What’s Funnier – Cats or Wine? #RefreshYourFunny

Wine Sweatshirt

You know what I love? Wine. You know what I don’t love? Too much wine. Or wine as a necessity. Or wine as a crutch. You know what I’m starting to become even more aware of? Wine as a punchline. I’m as guilty as any mom or parent of having a very long day and saying in […]

Who Creates a Child’s World? {Giveaway}

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The age old question of parenting and child-rearing comes down to nature vs. nurture. Is a child simply a product of their environment or can you take a child out of the environment and change the course of their life? Of course, the question is rhetorical but I’ve always been fascinated by studies of twins […]

Finding Fault and Talking About It


“The kids called me fat again,” said my beautiful little boy as he stood before me. His mouth was turned down and his eyes were watering. “Do you want me to go talk to them?” I asked. The lioness in me already had her claws out but this was his decision. He nodded. “Do you want to […]

It’s Getting Crafty All Up in Here #DisneySide


You know those people that say Oh yeah. That post is super popular. It’s been pinned, like, 30,000 times? I’m not one of those people. I mean, I cook but it’s not really blogworthy. And my crafting skills happen about once a year. I’ve learned my way around a glue gun but I don’t need to […]

It’s All Fun and Games at a #DisneySide Party


Here’s one thing I’ve learned about entertaining at my house. If you’ve got grown-ups in attendance, give them some grown-up drinks and they’ll be happy. If you’ve got kids in attendance, set VERY CLEAR BOUNDARIES in the house and pack up the breakables. If you’ve got families in attendance, it takes a little more work. […]

Surviving the Post-Olympics Letdown


The Winter Games are by far my favorite sports on television. Forget the Superbowl or World Series or Stanley Cup or whatever you call the big game ender for basketball. I prefer things like skiing and skating and, yes, even curling. We haven’t been that involved in major television events since we moved almost two […]

History Gets Personal

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Can I tell you something? Growing up, I absolutely hated history. Detested it. In fact, I have distinct memories of traveling to Colonial Williamsburg as part of our family vacation and my memories are in black and white. I can remember asking my history teacher in high school why he would choose history as his life’s work. He […]

Knights and Swords and Little Boys’ Birthdays


Remember when our parents would feel generous enough to let us have birthday parties when we were kids? In the early years, it was putting on a party dress, eating cake and ice cream, and playing Pin the Tail on the Donkey. We might have even worn party hats and had streamers. It was fun, […]

Things You Probably Didn’t Know about National Geographic Kids


I mentioned a while ago that I’m working as a National Geographic Kids Insider. I may not have talked that much about what that means. I signed on to work with National Geographic Kids as a sort of unpaid ambassador for several reasons: 1. I have been in love with their magazine for as long […]

Blogmas 2013: Parents are People

Thanks for joining me for Day Four of Blogmas, where I bring you the best blog posts of 2013 according to you! If this is your first time here, you’ve got some catching up to do. On Monday, I picked my 20 favorite posts from all of the submissions. On Tuesday, I gathered up the […]

Preparing For Your Winter Feast

Campbell's soups

I bet when I say things like “preparing” and “winter feast” you automatically think of a big, festive meal. You probably conjure up thoughts of the women heading down to the root cellar to gather up vegetables for a heart stew while the men head out to find a beast suitable to feed the castle. […]