One woman’s harassment is another woman’s compliment

NYC Street harassment

Remember all the unwanted attention you got when you were younger, perhaps curvier? Remember how much you wished people would just stop with the attention and even compliments? Yeah, I don’t remember it either. In fact, I’ve always been short of attention when it comes to the opposite sex. I’ve never felt satisfied with my […]

How Do You Say Thank You to a Veteran?


One of the joys of working from home is being able to go out to lunch with my husband on any given day. He works from home as well and since our son is at a day camp this week, he invited me to a very romantic lunch at the local Chinese buffet in town. […]

Eternally 30


If you could freeze time at one certain age, what would it be? Or have you not reached it yet? I can remember reading one of Sylvia Browne’s books (yes, for whatever it’s worth, I’ve read many of her books) where she described what she knew heaven to be like. I can’t remember the specifics […]

Why We Need Winter


We need winter. It’s a reminder that life needs to slow down, take a break, and, yes, sometimes make us a little miserable to be able to appreciate that there is always another season. Without a cloudy, gray day complete with drizzle, or sometimes a downpour, we wouldn’t really be able to appreciate the ease […]

A Snowpocalypse in Just 9 Steps!


It was the best of snow, it was the worst of snow. And it certainly has been the winter of our discontent. It was bad enough to spend last week in (mostly) sunny and (mostly) warm Florida for a vacation getaway and then come home to the cold reminders of winter. But to get hit […]

On Not Drinking the Haterade

Don't Drink the Haterade

Sometimes, it’s hard to practice what you preach. For example, I’m trying to raise my son to see people for who they are. Some people have lighter skin and some have darker. Some are taller and some are shorter. Some men marry women and some men marry men. I try to talk about these things […]

As I Get Older


A few months ago, I was hopping on an airplane to fly somewhere and I took my aisle seat. I looked over and saw a rather good looking guy sitting in the window seat. I was feeling pretty put together. Hair was done, makeup applied, and my best jeans on. I’ll admit, I wondered if […]

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Me


Subtitle: 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Me And Probably Didn’t Need To Know But I’ll Tell You Anyway I’ve been seeing the rounds on Facebook where people reveal a certain number of obscure and unknown things about themselves and invite others to “like” their status. In return for liking, they’ll be assigned a random […]

The One I’m Thankful For

Picture 021

You know what kind of bugs me? And it’s not an issue with anyone else. It is clearly an issue with me. But here’s what bugs me… Every wedding anniversary, the multitude of pictures that appear in my timeline showing the most beautiful brides in these picturesque scenes with a nice long Facebook message espousing […]

Every Table Tells A Story

French couple

I’m definitely a people watcher. I always have been. In fact one of my favorite games to play while people watching is to create an elaborate backstory for every supposed interaction. My husband is especially good at playing along with me. For example, two people out to dinner… No wedding rings. First date? Second date? […]

How Cyberbullying Affects Bloggers


I’ve been blogging for over four years now and I’m fortunate enough to say that I can count the negative comments I’ve received on my blog on one hand. Maybe two. To be honest, I don’t generally write content that evokes a lot of negative emotion or really polarizes people. And I’m totally fine with that. Sometimes […]