Our #PrettyGreat Trip to Williamsburg, VA


We took very few vacations when I was growing up but those that we did take certainly stood out in my mind. In particular, I recall my parents renting a motorhome for the weekend and taking the whole family to Williamsburg, VA. I have fond memories of the ruffled paper flowers on sticks that my sister […]

When Almond Met Coconut…

Almond Coconut Ice Cream

It was just a few short days ago that I was celebrating National Ice Cream Day. I was testing out a new ice cream ball for homemade ice cream and I thought that if I was going to do it, I was going to do it right. Well, you know that saying… “A moment on […]

Have a Ball on National Ice Cream Day!

National Ice Cream Day

Have I got some good news for you… It’s Sunday! And while that might typically mean the day when the weekend comes to a close and everyone prepares for the work week (and in some cases, the school week) ahead, the third Sunday in July stands for something different. It is, indeed, National Ice Cream […]

Show & Tell Tuesday: Episode 6

I’ve been making videos SIX STRAIGHT WEEKS in a row! I’d say that makes a link-up better than any I know of. I tried doing this strictly through YouTube but they’ve decided that video responses and link-ups just aren’t as cool as they used to be. So here’s a glimpse at Episode 6 of my […]

Girls, Games, and Pizza

Gourmet Vegetable Pizza

Last Friday, I cleaned my house, stocked up on wine, cooked some pizzas, put out some games and waited for the girls to arrive. It was an iffy timeframe. I picked a Friday instead of a Saturday and I happened to pick the Friday of the Mother/Son Dance at the elementary school. Why wasn’t I at the Mother/Son Dance? […]

Getting Your Kids to Talk at the Table

Kid Conversations

From the moment my son learned to form words, he has literally never. shut. up. I’m not complaining. I’m a talker. I come from a family of talkers. I’m also a nervous talker. When it’s quiet, I feel the need to fill up the silence, which I find really odd because when I’m alone, I […]

It’s not a #DisneySide Party until there’s food and drink

#DisneySide - Hot Dogs and Popcorn

When Sean and I throw a party, we always make sure of two things: plenty to eat and plenty to drink. In fact, we usually overdo it because Sean wants to make just one more thing. We end up scrambling in the kitchen and throwing things together. I do my best to make things look pretty […]

Six Things I’ve Learned About Campbell Soup Company


I’ve been working formally with Campbell Soup Company for six months now and the timing couldn’t have been better. The weather turned fall-like and we all put on our boots and sweaters and pulled out our best chili, chowder, and soup recipes (most of which, for me, involved opening a can). Then the weather got […]

Reinventing Valentine’s Day


I have to admit that most of the sentiment I read over the past week would have me think love is dead. Or dead on Valentine’s Day, at least. The excuses ran from “too much commercialization” to “every day should be Valentine’s Day, not just one day to show someone you love them.” While both […]

A Chocolate Love Story


Once upon a time, I visited a conference and tried chocolate unlike any I’ve ever tried before. It was dark chocolate and milk chocolate made with amazing ingredients like BBQ potato chips, beef jerky, peaches, peanut butter, and more. (Not all at the same time, of course). The name was Wild Ophelia and I liked […]

The Evolution of Chicken Noodle Soup

1934 CNS Print Ad_01

It’s that time of year. The time when the quaintness of the holidays have passed and the joy of the first snow has come and gone and ONE MORE POLAR VORTEX IS HEADED OUR WAY. It becomes the time when we are simply chilled to the bone and longing, even aching, for the warmth of some Spring […]