Family Holiday Movies That Are STREAMING Good

Streaming Good Holiday Movies

That’s meant to be a play on words in the title up there. Instead of SCREAMING good, I used STREAMING good. I realize that if I have to explain it, it probably isn’t a very good play on words but I needed to do it anyway. I’m just not cut out to do straight up […]

Weird But True: Introducing #WeirdWednesday

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Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, Cyber Monday, Giving Tuesday… (I know we skipped Sunday but even God takes a day off once in a while.) Let’s keep it going with WEIRD WEDNESDAY. This is the day we share weird but true things. Ready? This should be fun. Weird Fact #1 : I can touch my […]

Relax. It’s Only Christmas.

Snowing photo - may be used for Christmas, winter postcard or other design

Does anyone feel like as soon as the turkey was cleared from the Thanksgiving table the Christmas tree went up and OMG OMG OMG it’s Black Friday but if I wait will I get a better deal on Cyber Monday or should I just go shopping on Saturday and support the small businesses and OH […]

Will FROZEN Be Your Thanksgiving Movie?


I don’t know if you know this but the movie theater is open on most major holidays. All major holidays, I think. I personally have been to the movies on Easter, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. Sometimes it’s simply a great family experience and other times it can create a memory that will last forever. (My husband […]

The Buzz About Little Boys


Let’s admit it, moms of boys. It’s hard to find cool stuff for them. You’ve got Matchbox, Hot Wheels, and LEGO. And forget about the cute clothing. You walk into any store and you’ll see hundreds of racks of the cutest little dresses that even you might wear. And then there’s one lonely rack with a few […]

Fadra’s 2nd Annual Highly Unusual Gift Guide

2013 Gift Guide

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas, at least if you go by what the major retailers are telling us. I actually heard Christmas music in a store two weeks ago. Normally, it would make me roll my eyes. It’s too soon! It’s too much! my brain would say. But this year, I stopped, groaned […]

Sponsored Video: First Christmas, First Toy


Do you remember the very first toy you bought your child for Christmas? I was lucky that Evan was born in January. By the time his first Christmas rolled around, he was 11 months old and could almost understand the excitement of Christmas morning. He probably couldn’t understand the anticipation but I knew that I […]

My Best Halloween Costumes Ever


I miss Halloween of yore. I mean, sure, we had razor blades in apples and poisoned candy and all the stuff that went along with Halloween in the 70s. But we didn’t worry about peanut-free, gluten-free, food dye, and strangers. Not too much anyway. My biggest worry on Halloween night was whether or not it […]

5 Things to Creep Your Kid Out Before Halloween

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I have to be honest. I’m a big scaredy cat. I freak out over spiders. I’m scared of the dark. And I can’t stand to watch horror movies. I don’t even like super tense action movies. I prefer to live in my world of rainbows and unicorns. My 6 year old son, Evan, however, likes […]

On NOT Running a Marathon

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I spent the past weekend attending yet another social media conference. This time, it was the Digital Family Summit right here in my newly adopted hometown of Baltimore. The difference was that this was a family conference geared towards parents and their tweens and teens active in social media. So I, of course, brought my 6 year […]

Not My Kid


If you’re anything like me when it comes to parenting, you’re still shocked by what you hear in the news. Boy, 14, Arrested for Cyber-Bullying 12-Year-Olds Not my kid. Abstinence-Only Teaching Doesn’t Curb Teen Sex Not my kid. ‘High school dropout crisis’ continues in U.S., study says Not my kid. Teenage Pregnancy Rates Rise in the US Not my kid. […]