PR + Advertising


I will accept requests for ads and the occasional sponsored post. It is my wish to maintain integrity and authenticity at all times and, therefore, will only support products/services that I can wholeheartedly endorse. If you are a non-profit, charitable organization interested in pro bono advertising space, please contact me for possible featured ad space.

Conference Sponsorships

I believe conference sponsorships should be mutually beneficial. I bring my marketing background to help you create an effective campaign that will comply with the regulations of any given conference. I am interested in working with and promoting brands that I can fully endorse. Please contact me for more details on how we can create a campaign for some of the more popular blogging conferences.

Reviews and/or Giveaways

I appreciate working with companies that offer unique, innovative, and high quality products and services. To that end, I welcome personal email pitches regarding products and services that relate to the general interests on this blog. I will not review nor promote products and services without the opportunity to experience them personally.

If you are a company or a PR rep who would like to have a product reviewed and/or given away at All Things Fadra, I welcome an email from you. Please note that not all products received will guarantee a review. I provide objective, authentic, and creative reviews of products and services I can endorse. If the product does not meet my quality standards, I will not review the product.

Brand Relationships and Media Campaigns

As a former marketing professional, I also consult with companies on social media strategy and social media campaign development and execution. I am available for short or long term relationships with companies and brands and look forward to your inquiries in this area. For more information, please visit my professional site Social Dialect.

If you have any questions or are interested in a full media kit, please feel free to contact me at any time.

Contact Information:

Fadra Nally