All The Ways To Say… Why did I take that picture? {Giveaway}


A few short months ago, I made an infomercial highly entertaining video describing all of the benefits of using a service like BooksTo.Me. And I wrote a very informative post about what it was all about including a highly pinnable image. But just in case I can’t convince you to click back and read the entire post […]

Walk A Mile in My {Dansko} Shoes


Sometimes, I receive something so awesome for review that I know exactly how I want to tell the story as soon as I receive it. Like the time I received my first pair of Dansko shoes and discovered my shoe motto for life: cute, but comfortable. Or the time I received my second pair, a […]

Holiday Gifts That Give Back


In my  experience with Charitable Influence, I’ve learned a lot about charities and non-profit organizations. And mostly I learned from observation or simply from asking. While I can’t speak for all charitable organizations out there, here’s what I’ve learned: Many operate on a skeleton crew and/or rely on volunteers for efforts like social media and […]

Comforts of Home Giveaway: Trade Up Your Nostalgia for Luxury

Fall Giveaway

It’s amazing to me how many gadgets we have nowadays. I think back to when I was growing up and we lived pretty simply. There was a TV that required you to get up and move across the room to actually change the channel. There were telephones that required holding a heavy handset and actually […]

Fadra’s 2nd Annual Highly Unusual Gift Guide

2013 Gift Guide

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas, at least if you go by what the major retailers are telling us. I actually heard Christmas music in a store two weeks ago. Normally, it would make me roll my eyes. It’s too soon! It’s too much! my brain would say. But this year, I stopped, groaned […]

Muy Bueno Fish Tacos with the Help of La Cocina GOYA


I have a secret love affair with Mexico. While I’ve only ever visited Cancun and the surrounding tourist attractions (like Chichen Itza), I love the land, the people, the culture, and especially the food of Mexico. In fact, when I went to Disney World in May, I was tempted to buy my very first pair […]

To All The Special Fathers Out There

Happy Kids

Can you guess which one of these kids is adopted? Look carefully and see if you can tell.   The truth is that I have no clue if any of them are adopted. Frankly, they’re all stock photos that I found when I was searching for happy kids (incidentally, you can just as easily find […]

These Boots ARE Made for Walking


You know that Nancy Sinatra song, “These Boots are Made for Walking”? (Admit it – that song just totally played in your mind. And now it’s probably stuck there. Sorry for that.) That song has meaning for me and it has to do with my name. There’s this long story about how I got my […]



How’s that for an attention grabbing headline? Remember all the way back to a week or so ago when I was talking about delicious sandwiches and paninis with avocado and bacon and cheese and stuff? You all told me how good I made a sandwich look (here’s a reminder in case you forgot). But in […]

A Ripple in the LEGO® Force


I grew up a big fan of LEGO®, along with my older brother and sister. We didn’t have fancy sets or instruction books. We simply had an old zippered suitcase full of LEGO® and our imaginations. Many early mornings, much to the dismay of my parents, we could be heard raking endlessly through the bricks […]

The Wonderful Onslaught of Holiday Gift Baskets

Fadra and Hickory Farms

Here’s a confession I need to make. Especially as the holidays are approaching and you’re thinking, What should I get Fadra for Christmas? My confession is this: I totally dig gift baskets. They’re like a surprise within a surprise. First, there’s the surprise of the gift basket itself. But then as you open it, each item […]