get me to write a specific post. Sometimes, I think it makes it easier. If you have read any other entries on my blog, you know that my mind tends to jump around a lot. What can I say? A lot of things float through this little brain of […]

Tech Tuesday: My #Twexperiment for New Followers

Screen shot 2010-06-29 at 9.46.57 AM

How do these things start? I guess out of boredom. I guess out of fascination by all of the people twittering all around me. It’s like a massive neural network that I just can’t see. And I like to put it to the test. Here’s how I did it on Sunday. I casually tweeted something […]