What to do with all those Instagram photos


My instagramming has a very distinct style and my Instagram profile kind of says it all: I like interesting photos and colorful filters. But the style is also about when I take photos. Unlike Facebook and Twitter, Instagram isn’t an every day social media tool for me. If it was, it would get a little […]

Top 5 Time-Wasting Apps for Your iPhone

Waste all the time

You think you came here for a rant about Facebook, right? No. We usually rant about Facebook on Facebook. You know. Where it will do some good. I’m not going to rant about Facebook because it’s a given that it’s a waste of time. We all know that and accept that and embrace that. But on your […]

What to Watch on a Saturday Night


Remember the days when you and your loved one would think about plans for going out on a Saturday night? Yeah, me neither. I do remember being in my 20s and wondering why my married friends never wanted to do anything on the weekends. They lived such a boring life. How could they stand it? I used […]

Using the computer for MORE than Minecraft


So was that title total link bait? Maybe. Because I’m not going to talk about Minecraft. I’m going to talk about things other than Minecraft. Because if you’re a mom like me, to a little boy like Evan, you totally need a break from talking about that game. And trust me, I feel your pain. If your family is […]

Eureka! I found a new vacuum!


You clicked on this post title because clearly you have a thing for vacuums. Or you’re looking for a new vacuum. Either way, you’ve come to the right place. But first, let me start with a confession. I love to vacuum. Maybe you didn’t quite hear me. I LOVE TO VACUUM! As strange as that […]

A Boy, His Office, and a Laptop


Does a 6 year old need a laptop? That was the question I posed on my Facebook page about two weeks ago. And it wasn’t so much need because we all know a 6 year old doesn’t need anything of the sort. It was more like, is it totally cuckoo to consider getting a laptop for […]

Get OUTSIDE With Your Kids


I’m sure I’ve confessed this here before but as much as I love beauty and fashion, I’m really a nature girl at heart. I mean, sure, I’ll put on lip gloss to head outside but I’ll also put on good hiking shoes and the right gear for the occasion. I started college as a potential […]

The 12 Stages of Candy Crush Addiction


I’m a gamer. Not a super gamer. Not like World-of-Warcraft kind of gamer. Not an online gamer. But a gamer. I’ve tried Minecraft (I still don’t see what the appeal is) but most of the time I enjoy word games on my phone. I consider myself medium good at Words with Friends. I excel at Scramble with […]

Public Shaming and Driving


Thanks to Toyota who sponsored my attendance at the Lifesavers Conference in Denver Colorado from April 13-16th. I took away so much knowledge but I’m sharing with you the one topic that impacted me the most. Consider it my PSA for the month but it’s an important one. *** When I was younger, I couldn’t […]

Creating Pictures with Purpose

Screen Shot 2013-04-09 at 12.05.05 PM

I love it when my worlds collide. It never used to happen that often when I was younger. Maybe it was because I hadn’t created that many worlds or I simply wasn’t working in the right ones. These days, my world includes a lot of social media. I’m fortunate enough to be working in social […]

The Wii U Post You’ve Been Waiting For


Let’s start this off with my full disclosure. I’m a brand ambassador for Nintendo. What does that mean? It means that I have a relationship with Nintendo that does not involve compensation but it may involve the opportunity for me to enjoy new Nintendo products from time to time. That’s it. I’m not required to […]