What’s Funnier – Cats or Wine? #RefreshYourFunny

Wine Sweatshirt

You know what I love? Wine. You know what I don’t love? Too much wine. Or wine as a necessity. Or wine as a crutch. You know what I’m starting to become even more aware of? Wine as a punchline. I’m as guilty as any mom or parent of having a very long day and saying in […]

How to Talk to Your Kids About Alcohol (without sounding like a cliche)

AAM Conversations Infographic FINAL

April is Alcohol Awareness Month and if you’re anything like me, you’re well aware of alcohol. But are you aware of the perceptions your kids have about alcohol? Does it come from talking to you? Watching you? Learning from their friends? I’ll never forget when my almost one year old son received his first big Christmas gift: […]

A Tribute to Emma

Beautiful Emma

It was almost five years ago to the day that I brought Emma home. I wasn’t even looking for another dog when I found her but they say our pets always find us. I walked into the PetSmart to get some supplies and a rescue group had several dogs in pens. And then I saw […]

Holiday Gifts That Give Back


In my  experience with Charitable Influence, I’ve learned a lot about charities and non-profit organizations. And mostly I learned from observation or simply from asking. While I can’t speak for all charitable organizations out there, here’s what I’ve learned: Many operate on a skeleton crew and/or rely on volunteers for efforts like social media and […]

How I’m Starting My Tuesday With a Bright Future


I often do sponsored posts. I know not everyone reads them but I usually enjoy writing them. I treat them like writing prompts and they often inspire me to write in a direction I hadn’t really considered. That’s what happened two weeks ago when I wrote a post about a sponsored video for Unilever’s Project […]

To All The Special Fathers Out There

Happy Kids

Can you guess which one of these kids is adopted? Look carefully and see if you can tell.   The truth is that I have no clue if any of them are adopted. Frankly, they’re all stock photos that I found when I was searching for happy kids (incidentally, you can just as easily find […]

You gotta use soap, anyway, right?


I wouldn’t say I get overwhelmed with requests for reviews but I do get a pretty fair amount. And generally, for me to accept the review, it has to fall into one of the following categories: 1. Really expensive I don’t accept payment for reviews so if the value of the product is really pretty […]

One Wish for More Wishes

photo (33)

Way, way, way back when, I had a dream to travel the world. I planned to start in Jamaica and bask in the blue skies and green, green grass and then travel wherever the world took me. I dreamed of Japan and Morocco and a dusty little Mexican village where I could write my novel. […]

Celebrating One Birthday So We Can Celebrate More!


It’s somebody’s birthday today! No, not mine. No, not my son’s. It’s the very first birthday of Shot@Life! And here’s my gift to them:   On the off chance that you’ve hiding for the past year or kept your fingers in your ears, here’s the 60 second version of what it’s all about. Shot@Life is […]

Public Shaming and Driving


Thanks to Toyota who sponsored my attendance at the Lifesavers Conference in Denver Colorado from April 13-16th. I took away so much knowledge but I’m sharing with you the one topic that impacted me the most. Consider it my PSA for the month but it’s an important one. *** When I was younger, I couldn’t […]

Creating Pictures with Purpose

Screen Shot 2013-04-09 at 12.05.05 PM

I love it when my worlds collide. It never used to happen that often when I was younger. Maybe it was because I hadn’t created that many worlds or I simply wasn’t working in the right ones. These days, my world includes a lot of social media. I’m fortunate enough to be working in social […]