Purina loves pets and I have the pictures to prove it

Purina Pilot Manufacturing Tour #ad

Disclosure: Purina invited me to their “Meet Purina – Digital Influencer Symposium” from Wednesday, June 24th to Friday, June 26th. This post, as well as the trip, was sponsored by Purina but all thoughts and opinions are my own. If you were to be invited to any city in the world, I’m guess St. Louis […]

#CatsTrueNature They’re not as crazy as you think

Beamer #CatsTrueNature

This post is sponsored by Purina in support of their Purina Pro Plan True Nature line of food. All opinions and images are my own. My experience in the world has shown me that people are generally in two camps… 1. I love cats! They’re awesome! 2. I hate cats. They’re evil. But when I […]

Why My Poor Cats Deserve a Fancy Feast


There’s usually a good ebb and flow in the house between our pets. For years now, we’ve yo-yoed back and forth between 1 to 2 cats and 1 to 2 dogs. For the most part, they’ve all figured out how to work and play together. But everything changed when we moved three years ago. We […]

Remember the Furry Ones at Christmas

Layla loves Christmas

It’s less than a week until Christmas. I hope you’re finished your shopping for everyone. Little girls and little boys, husbands and wives. Uncle Jimmy and Aunt Sue. And the fur babies. You did remember the fur babies, right? Contrary to popular belief, pets DO love Christmas. Cats and dogs love the shiny, dangly things from […]

A Story of Friendship

Emma on the pillow

I think the biggest naysayers when it comes to pets believe that we merely project our human emotions and sentiments onto our pets. But the biggest advocates for the unconditional love we get from our pets know better. In watching the relationships between my dogs over the past few years, I’ve come to understand a […]

Life Is Most Certainly Better With Pets

Better With Pets Summit

If you could talk to your pet in a way that you knew they would understand, what you would say? I’m might say something like, Hey Layla, could you please stop chewing everything in the house? But I’d also say something like, Hey Beamer, I never thought I’d love another cat the way I loved […]

Eating My Own Dog Food: Part 2


Back in the day, I used to play Buzzword Bingo at every corporate meeting. I played it in my head, that is. I listened while marketing metaphors were thrown all over the place. And when I started this blog over five years ago, it was because I wanted to be part of the space I […]

The Fish Who Shall Not Be Named


Pets help make our house a home. A hairier and sometimes smellier version of home, but home nonetheless. We had tons of pets growing up. At one point, I think we had four cats and three dogs (although it may have been more). As a result, I never thought twice about sharing my space with […]

Happy Birthday, Grumpy Cat


If you’ve visited the internet sometime in the past two years, you are well aware of the feline sensation known as Grumpy Cat. But I’m getting ready to blow your grumpy mind. Grumpy Cat is a girl. What? I mean, maybe you knew this but I just assumed he was a boy. Maybe because he had […]

A Tribute to Emma

Beautiful Emma

It was almost five years ago to the day that I brought Emma home. I wasn’t even looking for another dog when I found her but they say our pets always find us. I walked into the PetSmart to get some supplies and a rescue group had several dogs in pens. And then I saw […]

The Perceived Sense of Quiet

How We Love

Sometimes, it’s the physical loss we feel the most. Or at least, it’s what we feel immediately – the warmth, the cuddles, the wet nose, the haphazard licking searching for my face. There’s a hole in my heart for sure. It’s an actual physical pain and ache to complement the emotional loss as well. But the […]