Fadra’s Gift Guide: This is Kids’ Stuff

by Fadra Nally
Stuff that KIDS like

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Stuff that KIDS like

This is Kids’ Stuff

Kids love Christmas. And kids love getting presents. I’m just happy that it gives me a legitimate excuse for the last quarter of the year to say no to every single request my son makes. Together, we’ve found some pretty cool stuff we’ve got our eye on for Christmas. In fact, some might be hiding in my house at this very moment.

The Thing You Want
Why You Want It
Baymax plushDisney Baymax Plush – Big Hero 6 – Medium – 15” Like his mother, Evan has an insatiable appetite for all things plush. And after seeing Big Hero 6, Baymax immediately went to the top of the list. But beware. This is a hot item going for over $50. I can tell you, though, that if your kid wants a Big Hero 6 plush, they want Baymax in his cute and cuddly form, not in his Mech Armor outfit.
LEGO bricksLEGO Bricks & More 10662 Creative Bucket Kids love the LEGO sets. love the LEGO sets. But nothing beats the pure inspired creativity that comes from a bucket of LEGO bricks with no rhyme, reason, or set of directions. And for $30, a bucket of 607 pieces is a steal.

Little Passports

Little Passports World Edition

Since I first learned about this program a few years ago, I’ve been waiting for Evan to be old enough to care about the world around him. At almost 8 years old, he’s finally there! After recently taking a trip to Turks & Caicos, he got bitten by the travel bug and now is a great time for this monthly subscription service (for as little as $10.95 per month) from Little Passports. For Christmas, he’ll be getting his starter kit (as part of my role as a National Geographic Kids Insider), complete with a “passport” and then destination-specific packages then arrive every month filled with letters, souvenirs, activities & more.

5000 Awesome facts

5000 Awesome Facts 2 (About Everything!)

As long as I’m talking about being a National Geographic Kids Insider, I have to admit that we love the books they send us from time to time. We’ve been exploring the National Geographic Kids Cookbook, National Geographic Animal Stories, and all the Weird But True books. But the 5000 Awesome Facts book looks so awesome, I’m saving it for Evan for Christmas because I know he’ll be thrilled!

Make Your Own CandyMake Your Own Candy Kits: Set of 3

My child needs no incentive to eat candy. But, if he needs an incentive to start learning basic chemistry (he doesn’t; he’s actually interested in that stuff), candy will certainly do the trick. These kits are normally $20 each so this set of 3 for $40 is great deal. Plus, chocolate, gummies, and chewing gum!

WowWee MIP robotWowWee MIP – Black and Silver

This is another toy I saw at Blogger Bash in NYC. And I want it. For Evan, of course. I can’t explain why exactly other than I’m fascinated by it and I think Evan would be too. It’s pricey at $100 but I saw it in action and it’s definitely cool.


Telestrations 8 Player – The Original

We are overloaded with board games in this house so I’m pretty selective when it comes to adding to our collection. I was hesitant when this one arrived from Blogger Bash but I have to tell you that 5 of us played this game (ages 7 up to 49) and we all laughed ourselves silly. A great family game for about $25.

Potholder loom

Metal Potholder Loom

Time to kick it old school While I realize potholders are nearly as exciting as Rainbow Loom bracelets, my son’s mild love of crafting was intrigued when I showed him that we’re using potholders in our kitchen that I made when I was a kid. These things are virtually indestructible! And at prices ranging from $10 to $20, you won’t feel bad if it collects dust. Worst case, YOU can make some potholders. Isn’t that what we all did with the Rainbow Loom bracelets?

The Mapmaker Chronicles

Race to the End of the World: The Mapmaker Chronicles Book 1

Every night, Evan and I read one of his chapter books. We finished the entire Captain Underpants series (thankfully) and ventured into the first two books of the Harry Potter series. He loves it saying, “it’s like watching a movie in my head!” We’ve just started the first book in The Mapmaker Chronicles and we’re excited because not only do we have a new book, but I personally know the author! (Well, technically, we’ve never met but we DO know each other. She’s the fabulous Australian author, Allison Tait!)
Marvel Chess Collection

Marvel Chess Collection

Oh, if money were no object, I’d be all over this chess set. I mean, it’s Marvel HEROES vs. VILLAINS. In CHESS. How cool is that? If you’ve got a collector in the family, this is an awesome gift that requires quite an investment. It starts at $17 per month which includes a single issue (magazine and collector piece). I’d love it for me but it would simply sit on a very high shelf where I would admire it from time to time.

Happy Shopping!

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