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  • wendy

    Dear Fadra-I tried to email you – but, it came back to me undelivered.  Well, soon you will be blogging about your new found Baltimore digs – despite if you purchase in Catonsville, Paradise or eek over the line into Mt. Airy…  Given your passion for writing and being near activity to write about – I hope that whatever home you choose affords you exactly what you are seeking in your next chapter as a family!  I hope the quest is coming to a close for you soon…It was great to meet you, Sean and Evan when you toured our Fairfield home.  We wish you luck in your search and safe travels to and from as you continue to research and make your choice.  We are about to list our home with an agent – hence, we were simply asked to reach out to any and all folks who we personally showed the house to prior to our listing on the MLS – should anyone like to make a final offer.Best,Wendyps.  Your blog – very cool indeed… I’ll have to check in from time to time and see where you take me next.  And yes, Danskos do make folks do crazy things!  :)  I liked your tip about audio books too – I fail to make enough time for this pleasure in life… so, I liked the tip – listen while you clean!  :)  I have a lot of that to do – always.ReplyReply AllMove…Inbox2010 Pictures6 Forest DriveAlexis BdayBalletCHS Holiday TourDanceDee BirthdayDesign SpongeDirect Giving Campai…DraftsFairfield DriveFairfield Historic T…FallGatto mealsGiftsHello DollyHescox MealsHillcrest Direct Giv…Interesting FactsJack – St. Mark Socc…Keagle ResponsesKerry Owens BdayLAXLeslieLibrary BoardMargaret Surprise Re…MedcoPaige BdayPersonalRecipesStitchSummit Park COP Citi…Third Floor