A BlogHer Veteran Weighs In

Promise this will be the last BlogHer related post until BlogHer is all over. If you are going, you probably will enjoy reading this. If you aren’t going, you’re probably thinking “For the love of God and all that is holy, will you all please just shut up about this conference already?” Yes. Yes, I […]

Hey, You, Get Off of My Cloud


I’m getting older. I can feel it in my bones. And I can feel it in every pop culture reference I make these days. I’m sure I need to explain the title of this post. For you young’uns, you should check out a little old rock band called the Rolling Stones. In 1967, they released […]

BlogHer10: The People


This is draft #2. Normally, I sit down to write and the words flow from my fingertips. As for this post? Not so much. That should give you some insight as to the complexity that is BlogHer. In my original draft, I stopped at 1100 words realizing I was narrating and not analyzing. Here is […]

BlogHer10: The Venue

Fort McHenry Tunnel under the Baltimore Harbor

In case you missed it, I’m reviewing BlogHer10 in what I consider to be the three most important chunks: the swag, the venue, and the people. (Hint: I’m saving the best for last). So what do I mean by venue? Lots of things. I mean the travel, the destination, New York City, the Big Apple, […]

BlogHer10: The Swag


Note: I attended BlogHer’10 in New York City, August 5-8. While I realize some of you are sick to death of hearing about the conference and can’t possibly bear to read one more post, I promise you…I’m writing three. Today: the swag. Tomorrow: the venue. Friday: the people. Stick with me. Please? One of the […]