We Are a Dystopian Novel


The past few weeks have been of epic newsworthy proportions. I’m nowhere near a news junkie but I’ve been riveted by the stories and watching them unfold. And if you’ve been keeping up with the news feed either from a journalistic source or an emotional source (like Facebook), you probably have this running montage in […]

What If Romney Wins?


It’s my last post before the election. Primarily because the election is this Tuesday. And I feel very anxious about the results of this election. Here’s why. At the time that I’m writing this post, the polls are showing that this country is roughly divided evenly, about 49% in Obama’s court and about 49% in Romney’s court. […]

To Everything There is a Season

It’s October, nearly November. What season is it for you? It’s fall (or AUTUMN, as my son likes to correct me). It’s football season. It’s sweater season. It’s political season. I hear you: Oh, no, she didn’t! She is NOT going to talk about politics again, is she? Well, yes. I am. But I’m back to nonpartisan […]

For the Undecided Voter


I once made a rule and playfully joked that my blog would never be the place to talk about religion or politics. And I know I’m not alone in that declaration. But the reality is that people don’t want to talk about things like that because there are no absolutes. There is no right or […]

Laughing at the Election

Political Poopers

Sometimes, the political season surrounding a major campaign makes you want to cry. And sometime you actually do cry. But I prefer for those tears to come from laughter. Because if you can’t laugh at two men vying for the top position in this country, I don’t know who you can laugh at. So I’d […]

Mitt and the Mutt and How I Feel About Political Satire

I don’t always understand where pitches I get actually come from. Sometimes it from a previous relationship with a brand or PR firm. Sometimes it’s completely out of the blue. It’s those out-of-the-blue pitches that usually pique my interest and usually because they are a bit unsual. As am I. So sometimes it’s a fit. […]

The Difference Between Pride and Arrogance


Today is the 4th of July. Oh hey! NEWSFLASH!!! I’m sure you all knew that but for those of you outside of the United States and just north of the border (you really belong to us), today is the day we celebrate independence. Independence from England. And if you forgot the whole story, take a […]

A Conservative AGAINST NC Amendment One


A few weeks ago, I lamented the fact that by the time the North Carolina primaries roll around, the GOP candidates would more or less be determined. The election process did not disappoint. If I’m voting Republican this fall, I’ll be looking at voting for President Romney. I don’t say that with much conviction either. […]

Women in the World Summit: Where to Begin…


I’m sitting in Raleigh right now. My son is at preschool. The dog and cat have been fed. I’m spending a little quality time in front of the computer. Everything is just as it should be. Except it’s not. Not for me anyway. I spent the last few days in a NYC whirlwind of celebrities, […]

What the Caucus is Going On?

In case you didn’t know (or aren’t American or don’t follow American politics), it’s an election year. I think it’s a pretty important one too. I don’t have a gut feeling yet as to which way the election will go although my hope is usually for a conservative candidate to take office. However, there are […]

Giving Thanks for Sarah Hale


On the day before Thanksgiving, I thought it was only appropriate to give thanks to Sarah Hale. WHO?!? Exactly. I thought that would be your reaction which is why I thought I’d tell you a little bit about Sarah and how she saved Thanksgiving. One day, as I was preparing to leave my office the […]