Fadra’s 2014 Gift Guide: Buy Good, Do Good

by Fadra Nally
Gifts That Give Back

If this is your first stop, there’s lots more to see. Make sure you check out all of my 2014 gift guides for everyone on your list, including fun tech gifts, the really unusual finds, and the best kids stuff!

Gifts That Give Back

Buy Good, Do Good

Many charities secure 70% of their funding for the next operating year through end-of-year donations. But sometimes, with holiday spending, it’s tough to find extra room in your wallet for those donations. There are plenty of gift choices, however, that can accomplish both things with one purchase! Each of the following gifts involves charitable giving in some way so open your wallet and open your heart!

The Thing You Want
Why You Want It

Heart of Haiti candlestickHeart of Haiti Gold Leaf Candlestick from Macy’s

I’ve supported the Heart of Haiti program for years and this year is no exception. I was sent a version of this Gold Leaf Candlestick, handmade from steel and wrapped in gold leaf. If you’re looking for more than a candlestick, check out all of Macy’s Gifts that Give Hope that are fair trade products made my local artisans in Haiti, Rwanda, and other developing countries.

Recycled aluminum can necklacCRUSH Small Red Disc Necklace from The Spotted Door

While no charities are involved in the purchase of items from The Spotted Door, every product is made from recycled or reclaimed materials. One of the necklaces I fell in love with, for example, was once an entire aluminum can. Whether it’s glass, rubber, or wood, you’ll love the originality of these products that keeps every day objects out of the landfill.

St. Jude handbagsReversible Button Bag from St. Jude

I had the joy of spending a few days at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital last year. Did you know that patients and their families never pay a single cent? EVER. St. Jude is fully funded through private donations which is why a gift from the St. Jude gift shop is a great choice. 100% of the proceeds go back to St. Jude.

Amethyst paw ring
HSUS Sterling & Amethyst Balinese Paw Ring

No secret that I’m an animal lover. But unless you want a t-shirt with cute puppies and kittens on it (I don’t), it’s tough to find a product you like that will make a difference to animals. The HSUS Store offers a variety of products like this beautiful amethyst ring with subtle paw prints all the way around. 20% of the sale price goes to the animal welfare programs of the Humane Society of the United States with additional proceeds going to the Bali Animal Welfare Association (BAWA), a not-for-profit charity working to improve the lives of all animals in Bali and neighboring Lombok. The ring is designed by BAWA founder Janice Girardi.

Give a Goat - Heifer International

Give a Goat with Heifer International

There are plenty of people out there that just have too much stuff. And they honestly don’t want anymore stuff, even if it benefits a charity. Heifer International allows you to donate tangible gifts that are needed around the world, like a goat, irrigation pumps, and clean cookstoves. It’s a bit unconventional but then, so are you.

USO Books for BasesBooks for the Bases

I looked for many different charities that support our military families to include in this list and was overwhelmed by what the USO offers. In the USO Wishbook, you can choose how to spend your money – to benefit deployed troops, military families, or Wounded Warriors. The offerings range from low to high and can be something as simple as a care package or books or as complex as building a specialty bike for a Wounded Warrior.
 Amazon Smile

Amazon Smile

If you’re like me and do the majority of your shopping online, and the majority of that online shopping on Amazon.com (thank you Amazon Prime), then please consider starting every order at smile.amazon.com. It doesn’t change a single thing about your order except for the fact that 0.5% of your purchase will be donated to the charity of your choosing. My charity is always St. Jude!

Happy Shopping!

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