Egg Decorating and Making Kids Happy

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HAPPY EASTER! Oh wait. We’re not quite there yet. It’s still HAPPY ST. PATRICK’S DAY! But we can think about Easter. We can make plans for Easter. We can dye Easter eggs. That’s exactly what my family did yesterday (but be sure to read all the way to the bottom for the real reason we dyed […]

The Wii U Post You’ve Been Waiting For


Let’s start this off with my full disclosure. I’m a brand ambassador for Nintendo. What does that mean? It means that I have a relationship with Nintendo that does not involve compensation but it may involve the opportunity for me to enjoy new Nintendo products from time to time. That’s it. I’m not required to […]

Keeping Kindergarten Art Alive (thanks to Art Room Aid)

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My mother has always been very fair with all of her children. She’s always had us pegged for our strong suits and usually doesn’t dare to bring up our weaknesses. We are all uniquely special. My older brother was the boy genius who would devour sci fi novels, launch model rockets, and discuss the theory […]

A Ripple in the LEGO® Force


I grew up a big fan of LEGO®, along with my older brother and sister. We didn’t have fancy sets or instruction books. We simply had an old zippered suitcase full of LEGO® and our imaginations. Many early mornings, much to the dismay of my parents, we could be heard raking endlessly through the bricks […]

When the Left Brain Goes Right (and a Twitter Party)

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Isn’t is amazing how your can tell, from a very early age, what your child’s aptitude is? Evan is totally a left-brained kid. He is ridiculously good with numbers and soaks up anything even remotely related to science. But that comes at a price. No macaroni necklaces! For years, Evan has complained about the simplest […]

My Psychosomatic Pregnancy

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Sometimes I think I’m some kind of strange version of a woman. My ovaries have never ached for a baby. I’ve never nested. I don’t melt when I see babies out there. I don’t long for all that goes along with babies. I’m pretty sure that’s why I only ended up with one child. And […]

A Christmas List Grounded in Reality


Why can’t my little boy be like other little boys? Actually, I love him just the way he is but I get the sense that other little boys might be a little easier to shop for than he is. He has no Christmas list, per se. In fact, I don’t even know where we would […]

Unexpected Gaming Delights, Just in Time for Christmas

The Joker Fun House Game

This time of year I tend to get more pitches than usual asking me to review products. And generally, I have a hard time saying no. If it’s a fairly well known product and I would simply love to have it, I’ll say yes. If it’s not a fairly well known product but it looks […]

Fadra’s First Ever Highly Unusual Gift Guide


I always wondered why people created gift guides. Sometimes it’s for the cash. Yes, you can get paid to list items in your gift guide. Sometimes it’s for the affiliate links. Yes, people can make commission off of things that you click on. Sometimes, it’s purely for the fun of it. Like this one. I’ll admit that […]

My Obsession with Stuffed Animals

My Bruno

I’d really like to tell you that my obsession with stuffed animal is not at all about my obsession. I like to tell you it’s more about me catering to the whims of my five year old son. But that would be lying. Stuffed animals (or stuffies, as I always called them) brought me comfort and security […]

The family that skateboards together

shaun white skateboards at walmart

Did I ever tell you the funny story about the time I went to BlogHer in San Diego? It was 2011 and I brought my family along for the ride. I got to attend the conference, they got to tool around San Diego, and we all got to cuddle together at the end of the […]