Holiday Traditions Matter because…

Vintage elf

Everyone has holiday traditions whether they realize it or not. We tend to be creatures of habit but more than anything, I think we tend to be creatures of nostalgia. When I was growing up, the holidays were my absolute favorite time of the year. It was one of the few times we had family […]

Growing Up with McDonald’s

McDonalds breakfast

I’m a sucker for nostalgia which is why I do half the things I do with my son. I often say I want him to experience new things but I think many times I want to relive my childhood with him. He’s growing up in a world of eat it now, buy it now, watch […]

One Day, he’ll thank me for this app


It’s often debated how much a blogger should involve their children in the online world. We tell some of their stories and share lots of their pictures. And then we wonder how much is too much? My son Evan has been a big part of my blog since I started in 2009 but not because […]

How Leaky Batteries Became Taboo at My House

Battery Leakage

We had lovely evening plan for New Year’s Eve last year. Lovely for a suburban family of three, that is. No partying all night or spending extravagant amounts of money on downtown celebrations. Nope. We were opting for a steak dinner on the grill at our neighbors’ house. They also have a family of three […]

The Legacy My Grandmother Left Me

photo 1

Some might call me a packrat. I prefer the term sentimentalist. It’s something I’m working on because I tend to attach sentiment and emotions to every object in my house. As a result, I end up with a lot of stuff that I don’t actually need. I’ve recently started the process of clearing the clutter […]

A Totally Tubular Weekend Movie Binge

Ferris Bueller

One good thing about my neighborhood is that we like to party. We like to have parties, go to parties, plan parties, have impromptu parties. But my favorite kind of parties are theme parties. Last March, it was the St. Patrick’s Day party. We all dressed in green, wore plastic green beads, ate fish and […]

The Evolution of Chicken Noodle Soup

1934 CNS Print Ad_01

It’s that time of year. The time when the quaintness of the holidays have passed and the joy of the first snow has come and gone and ONE MORE POLAR VORTEX IS HEADED OUR WAY. It becomes the time when we are simply chilled to the bone and longing, even aching, for the warmth of some Spring […]

Don’t Forget To Stuff Your Stockings

Peppermint Bark

When growing up, you assume that every household celebrates Christmas in exactly the same way. Even the Jewish ones because as a youngster, I pretty much thought the world was almost exactly like mine. As I got older I learned that everyone has their own traditions, particularly when it comes to celebrating Christmas. Sometimes Santa […]

Comforts of Home Giveaway: Trade Up Your Nostalgia for Luxury

Fall Giveaway

It’s amazing to me how many gadgets we have nowadays. I think back to when I was growing up and we lived pretty simply. There was a TV that required you to get up and move across the room to actually change the channel. There were telephones that required holding a heavy handset and actually […]

Sponsored Video: First Christmas, First Toy


Do you remember the very first toy you bought your child for Christmas? I was lucky that Evan was born in January. By the time his first Christmas rolled around, he was 11 months old and could almost understand the excitement of Christmas morning. He probably couldn’t understand the anticipation but I knew that I […]

My Best Halloween Costumes Ever


I miss Halloween of yore. I mean, sure, we had razor blades in apples and poisoned candy and all the stuff that went along with Halloween in the 70s. But we didn’t worry about peanut-free, gluten-free, food dye, and strangers. Not too much anyway. My biggest worry on Halloween night was whether or not it […]