Why I’m Talking About Pregnancy

Premama Complete Postcard small (2)

Let me start by saying that I AM NOT PREGNANT. Nor do I plan to be. I’m quite happy with my 7 year old son and our little family of three. In fact, as we were flying home this week, I looked down the row of our airplane seats and thought, This is perfect. Dad gets […]

How to Talk to Your Kids About Alcohol (without sounding like a cliche)

AAM Conversations Infographic FINAL

April is Alcohol Awareness Month and if you’re anything like me, you’re well aware of alcohol. But are you aware of the perceptions your kids have about alcohol? Does it come from talking to you? Watching you? Learning from their friends? I’ll never forget when my almost one year old son received his first big Christmas gift: […]

All Your Parenting Problems solved TONIGHT


Ah, you decided to read my post. That must mean you have parenting problems just like every other parent in the world. Either that or you’ve got nothing going on tonight. For your sake, I hope it’s both. Tonight, as part of my role as a #TalkEarly blogger, I’ll be participating in a Twitter party hosted by […]

Who Creates a Child’s World? {Giveaway}

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The age old question of parenting and child-rearing comes down to nature vs. nurture. Is a child simply a product of their environment or can you take a child out of the environment and change the course of their life? Of course, the question is rhetorical but I’ve always been fascinated by studies of twins […]

Happy Birthday, Grumpy Cat


If you’ve visited the internet sometime in the past two years, you are well aware of the feline sensation known as Grumpy Cat. But I’m getting ready to blow your grumpy mind. Grumpy Cat is a girl. What? I mean, maybe you knew this but I just assumed he was a boy. Maybe because he had […]

A Totally Tubular Weekend Movie Binge

Ferris Bueller

One good thing about my neighborhood is that we like to party. We like to have parties, go to parties, plan parties, have impromptu parties. But my favorite kind of parties are theme parties. Last March, it was the St. Patrick’s Day party. We all dressed in green, wore plastic green beads, ate fish and […]

A Tribute to Emma

Beautiful Emma

It was almost five years ago to the day that I brought Emma home. I wasn’t even looking for another dog when I found her but they say our pets always find us. I walked into the PetSmart to get some supplies and a rescue group had several dogs in pens. And then I saw […]

The Perceived Sense of Quiet

How We Love

Sometimes, it’s the loss we feel the most. Or at least, it’s what we feel immediately – the warmth, the cuddles, the wet nose, the haphazard licking searching for my face. There’s a hole in my heart for sure. It’s an actual physical pain and ache to complement the emotional loss as well. But the […]

Finding Fault and Talking About It


“The kids called me fat again,” said my beautiful little boy as he stood before me. His mouth was turned down and his eyes were watering. “Do you want me to go talk to them?” I asked. The lioness in me already had her claws out but this was his decision. He nodded. “Do you want to […]

It’s Getting Crafty All Up in Here #DisneySide


You know those people that say Oh yeah. That post is super popular. It’s been pinned, like, 30,000 times? I’m not one of those people. I mean, I cook but it’s not really blogworthy. And my crafting skills happen about once a year. I’ve learned my way around a glue gun but I don’t need to […]

It’s All Fun and Games at a #DisneySide Party


Here’s one thing I’ve learned about entertaining at my house. If you’ve got grown-ups in attendance, give them some grown-up drinks and they’ll be happy. If you’ve got kids in attendance, set VERY CLEAR BOUNDARIES in the house and pack up the breakables. If you’ve got families in attendance, it takes a little more work. […]