Using the computer for MORE than Minecraft


So was that title total link bait? Maybe. Because I’m not going to talk about Minecraft. I’m going to talk about things other than Minecraft. Because if you’re a mom like me, to a little boy like Evan, you totally need a break from talking about that game. And trust me, I feel your pain. If your family is […]

It’s a Bird! It’s a Plane! It’s Disney’s PLANES!


There’s a new movie out this weekend and in case you’ve been hiding under a rock, or maybe you just don’t have kids, it’s Disney’s PLANES. Let me explain this difficult concept: It’s just like Disney’s CARS but with PLANES. Quick synopsis of the story: Dusty Crophopper is a little cropduster plane that has dreams […]

The Irony of Summer Vacation


My son is spoiled. Or rather undisciplined. Whichever one makes me sound like the better parent, pick that one. I actually base a lot of my parenting on my own childhood. I don’t mean the way that I was parented, although I’m sure I have some traits that resemble my own parents and their style (hello, yelling). […]

A Boy, His Office, and a Laptop


Does a 6 year old need a laptop? That was the question I posed on my Facebook page about two weeks ago. And it wasn’t so much need because we all know a 6 year old doesn’t need anything of the sort. It was more like, is it totally cuckoo to consider getting a laptop for […]

Get OUTSIDE With Your Kids


I’m sure I’ve confessed this here before but as much as I love beauty and fashion, I’m really a nature girl at heart. I mean, sure, I’ll put on lip gloss to head outside but I’ll also put on good hiking shoes and the right gear for the occasion. I started college as a potential […]

The Difference A Year Makes


I’d love to write a really sappy post about how my baby is growing up. About how quickly time passes and how it’s important to cherish every moment you have. I’ve love to, but I won’t. Because in theory, that’s all true. But it’s not exactly how I’m feeling. I’m actually feeling an incredible sense […]

The Push and Pull of Motherhood


It’s okay. You can go play with the others. Mommy’s right here. These are the words I would frequently say to my then toddler, Evan. He was a bright, very verbal, somewhat precocious child. He was shy, but not in the traditional sense. He wouldn’t hide behind my legs. He would simply cling to me […]

One Wish for More Wishes

photo (33)

Way, way, way back when, I had a dream to travel the world. I planned to start in Jamaica and bask in the blue skies and green, green grass and then travel wherever the world took me. I dreamed of Japan and Morocco and a dusty little Mexican village where I could write my novel. […]

Stream of Consciousness Sunday: Created in My Own Image

Now I know why people loved Stream of Consciousness Sunday. I get so caught up in programs and sponsored posts and reviews and work that sometimes I want to just write. And sometimes, the words just don’t come. With Jana’s SOC Sunday, I get a quick prompt and 5 minutes to just type whatever comes out […]

Egg Decorating and Making Kids Happy

Screen Shot 2013-03-17 at 1.25.07 PM

HAPPY EASTER! Oh wait. We’re not quite there yet. It’s still HAPPY ST. PATRICK’S DAY! But we can think about Easter. We can make plans for Easter. We can dye Easter eggs. That’s exactly what my family did yesterday (but be sure to read all the way to the bottom for the real reason we dyed […]

The Wii U Post You’ve Been Waiting For


Let’s start this off with my full disclosure. I’m a brand ambassador for Nintendo. What does that mean? It means that I have a relationship with Nintendo that does not involve compensation but it may involve the opportunity for me to enjoy new Nintendo products from time to time. That’s it. I’m not required to […]