How Stock Photos Really Represent Corporate Life

Diverse business men randomly standing in a picture frame

Back in the day (the day apparently being 2005), I started working as the Director of Marketing for a mortgage company. If it sounds really stimulating, you might be right. You might also be very, very wrong. I was quickly schooled in the creation of marketing collateral which for things like FHA loans and first-time […]

Blogmas 2014: Funny is as Funny does

Blogmas 2014

Although I’m totally off schedule this year (January has been complicated), I’m slowly working my way through the Blogmas posts featuring the best of 2014 that you probably never read. I like to think of them as hidden gems because chances are I’ve never read most of the submitted posts until after they’ve been submitted. […]

5 Spammy Ways To Get Rich Quick

I love spam

We’ve all been approached by the former deposed prince of Nigeria with the promise of riches, haven’t we? All we need to do is let him wire millions of dollars to our bank account and then we’ll transfer it for him. And just for helping him out, he’ll give us a cool million or so. […]

The Fitness Gods Must Be Crazy


I’m no athlete. And I don’t pretend to be one. I don’t even pretend to aspire to be one. But I am tired of being flabby and I’m tired of getting winded more than I should. When I step on the scale, I’m roughly 10 pounds more than I should be and don’t even ask […]

My Favorite Saturday of the Year

Yard Sale Wisdom

This Saturday is going to be my favorite Saturday of the year. It’s the day when I say (usually in the following order): Why did we think having a yard sale was a good idea? We are never having a yard sale ever again. How did we end up with so much stuff? We are […]

25 Common Sense Rules of Airplane Etiquette

25 Common Sense Rules of Airplane Etiquette

You know what a hassle it is to travel these days, I’m sure. I like to think I’m a pretty seasoned traveler but it still takes a lot out of me. I hover over my keyboard exactly 24 hours before my flight to ensure I’m in the best boarding group because every flight is a […]

Happy Birthday, Grumpy Cat


If you’ve visited the internet sometime in the past two years, you are well aware of the feline sensation known as Grumpy Cat. But I’m getting ready to blow your grumpy mind. Grumpy Cat is a girl. What? I mean, maybe you knew this but I just assumed he was a boy. Maybe because he had […]

Why I’d Rather Lean In to Tina Fey Than Sheryl Sandberg


Is there still a glass ceiling? Can women rise to the top? Can women in the workplace expect and demand equal working conditions? Yes, if you lean in. This idea is the foundation of Sheryl Sandberg’s first book, Lean In: Women, Work, and the Will to Lead. As COO of Facebook, Sandberg is in a […]

Blogmas 2013: Make ‘Em Laugh

Thanks for joining me for Day Two of Blogmas, where I bring you the best blog posts of 2013 according to you! If you missed yesterday’s post, go catch up. I selected my 20 favorite submissions from the year. (Okay, I selected 19 plus one of my own. Cut me some slack). I’m back with […]

Apparently, some people think I’m funny.

Front Camera

I remember years ago when I started as a blogger (which is weird for me to even write because I never set out to be a “blogger”). I simply planned to have a blog. In fact, I didn’t even know being a “blogger” was a thing. I was willingly dragged to a one day Bloggy […]

Fare Thee Well, Mug


Apparently, I’m not the only one who develops an unnatural affection for objects. Sure, I love people and places. But it’s the things that I often get sentimental about. Like my HELLO mug. This mug is special to me because I found it at Marshalls on a shelf. Sitting all by its lonesome self. It […]