On NOT Running a Marathon

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I spent the past weekend attending yet another social media conference. This time, it was the Digital Family Summit right here in my newly adopted hometown of Baltimore. The difference was that this was a family conference geared towards parents and their tweens and teens active in social media. So I, of course, brought my 6 year […]

Why Gary Made Me Cry


First things first. Who is Gary and why is he making me cry? This is Gary Buchanan and he works for Disney. I first met Gary back in May of this year when I was invited to attend the Disney Social Media Moms Celebration. (Seen here with the very nerdtastic Ashely Eckstein of Her Universe) […]

The Irony of Summer Vacation


My son is spoiled. Or rather undisciplined. Whichever one makes me sound like the better parent, pick that one. I actually base a lot of my parenting on my own childhood. I don’t mean the way that I was parented, although I’m sure I have some traits that resemble my own parents and their style (hello, yelling). […]

What The Turbulence Shook Loose


I’ve been seeing a counselor once a week for a couple of months now. I can’t even remember why I started going. I think I just wanted someone to talk to. To complain to. To listen to my existential questions and not think I was crazy (although admittedly a counselor might be the first person to […]


Random 361

I always thought I dealt well with changes. I like the feeling of rearranging a room or a new haircut or shade of lipstick. It changes things ever so slightly without really alienating you. It’s refreshing and exciting, once again, to walk into a room or look in the mirror. But as I get older, […]

The Colors of My Childhood

Mikasa Duplex

When you think back to your childhood, what do you remember most? Sure, there are the happy memories, like the annual trip to Kings Dominion or waking up on Christmas morning or the time the snow was so deep that we made tunnels through it. But I tend to remember things in color. In textures. […]

‘We’re All Terminal’


Sometimes you find inspiration in the most unexpected places. It might be on an airplane talking to a random stranger or seeing a photo in a National Geographic magazine. These are usually my favorites moments to write about. These are the little pockets of life that take us by surprise, usually very pleasantly. I was […]

What if it’s not enough? What if I’m not enough?

social good summit

There are things about social good that I love. – It’s easy to share information, thoughts, quotes with your sphere of influence. – It’s easy to lend your support to an organization with your voice. – Small actions can add up to big actions (see my Blogust post!). – It makes you feel good to […]

Nothing Scares Me Except These Three Things

siamese cat

I’ve got some video for you to watch. Only three minutes. Three frightful minutes.   Not really. And none of it is about screaming Siamese cats. I just kind of liked the picture. Just watch the video and you’ll learn my top three fears (but you have to promise never to use them against me). This […]

The Introverted Mother


Go to Dictionary.com and look up the definition of “introvert.” You probably won’t be surprised. in·tro·vert [n., adj. in-truh-vurt; v. in-truh-vurt] noun 1. a shy person. 2. Psychology . a person characterized by concern primarily with his or her own thoughts and feelings 3. Zoology . a part that is or can be introverted. But I have a confession to make that might surprise some of you if you’ve ever met me. I am an introvert. It’s true and I can prove it. It’s because Christy […]

Unexplained Connections: Where do you feel at home?

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Several years ago, my brother and sister both visited me and for some odd reason, I started talking about this weird sensitive area I have on the left side of my abdomen. My brother confessed he also had a sensitive area in the exact same spot. Coincidence? Probably but it kind of freaked me out […]